i’ve fallen……

and i can’t get up.

Let me round up the last week for you.

*I’m 37 years old today….

* Lola started volleyball camp this week….

*Lola will probably not be a professional volleyball player….

*I paid my kids $10 each for their halloween candy….

*But damn if i didn’t eat it all myself….

* I couldn’t get out of bed this morning…

* And not because it was my birthday…

*And not because i had too much fine boxed wine last night….

*It’s because I’ve started a new boot camp this week….

 *The bootcamp trainer is Gabby Reece….

*Don’t tell her…but i had to substitute vodka in place of water in my bottle today…

*It was the only way i could get through another class alive….

*The class is invite only….

*I had to sell Fin in order to secure a spot in the class….

*It’s all good though….because i’m done with having back of knee dimples…

*I’m going with a friend to lunch…and i’m ordering something fried…

*There is no such thing as fried food here…..

*I might have to sell another child to get some fried food around here…

*And i want that fried food dipped in aioli sauce please…

*Somehow i am now on a parent committee of people that want the schools lunch to be healthier…

*I was forced…..and bribed with quinoa and rice milk latte’s….

*Okay…that was my weekly round-up….now i’m going to go and celebrate my 37th birthday with an advil and heating pad.

*And a glass of fine boxed wine.

*Even if it’s before noon…..


  1. Cheers! It will all be better tomorrow – and it just gets better and better!

  2. Love the pic Kasey!! Such a funny post! Have a great b-day:)

  3. oh my lordy kasey you are hysterical!!!
    hope you’ve had an awesome birthday!
    & by the way, i need to be reminded how do you pronounce quinoa?

    happy happy happy birthday friend!!
    love you!

  4. Happy Birthday !!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey fellow Scorpio, I just turned 35 on Saturday…and my boyfriend made me workout twice on Sunday. WTH?! Hope you enjoy your fried lunch and fine boxed wine. Happy Birthday!

  7. You’re so cute! Happy Birthday 🙂

  8. Happy birthday! I’m beyond jealous. I read about her doing boot camps ages ago and thought that would be amazing. You go girl! What better gift to give yourself than to get whipped into shape by a hot celebrity;)

  9. Happy birthday, Kasey! You’re adorable.

  10. Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you so much for injecting a little laughter into our day! You are wonderfully funny. I have people in my life who don’t read blogs, but I frequently tell them all about you. Just yesterday my mom was flying, and there happened to be a well known politician on her flight, so I had to share your “Josh Groban” story! I just LOVE your sense of humour! No matter what anyone else says, (ONLY listen to me) don’t ever stop!!
    I had to chuckle as I read your recent tweets…you were so enthusiastic about boot camp 2 days ago!!
    HA HA HA!!
    Have fun celebrating a wonderful life!

  11. Happy happy birthday!!!!! I will go eat something fried in honor of you!

  12. Happy Birthday! I love your blog – think you’re a hoot! There are some great boxed wines out there these days!

  13. Angela diehl says:

    Lady…try hitting 40! Lol. Cheers to you…indulge in something deep fried in wine batter! Might be better than beer batter! 🙂

  14. Happy birthday! Vodka in a drink bottle is a mandatory to get through life!!!!!? Especially if you are doing boot camps and committee meetings – they are hell, simple and pure. Did you sell them on ebay or Craigslist? Just wondering which gives a better price as there are some down this way that are going to be listed v v soon!!!!!! Hope you aren’t too sore to post as your blog is the BEST!!

  15. Happy birthday kasey!!

  16. I’m sure this is going to be your best year yet! Happy Birthday my friend – wish we could have lunch, or wine, or a ciggie, or something!

  17. LOVE. THIS. POST! Happy Birthday. Janell

  18. Happy Birthday to you! I’ve heard of those boot camp classes. Yowzers! Dimples behind knees have moved up on my “cute” factor scaling…

  19. First of all….Happy Birthday! And secondly, you’re halarious, girl. Your posts always make me laugh. 😉 Keep your chin up…fried food is always a skillet full of bubbling vegetable oil away. 🙂 MMMMmmm. Surely they sell vegetable oil, right???


  20. Ok, I am going to the Nike employee store at the end of the month – I must get you some better workout gear!

    Happy birthday to you – you baby! Muwahhhhhh!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kasey…you’re too funny for words!!

  22. I crack UP at all your posts with wine!!! I LOVE wine! My husband and I enjoy a glass or two every evening of fine boxed wine!!!! & you look fabulous! Keep it up! Love your blog!

  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. Oh Happy Birthday!!

  25. Happy Birthday Kasey….and wait until you are my age (60) you really will think you can’t get up 🙂

  26. Happy Birthday Kasey,.. you are too cute!

  27. Hope you had a magnificent birthday girl!!!! Gabby Reece huh?? That’s gotta be motivation just looking at her, right?!?!? LOL….

  28. Happy Birthday Kasey — oh to be that young again !!! My husbands old roomate had a date with Gabby once ! You know she has a blog too !

  29. Hi Kacey! Sorry I’m late…hope your birthday was amazing!

  30. Happy birthday, and u know what they say, when in Hawaii…

  31. LOL your blog is so much fun to ready! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  32. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Gabby Reece! What a birthday treat for you.

  33. Happy Birthday….you look great!!! The island suits you well….

  34. love!
    happy happy day, beautiful!

  35. Sooo jealous that you get to train with Gabby Reece. Happy belated bday!

  36. ARE YOU STINKIN’ KIDDING ME?!?! Gabby Reese!!!! Really?!?! That’s AWESOME!!!

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