{Photography} *

I would first like to start off by saying i am an amateur photographer…..

i have always loved capturing my kids and little bits of our life.

I still don’t know how to find the right aperture ……because i would really love to rather eat an appetizer

so with that being said…..

i really love being behind a lens and capturing our life’s little moments.

If you are heading to Kauai for a vacation and would love to have family photos done while here

i would love to be able to help you capture them.

Feel free to email me and we can discuss rates and dates.

 I’m asked a lot about the camera i use and the lenses.

My camera at the moment is a Canon 50d….which i don’t even think they make anymore….and as soon as i can

afford a better one….then i’ll be making the upgrade……but for now….my camera works wonderful and i’m happy

with it. I also love my 35mm fixed lens. I pretty much use that for ALL of my photos.

{it’s a love affair really}

I love to answer questions about your photography needs but like i said…i am not a professional and i really don’t know what i’m doing……but if you have a certain question that i can answer…..ask away!

Please DO NOT borrow any photos from my site unless i have given you authorization. We are all adults here and i appreciate your understanding of that.











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