{Bakeress} *

On occasion…i {bakeress} will cook and/or bake something for my family and friends. It’s only because i’ve tested these and they are not poisoned….so i will share them with you. Honest…most of these are really easy….so you shouldn’t feel intimidated.

*Brie and Fig jam bites

*Summer Rolls

*coconut rice pudding

*lemonade cupcakes

* Chicken enchiladas

*Salted caramel sauce

*Ernesto’s mango salsa

*Crab cakes

*Gingersnap key lime pie

*White truffle mac n cheese

*Grilled panzanella salad

*Blueberry pumpkin bread

*Cranberry bliss bars


*Peep houses

*potato gratin with mushrooms and gruyere cheese

*peach sangria