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Now that i’ve finished off all the bon bon’s and have caught up with any and all tele shows that i’ve missed….i’ll show you what our last two weeks consisted of.

First let me mention that we have just hit our four month anniversary here….and so far…so good….and the time is really just flying by. 

So…let me get you all caught up….

I met my friend Jessica via blogging last year….and our relationship was pretty casual….and then we became facebook friends…then twitter friends…and finally instagram friends.

It was just one of those things where we had kids the same age…and just sort of fell in love friendship while dating  commenting online. I wouldn’t even say we were very close…and had only chatted on the phone a few times in the last year. Then after we moved here….she emailed me and told me that her family wanted to come to Kauai for vacation.

For two weeks.

She had even found a condo for rent in our complex….which truth be told….could have been bad…..because as some of you know….not all online friendships turn out so sweet.

I mean…what if they showed up and her photos were not even close to what her family looked like online….or what if they were awkward introverts or did not like fine boxed wine?

What if she didn’t shave her pits or had halitosis?

Okay….i’m being a little extreme here.

I’m just going to be honest ……and say that it has happened…and not everyone appears as they do online. Anyhoo…i was a little apprehensive at first about it…but as soon as they arrived…and we finally met them….

we fell in love with their family.

Our middle girls….both age 9….were besties for the entire two weeks…..while the little boys….just one year apart….set up Lego camps and bonded immediately.

The kids went from our home to their home….and back to our home…..

they did sleep-overs and dinner-overs….playing outside till it was dark.

I couldn’t have asked for better new friends.
I finally asked them on the last day if they would marry us…and we could become the Buick Bunch….

i would even find us an Alice….

but they just sort of looked at us strange…..

{i’m sure thinking that we might be the ones with halitosis and toe fungus}

and politely declined our offer.
But needless to say….even though they did a lot of their own family stuff while here the two weeks…..

we enjoyed every spare minute we had with them.

This is my friend  J. Wo……

{even though her legal name is Jessica}

but because we were getting conflicting reports since J.Lo was also here on the island…

and please don’t get me started on all the celebrities Bryan has been getting to meet because he works at 2 very popular places…..

I’m not jealous….not one bit.

Not an ounce.

Okay…maybe just a little bit…because he has gotten to meet Colbie Caillat…and Robert Downey Jr….and Kirsten Dunst…all in a two week period.

No…not jealous…because i got to meet J.Wo.

J. Wo from Bend Oregon.

I do take bootcamp with Gabby Reece….even though Gabby yells at me the whole time….

{i wonder if Gabby secretly laughs at me when she sees me peeing as i do jumping jacks}

J. Wo and her sweet hubby Ian…

Not only did our new friends come to see us for Thanksgiving….but some old friends came as well….

{i don’t think they liked us calling them our old friends..}

our {older} friends as in……..we knew them back when we lived in the Bay area…

and they stayed with us the 5 nights that they came. They have two boys….ages 5 and 8….so needless to say….i’m still picking up lego’s everywhere.

They surprised us by bringing us a whole suitcase full of our favorite Trader Joe’s goodies…..but unfortunatly….i hate to say that we have eaten every single box of the peppermint Joe-Joe’s.

Gabby yelled at me again today…but i blame it all on those Joe Joe’s….not to be confused with J. Wo….

because seriously…how does one expect to do rolling push-ups while tucking your legs under all the while on one of those big balls that they have sitting around in birthing rooms.

Those balls belong in birthing rooms….not under my body as i rock back and forth trying to do a sit up.

check check

We had so much fun doing everything together on the days that Bryan had off… renting SUP boards….and touring the bay with them….to kayaking and hiking miles and miles of coast line a trail down to Queen’s bath…that i swear i lost a whole pound.

I didn’t though….lose that pound…but i’m not counting…because time with friends is definitely more important. Especially since we all liked to drink Fine Boxed wine at the end of every day.

for once i was not the one guarding the cooler….

We even congregated everyone on the pier… do a little jumping….

even though i swear this sign is new…..

they must have replaced it with the one that said…






{though i always thought the old sign was code for NO HUMPING…..but i was wrong..because who is going to go humping off a pier}

I’m also just going to throw out a HEY…HOW ARE YOU MOM….just in case she’s reading this and would like to disown me right about now for writing about humping on my blog.

I cooked all day long on Thanksgiving….we made 2 turkeys….

{J. Wo and Ian made one at their condo…and then brought it over}

and i made all the fabulous sides. We even decided to invite some extra friends over because you know…..14 people just weren’t enough in a condo. Grand total of 17 friends….all from different parts of the country….and ending up at Casa Buick for one fun filled day.

{and yes….be bucked buicked up and bought fine bottled wine for the occasion}

and only because i didn’t want you to think i didn’t post enough photos….i also added most of the ones that i took with my phone….

because i’m only thinking of you.

You’ll notice one of the photos below….that i am giving a hula dancing lesson….

and that my friends… what you get if you come for a visit.

A private lesson.

even though…. no one showed up for the lesson.

Odd maybe….but you try doing a push up on a birthing ball and see who comes to see you hula.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so awesome, so fantastic! You were looking for a year of memories, a year to really live life, and I’d say you’ve been doing that and REALLY did over Thanksgiving. I bet you’ll never forget November 2011. Love your photos, love this post. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. P.S. Can you please, please do a detailed post on trainig with Gabby Reece? I’d love to hear more about that – how did you find out about and get into her boot camp?

  3. I love that Viking shirt!

    Great post- wonderful to have friends nearby for Thanksgiving 🙂

  4. really loved this. i like how you find friends wherever you are. i like people a lot- but i do not have that gift. pretty wine-ing and dining pictures.

  5. Loved this post girlie. You make me giggle.

  6. Jill Stevens says:

    Fantastic! I have to admit I was going thru Kasey withdrawal. So glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with so many people.

  7. fun pics,…and as always loved your funny-bone! also cool to see you have friends from Bend, OR:)

  8. It was the best! Love ya!!

  9. Great post !!! You always make me smile. Oh and look what you need for Christmas

  10. SO FUN!! Is it the sun? Cause I’m quite sure most people are not as open and free-wheelin’ in the snow. Could be the “Snugglies” I suppose. Here’s hoping Santa upgrades me to one of those that zips together with Mikes. ; }

  11. Your kids are SOOOO gorgeous I can’t stand it! They look like they were born to live there!!!

  12. i wanna come tooooooooooo!!!!!

    i had fun following your adventures via IG – looked like a ton o’ fun. and j Wo is gorgeous!

  13. LOVE your life right now!!! How fun! & I agree with Victoria…your kids are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Merry Christmas…(I write this while sipping fine boxed wine!) 🙂

  14. omgoodness, this is the best post. Everyone looks so happy and fun to be around.
    I’m really jealous, but I live through you vicariously.
    I too would love a Gabby post!

  15. You are the best. What sweet friends and I have to agree that you do have the most beautiful children.
    You should think of getting them into some sort of modeling, then Gap could send you free clothes;-)

  16. Kasey, onlyyou could take your family half way around the world and still find yourself at a table with17 people for Thanksgiving dinner!!! Love that!!!!

  17. You really are the hostest with the mostest! Have missed your posts but it was worth the wait.

  18. Loved this post!!!!

  19. I thought J Wo was a play on J wow from Jersey Shore. J Lo is a bit classier. And we all like to be Klassy.

  20. Hi, I haven’t kept up on the blogs I follow lately, so when I clicked on your blog that’s on my page, boy was I surprised! Your name has changed and now your living in my most favorite place! I’ll be back for sure! Nice to meet you Kasey!

  21. Looks like a blast was had by all! Yay for new friends & old 🙂

  22. Chris in FL says:

    Just caught up on all your posts! You are way to much….ha ha! You crack me up. So glad you got to spend a great two weeks with great friends. 🙂

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