Hello…..I’m Kasey.

I live in the suburbs…outside of Chicago…in a 100 year old home that i lovingly refer to as “quaint”.

We have shaken things up a bit and decided to move for one year to the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  


That one year went by faster then you can say wild rooster so we decided to stay one more year.


Well…my husband lost his job…the one that originally took us to Chicago….so we sat down and decided you really only get one chance in life to do something really different and why not take a chance and live life a little. So we packed up the house…put everything in storage …then shipped our mini {van not cooper} over by cargo ship and here we are.

I have three children…….a supportive husband…….i don’t have a maid but i dream of one often. I am longing to go back to France but since that’s out of the question…..feel free to donate to my France fund.

I live off of skinny vanilla lattes and am constantly working on losing five pounds.

I also have a love for cooking cook

easy foods because i don’t have a resident chef. If you are a chef and want to come and cook for my family….call me.

I have found my calling….by writing my day to day here on this blog.

*disclaimer* : yes..that is me holding a cigarette. no..i don’t smoke. You don’t have to email me to let me know how horrible smoking is …i already know. I only inhaled once. I promise.