weekend in review

*I spent the day today cleaning house in anticipation for our first guests to arrive…… in January.

{hey…..i like to be prepared….}

*Loving weekly movie nights on the lawn at the hotel next door to us…..

{they know how to do it right for their guests}

*I finally lost a bet and had to go into the ocean…and jump in the waves with the kids…..

{ lost my bikini bottom in one of those waves}

*A few people and maybe some fish were given a free show that afternoon….

{not quite sure if it was a comedy or horror show}

*Tiger sharks like to snack on sea turtles….

*Kauai is known for their sea turtles…..

*I’ve decided i like the view better from a blanket on the sand.

*I’ve resorted to boxed wine in the fridge….

* I get to start volunteering in Fin’s class once a week…..

*I’ve decided to stop tweezing my eyebrows and see what happens….

*I made hamburger helper the other night and the kids asked for seconds….

{but because we are poor now…i had to tell them boxed meals are a treat….

so not to expect this special meal too often}

*I have a blind friend date tomorrow…..

{i’m not sure if she shaves her pits or has grows marijuana in her front yard….

but beggars can’t be choosers…..so i’m going to meet her for coffee}

*We enjoyed a free concert in the park this last weekend.

*Fin also enjoyed the concert in the park this last weekend…..

{looks like he also enjoyed hanging with the ladies…}

*Walmart is still Walmart….no matter where you live…..

*We went to a new church on Sunday….

{and no…..we didn’t go because we heard there was a free buffet lunch afterwards}

* I am happy to report that we have not had one box of mac n cheese since we’ve been here…

*I’m also happy to report that my kids now eat dried seaweed.

{actually they don’t…..they tried it….and dry heaved…..but who’s counting..right…}

*And i apologize right now….for ever taking previous photos of mullets and saying that they aren’t cool…..

because they are cool….

i’m just not quite sure if i’m ready to let Fin have one yet.


  1. TOO FUNNY !!! Can’t you accidently slip with the scissors and cut that mullet off !!! He is (she ?/ ) way to cute.

  2. aloha! love the photos and the colors and looks like you’re having a wonderful, fun time and getting integrated into all that hawaiian culture just fine! that little boy with the mullet (ahem) is just way too cute!!! those dimples are to die for!!! bises xoxo

  3. To make your Walmart shopping experiences not seem so bad, consider this quote from my friend who just arrived in China where they will be living for a year:
    Interesting facts about shopping at Walmart in China: (1)They play Michael Jackson songs (about three of them) over and over and over as shopping music. (2)You have to bring your own bags in or purchase bags every time you shop. (3)The ladies bathrooms are trenches that are sunken below the ground (you squat over it, as there is no seat), and toilet paper is not provided, you have to bring your own. I am going to have killer thighs by the time I leave here!

  4. I always love stopping by ~ it always makes me smile …. and I’m loving the “I Scream Truck”.
    Continue having fun!

  5. Love the way you write Kasey…..it makes me smile. Have a good time on your blind coffee date. 🙂

  6. I Scream trucks and mullets…too cute:) Tiger sharks…not so cute!






  8. Kasey – my husband, 5 year old boy & I will be vacationing there early next summer for 2-3 weeks. I have been following your blog for quite some time. Hopefully we can meet up, I promise I shave my pits. And I will bring bottled wine. 🙂

  9. Marlene P. says:

    Whatta life you are having…btw, rice and noodles go a long way (and not Top Ramen either). Spoken from a woman who had about 3 months of severe cutbacks. Hang in there. Pluck your brows and keep the pits shaved and keep up your adventures.

  10. babe in batavia says:

    Lola’s hair is getting soooooo blond!!!!

  11. Sounds like a great time!!! I am wanting to move to Hawaii sooner than later!!!!! I am considering Kuai other than Maui now ,it looks like a great place for kids!!!!! Aloha ,Sara

  12. Lol….that lil boy with the mullet is too cute!! He reminds me of my lil bubba circa 1988, we still give my brother hell for the mullet…but hey, he won a cutest baby contest with it!! ; ) I say let Fin grow a mullet, it will be good blackmail later on!! ; )

    p.s….about the eyebrows….I’m currently letting mine grow out…haha I know it sounds funny, letting your eye brows grow out & all, but I have always had super thin brows & I wanna see what they look like fuller. So let them grow & be free…but keep on shavin those pits!! Lmao…

  13. LOVE the photos, as always.
    I say: leave the eyebrows and see what happens. You are adventurous.

  14. I can’t believe that one of your readers, Kaylen is married to a 5 yr old boy hehe

  15. oh and grow those eyebrows ..you know everyone says how lovely that Frida chick is.

  16. dont snack on the sea turtles

  17. Crack up Kasey! Just remember, that you have about 600 to 10000 friends behind you in this fun time in your life. We are living through you! One more Ya Ya, is just one more of we Ya Ya’s. It is the Buick family that we are all into!

  18. Hide yo’ Mai Tai’s … Christina Aguilera is in Kauai! http://www.dlisted.com/2011/08/25/xtina-in-hawaii

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