dear franzia

we are so glad you could join us in a family photo… was a memorable experience.


Okay….so i realize it’s been a whole two weeks since i’ve last posted….and if you forgive me…i’ll make it up to you.

We have had friends in town for the last few weeks…..two sets of friends to be exact….and we have been so busy that i just haven’t had the time to sit down and edit photos…but i promise that as soon as i do….i’ll be back.

I plan on sitting my getting toned by the week even though i don’t see a difference yet

 arse down for the afternoon right here on my non white slip covered sofa and editing the day away….all the while catching up on any missed episodes of Parenthood and Modern Family.

Okay…i might even sneak in an episode or six of Young and the Restless…..but that’s on the down-low. Got it.

My friend Jessica ….{who from now on shall  be known as  J. Wo.}

who came to visit is a photographer… i traded chocolate covered macadamia nuts in exchange for some family photos.

I thought it was a good trade…..but i have a feeling she did not….because i don’t think she realized that FRANZIA was going to be joining us. It was all Bryan’s idea….


pinky swear

he grabbed the empty box of fine boxed wine at the last minute and stuck it in the sand….but i didn’t realize it would take center stage.

{and trust me….if Franzia contacts me and wants to send us fine boxed wine…i am not above accepting free donations}


  1. I love that you have a box of wine in your photo. That picture is GREAT!

  2. Amazing family photo! So beautiful, you all look fabulous and so happy!

  3. The first year I taught school, I had one of the Franzia daughters in my class. Guess what we teachers got for Christmas that year. Trust me, it was a HAPPY holiday! Later their dad left the family business to work at Paul Mason.

  4. Hi Kasey and Family

    This photo reminds me of a Sorolla painting. It is a wonderful composition and I love the sun cover with the shadows and reflected light.

    My best wishes

  5. Such a beautiful picture! That the box of wine is center – well, that’s just hilarious!!

  6. wonderful family photo…I thought franzia was a part of your family! you all look so healthy in that Hawaiian sea air.

  7. great family photo!

    love that the box of wine got in there!

  8. HAHA! I had to scroll back up to look for the box o’ wine. So funny!

  9. LOVE the photo – it is amazing!

  10. Beautiful picture

  11. Gorgeous!!! I love everything about this.

  12. Love the driftwood tent, so clever and so you. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  13. boxed wine on your christmas shoot…too funny 😉

  14. When do I get to come and take photos for you in Hawaii?? 🙂

    This is great!

  15. hilarious!

  16. Hilarious!!! Love the picture…soooo fun…strong work J.Wo. (love that name by the way…haha) 🙂
    Hope you had a great time with your visitors!

  17. ha ha on the franzia. my daughter is in college and tells me her and her friends are franzia lovers – i think they like the sunset blush – that’s okay with me – keep her out of my pinot grigio.

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