what happens to cheese that molds

I was going to title this post

4 ways to crash a wedding but i still have cold sweats about the day Mason googled my name and 

wedding crasher popped up and i saw that crease in his forehead………

{not that i’m ashamed one single bit……because seriously…..i’m almost 40 now and those of us in the almost 

40 crowd need to be on our best behavior}


or just be who you are ………….

because everyone else is taken.

That is why my friends…..i decided to title the post

What happens to cheese that molds

because one day a parent might be doing research on a science fair project for school when they come across this

and i really just want that parent to know that you should probably just throw it out…..

in the garbage

because i can tell you that cheese will mold

and it molds fast

but please don’t waste the Chèvre ……that damn cheese isn’t worth molding.

Ok……back to the story at hand.

check check



I haven’t blogged in so long i forgot how to log on and update.

Today i ran into an Instagram follower who casually mentioned that she found me via the blog but then

because i no longer blog….follows me on IG but made a point that it would be nice if maybe….just maybe i could update the 

ole blog and just let peeps know that no i haven’t fallen off a cliff and died.

I’m here to tell you that no….i haven’t fallen off any cliffs

but because it’s been at least a century {or 10 months} that i’ve written here……i might have…maybe…just maybe


or in other words tripped

while on a cliff

and that thing called a wrist decided to break my fall and with the whole break my fall

broke itself.

This was back at the beginning of January….so that was 6 weeks in a cast……6 weeks of PT and pretty much i’m back to normal now…..

if normal was ever normal.

Anyhoo……i just popped in to update you on what is going on here.


1. We finally broke down and bought a cruiser of a car. See photo above. Sometimes it stalls…sometimes it doesn’t….

sometimes i can get my kids to look cute and i’ll get a staged photo of them looking like they actually like the damn thing

but in reality….the a/c doesn’t work so it’s hotter than sheet in the dead of summer and it only gets AM radio which works

fabulous on an island because there is only one radio station ……or 2……

and thank the good lord and you have to keep your foot on

brake at all times because if you don’t the car thinks it has full throttle and will move you out of that parking lot

faster then you can say GOONIES.

2. Which brings me to the second point. I’m still working my arse off a few nights a week and last month i worked over and

beyond what is even possible …..but somehow i survived but anyway….

{slow break for some fine boxed wine here…..}

i was working like a rabid dog because in less than 4 weeks the Mr and i are headed to Iceland.

{insert forehead wrinkle}

I get it……you’re all like ….where? seriously…..Iceland?!?

You mean the place where there is Ice? as in….. ICE COLD BEER????


and we can’t wait.

Actually i can’t wait……Bryan on the other hand might not be as excited as me……and the only reason i say this is because

i had to look for his passport the other day and it was expired. So of course being the dedicated wife that i am…….

i sent it off….. expedited service….. hoping we get it in time…….

but deep down i think i know that it was meant to never be found.



An island covered in Ice……with no beach chairs in sight?!?

but i’m sort of a cup is full type of girl…..and i’m not going to let all that ice get in the way of seeing Northern Lights

or taking an Icelandic cooking class or sitting at the Blue Lagoon with a hundred other tourists.

Nope……so Ice….i’ll see you in 4 weeks.

Check check double check

3. Bryan still works as a server…….at the nicest hotel on the Northshore…..


{um no……this isn’t the place……but it’s a close 2nd…….

and to the person that invented the HIS & HER tent….wham bam vodka slam…

i owe you my firstborn child.}

4. Mason and Lola are now in middle school.

{we’ve since bought stock in fine boxed wine}


5. We haven’t caught the kids smoking any weed yet…..so there might still be hope that we survive this thing called

“move to hawaii for a year but then here we are more than 3 years later…..”

6. They should offer medicinal marijuana to those with broken wrists…..just saying……

7. I ran a 5k over the summer and silent high five fist pump……came in 4th place for my age division.

{no need to tell everyone that there were only 4 ladies in my age group…..nope….no need to mention that}


8. We lost our house in Illinois.

I mean……it’s still there…..and i’m sure our old neighbors will forever be haunted by the way the yard was overgrown

with weeds {the legal kind}

but after our whole fiasco of having to evict a tenant that had stopped paying the rent and losing an uphill battle….

we really had no other choice to let the house go.

That was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through…..the whole process of losing a house to the F word.


I swear we almost divorced over that…….


but here we are……still married……still have each other…….and still living this life that God thought we needed.

That’s the important thing……

that and some fine boxed wine

IMG_77839. Have you ever wondered what to do with a house full of furniture that still sits in a storage unit on the

other side of the US?

10. You might not have realized it but Lola’s {mine really} mouse died this year…..

yeah i know…..

a mouse

but seriously people……..if bee’s had knees……Captain Morgan was that knee.


i found his photos amongst the others…….our favorite Captain…….

which is why i leave you with this beautiful quote……in a book of poems i found……which i just happened to

capture the Captain on one day.

so pour yourself a little glass of fine boxed wine….it pairs well with this post.

house tour ~ part one

and you all thought i was gone for good…..

not yet…..i’m still here.

I’ve been wanting to show you some updated photos of our place here on Kauai……

since it’s been a while…… we’ve done so much in the last year and a half to really make it

more like how we felt a beach home should suit us.

Creating a new style.

A style just for us.

In the last 1.5 years…..since we decided that Kauai was going to be our home for the time being….

i’ve been on the search for pieces that would define my style living on as island but not exactly doing

the whole island theme if you get my drift.

This condo was completely furnished and we are not really allowed to get rid of anything….

and over the last 1.5 years

{creating a style takes patience…..lots and lots of patience }

we’ve pretty much stored and shoved every piece of furniture

{other than the sofa’s and the kitchen chairs which we haven’t changed out yet}

in every single closet in this place and the open loft that is in the boys room…which is stuffed to the gills

with outdated lamps….nightstands….original kitchen table and so on and so forth.

Not an ounce of storage left……

but that is A-ok

because with it out of sight out of mind…..it has given me the push to style this place the way i wanted

and to make it feel like home to us.

Everything we have purchased for the place has either been

thrifted from one of the 5 thrift shops on the island

craigslist…..yard sale…..or gifted to us from friends….or i’ve made.

The only thing i’ve bought online…..were the living room rug and a hand painted sign…..

so with that being said……it is true…..you can furnish your place on a tiny budget and if you

can spare some time….you can do it without hitting any stores;-)


Our dining room table is the newest piece in the house…..

i’ve been wanting a farm table since the day we moved here.

I found it on Craigslist last week……it was listed for $500 which i thought was a great price for it…..

and considering i had gone into one of the only furniture shops on the island a few weeks ago

and found a farm table for twice the price……i knew i just had to have it.

i called and made an appt……and offered her $300.

She took it…..and the best part was…it came with the glass piece on top.

I had to pay a friends husband to pick it up for me….since it was on the other side of the island…

and now we have our farm table.

I celebrated with vodka.



That boat captains chair in the corner: yard sale

IMG_0119I made this hanging lamp out of a fishing net …..

Sofa table: Craigslist

Books: thrifted and yard sales

Driftwood sailboats: i made

This hand painted custom sign i had made from Between you and me

I painted the wall a turquoise….and the dresser is Craigslist.

I have yet to decide what color is at all i’m going to paint the dresser which stores

all the kids crapola and art/school supplies.

The rug below is the one i ordered….i bought it from Serena and lily.

The coffee table is made out of pallets……and hand made my a friend of mine.


The vintage arm chair in the corner is from a yard sale: $30.

One of the suitcases was given to me the other i found at a thrift shop.

The framed print of sea shells…..thrifted….and i painted the frame.

Plum curtains made for me by a friend.

The armoire that houses our tele and hides the kids crap…Craigslist….$40…

i kid you not.

I saw it pop up on Craigslist and sent bryan right over asap….

faster than you can say fine boxed wine.

It was listed for $50 but he offered $40……

they even helped him load it in the mini {van not cooper}

I painted it and called it a day.

This next photo is of our bedroom…..

i’ll be showing that on the next blog post;)


as well as this loft area which sits upstairs and is used by the kids.


another chapter of the book


chapter 16

{not to be confused with chapter 11}


i poured myself a glass of  fine boxed wine and decided that this would be chapter 16.

it just sounds good….and i can hear the page turning……or better yet…..i can hear the kindle fire electronically 

moving its way through the story.

Lola told me the other day that she is going to start writing a story about Captain Morgan


{who by the way turned 1 last week and got those paddles as a bday gift}

who knows what will come of it…..but the point is…..she will be writing a book……and he has 

a very interesting life to say the least.

check check

First things first

here we are……. finishing up on year 2 in Hawaii……

and as you all know…..we moved here with the intention of staying only one year.

I remember thinking when we moved here that we were going to soak it all in……and in reality….

it was going to be a sabbatical of sorts……

Bryan had lost his job in Chicago….and we had this grand idea to pick up and move the family to a different 

 {hopefully not so different}

but different enough that we could all still speak English as a first language

and just difference that our families might not think we all fell off the deep end

by moving to a third world country.

{my mom was here for the last 10 days and i just looked at our calendar…..

she has come to visit us 4 times in the last 2 years……so i’m happy to say we are not in a 3rd world country}

Like i have said in a previous post……that year went faster then you could say

hanalei don


and then we decided to stay one more year.

We had a bit of a problem renting out our home back in the Chicago…..a few months had gone by with not a sound…..

not a bite….

i had to get a part time job……

schedules around Bryan and Myself had to be rearranged to best fit in and organize the kids schedule

we made it work.

I work 2 afternoons/evenings a week….

bryan works full time mornings still at the St. Regis….

and an additional 2 nights a week at another restaurant…..

which leaves us 3 evenings together as a family……but gives bryan 5 full afternoons with the kids

and that is what life should be about.

Life here revolves around the beach……and so far even we haven’t taken one single moment for granted…

i’ve turned into a bonafide  a beach lover…..


{even though as i type this ….it’s raining outside}

Anyhoo…..back to the story at hand.


The kids are onto their last week of school….hard to believe.

A few months ago…..we sort of had it decided that it was a good possibility that we were not going to

continue to live here on Kauai mainly due to the fact that Mason was about to graduate 6th grade

at our favorite little school….Hanalei Elementary


The public middle school that Mason would be attending next year is not a great school…..

and because education is somewhat important to us….we were thinking long and hard about

what and where we would go next with our life.

I kept bringing up the fact that we were thriving and the kids loved it here…..

{and duh…..i sorta loved it here}

and then the clouds parted

the sun broke through

and we found out that a brand new middle school was opening up here on the north shore of Kauai.

I went to all the meetings……researched the curriculum…..right along side of 

all the other parents of 6th graders who were just as thirsty for a school that would 

be the perfect solution for our kids.

The downside was….it’s a private school….and how are we going to be able to afford a private school.

We talked it over and decided that we would make it work…..

and even though i’m sure my Mason would do just fine at the public middle school….

and he would get a decent education there……but the 45 minute bus ride to and from

alongside of the fact that it just has a bad rap…

we decided it was better to have him in a private one

for middle school where i know who the kids are …i’ve met the teacher

and they have a water sports coach as well…..spending a few afternoons out in the water learning.


It’s actually quite affordable compared to the other private middle schools on island….

and i will have to pick up one more night of work ….but it affords us the fact that we can stay here

in Hawaii.

Chapter 16.

We are going to stay.

Then last month something else happened that confirmed our decision was a right one.

Our tenants back home in Chicago……decided to stop paying rent and live rent free in our home.

After numerous attempts to work with them and try and figure out a solution….they cut off contact with us

completely and now we have to evict them.

We’ve talked with a lawyer….we talked with our realtor……we’ve done everything.

Our best course of action as of right now is to sell our beloved home

{and with it….my favorite time out corner}


There is no way we can continue to pay a mortgage when no one is paying the rent.

It’s brought on a ton of stress and tears these last few month……and money problems are the root 

of any and all arguments in our lives……so this is the only option.

We just need to get the free loading tenants out.

It’s heartbreaking….but life goes on and so will we.


but because of our decision to stay…..i’ve been able to start doing little projects around the condo

to help us feel like it’s more of our home…..

and not just a place we live in.

my favorite room so far and it’s still work in progress is the loft upstairs……

i pushed the two twin beds agains the wall….

and turning them into daybeds of sorts…..

it’s all coming together and i will have photos soon.

So this is where we are…..and for now…this is where we will stay

we kinda love it …..




and not quite the end of our story.

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