Another new week

First of all….thank you for the birthday wishes!

I don’t know about you…but shouldn’t a birthday go all week long…not just one day?…that is why every morning i woke up…i had to remind bryan and/or the kids that it was still my birthday week and that i needed coffee in bed….or that i didn’t need to do dishes on a certain night because birthday week officially didn’t end till midnight on Sunday.

I also made it through my first week of torture boot camp…which is three days a week…and the only thing that really got me through the week was knowing that birthday cake was waiting for me at home.

Gabby runs this boot camp through the winter here….and as long as i can walk out of class and not crawl out of class….i’ll be keeping it up.

{i also promised her if she invites me over for dinner to her house that i wouldn’t lick her husband…but so far…i haven’t gotten the invite}

This morning i got into my tighty whities and had bryan photograph me….so that in a few months…i can show a before and after.

Let me just state that the before is not pretty….not pretty at all.

I’ve even decided to cut out the fine boxed wine during the week….and just indulge on the weekends.

Weekends will now officially start on Thursdays though…..and end on Wednesdays.

Just kidding

Not really


check check

The family gave me some grey Hunter boots for my birthday…and i just know they will come in handy with all the rain we’ve been getting…..

i also got a super sweet Anthro dress from my bestie back home…..

so i plan on pairing those two gifts up and doing a little fashion friday soon.

This last weekend the sun came out and it was just beautiful…..

{it really has been raining a whole lot the last few weeks…..something no one informed be about before we moved here….}

Bryan is off on Sundays….so we decided to skip church….

{i already cleared it with the big man up above….so all is good…}

and we spent all day there.

I’m also slowly starting to inch my bikini bottom up a little more each time we are at the beach….so that one of these days i can squeeze into a teeny tiiny bikini and not have my white ass honking it’s horn loud and clear.
The kids have really white sunscreen on….like a mask almost {think zinc oxide}….because when i took them on Saturday to the beach….

i lost my good mothering award by forgetting to lather their faces in sunscreen and their faces got some sun.


Normally when we hit the beach….we go after school and early evenings….when the sun is not harsh and so we never need to put sunscreen on at those times.


i realized on Saturday afternoon my mistake.

At least they are all caught up on Vitamin D.

Lola is now an official player of Volleyball….

right along with her bestie.

Somehow i was roped into going to the parent meeting last week….

and signed her up for the team.

Lola has never been into sports….at all….

and i mean……



So when she finished the week long camp…and was asking if she could join the team….

we sat down and decided to let her try it out.

{even though this is going against my whole philosophy of not doing any team sports while we live here because i want the kids to spend as much time in or near the water as possible since we don’t know where we will be next year…}

speaking of water….

i thought i would bring up what happened to Mason last week while we were at the beach.

It’s so important to constantly tell your kids the dangers of rip currents when going to the beach….the ocean..which is so fun and amazing…is also so very dangerous.

I’m the one that is the water freak….and i just know the minute i get in that i’m going to be eaten alive by a tiger shark….but the kids have no fears…..

and that is one of the things i love.

Mason was pulled out by a rip last week…and even though it wasn’t a big one…it was enough that i could see panic in his eyes and he drifted out pretty far.

He has lost his boogie board in one of the waves…and that was the problem…. he didn’t have it wrapped around his wrist like he should have.

His boogie board came in…but he did not…he was pulled out.

{our new rule is that if you go out with a boogie board…you have to have it secured to your body…just in case this happens again….at least you can hold on to it}

Even though i could tell he was scared….he didn’t fight the rip…..

{just like we had taught him…}

i had ripped off my cover-up {luckily i had a swim suit on..but even if i didn’t….well…thankfully i did…..} and was about to jump in with an extra boogie board to go and get him

 when it let him go…he was able to swim safely to shore.

I meanwhile was starting to freak out…..not that he was going to drown….but that i wouldn’t be able to reach him fast enough. Mason is a great swimmer….but even great swimmers drown.

The important thing to remember…and to always teach your kids {yourselves included} is not to panic when something like this happens.

People get scared…and fight the current…and that is why they drown….but if you just remember to relax and let it carry you… will be fine.

I kissed Mason on the head…..said a prayer….and we continued our day….but it’s still there in the back of my mind….but i thank god that Mason used his head.

Okay…back to our normal scheduled program…..
I realized i never showed any photos of our Halloween…..

it was 80 degrees…..and we headed to the local “fall festival” at a school…
Lola was an evil sock monkey…..but i liked the costume so much better without the head…

Mason was a _________

{don’t ask…i still don’t know}

and Fin was a vampire who wore flip flops.

The kids loved the “fall festival”….they were able to smash a mini {van not cooper} and no…it wasn’t mine.

They played a bunch of games and then we headed over to our church for a free bbq dinner.

{gotta love a church that feeds the people before heading out to collect a years worth of candy}

and then we walked all around Kilauea town and trick or treated.

The town filled up with oodles and oodles of families….and we ran into so many school friends.

Thanksgiving is coming shortly….and we have two sets of friends coming into town…so i have lots of preparing and cooking to start soon.

We’ve been here 3.5 months { 15.5 weeks} and it just seems to be flying by.

Bryan is working at the St. Regis 5 days a week …..and 2 nights at the Mediterranean restaurant….

we have full benefits now….

and life is treating us well.

There are some thrift stores on the island {quite a few actually} but i’ve yet to find any treasures that i could use to add some fun to our home here.

{i’ll keep looking though}

Even though our life is full and complete at the moment…i would be lying if i said i don’t miss doing a little decorating around the house. The style here is so different….that i might just decide that i love wicker and bamboo and glass after all.

I did collect a bunch of awesome driftwood a few weeks ago….and i’m trying to figure out how to incorporate it in.

Okay…now that i’ve babbled for the last hour….i’ll let you go so you can enjoy a glass of wine without me.



  1. Love it Kasey! You inspire me!

  2. my goodness, that was quite the catch up!
    i feel better now since i didn’t talk to you on your birthday. do you forgive me?
    gosh. loser friend.
    i am seriously loving lola’s hair! wow!
    glad all ended well with the ocean! x2!
    can’t wait to see your hottie self after gabby whips you into shape!

  3. OOOOH I love drift wood. Never find any here in Kansas. If you ever feel inclined you can send me some 🙂 I love reading about your new life And oh I wish I had the courage…..but being a granny raising grandkids and caring for a hubby recovering from a stroke…I will live through your blog. Thanks

  4. What a great life your family is experiencing!!

  5. I love it when you blog! I keep checking it every day….

  6. Halloween in Hawaii…now that’s something:) So glad Mason is ok! Riptides and sharks…that’s why I like the beach better than the ocean 😉

  7. Ha. Ha
    Loved this one. So happy that Mason is okay, that must have been so scary.

  8. my tummy dropped with your recollection of what happened to Mason. so thankful he is smart and well.

  9. Totally wishing I was living in warm Hawaii with you right about now … it’s getting cold here up in Maine.

    So glad Mason was okay … wishing you led with that, I have this crazy unreasonable fear of drowning since I was also pulled out of a riptide (at the Jersey shore) when I was a kid. The minute you said he was okay, I was able to relax again … I think I may need a drink. Rip tides are way scarier to me than sharks … but then again I was never bit by a shark (crossing my fingers!)

    Be safe and thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Kasey,
    Loved reading, as always. You are a great story teller.
    Be happy and safe,

  11. I am glad your son didn’t panic, I am not sure I can say that I wouldn’t though. I was wondering how Halloween was celebrated there!!! Sounded like a blast!!!!! If you decide to stay there longer maybe you can ship some of your home decorations from home. That has been my fear about moving to Maui.That I won’t like the furniture/decorating choices. So my solution is start buying the things I can’t live without now here on the main land and take it all there when we finally move!!!!(not knowing when that will be ,LOL!!!!) Also boot camp with Gabby sounds intense!!!!!! Aloha,Sara

  12. So glad Mason is okay. That must have scared you to death! Your experience in Hawaii is inspiring and you are really living a great life. I look forward to each and every post!

  13. love all your tales of life abroad- and yes i am slugging back a vino now…(that’s what we australian mama’s do whilst blog hopping!)

    happy birthday sweet!

    melissa 🙂

  14. Im so glad Mason is safe and that this lesson was a teaching one. He sounds like he handled it like a pro..
    Off to have some boxed wine.. Have a sunny day!! It’s cold and a bit of snow fell today.. Brrrr

  15. Man…lots of fun stuff goin’ on with you all…glad you had a great birthday…and yes…it’s imperative that you celebrate more than just the day of…I actually make it a month 🙂 somehow people go with it…if they’re crazy enough to go along with it for a month…I’m smart enough to milk it!!! LOL
    Glad Mason is safe…you taught him well and he’s a great listener…I’m pretty sure I would’ve panicked and made it a struggle…but now I know!

  16. Drift wood is so much fun! Reminds me of my creative Grandma who made turtles out of rocks that she collected. When she died all of the Grand kids got one. They are so special to us. She was quite the traveler. I like to think mine came from Egypt! She was like you with so much zest for life! Can I have a piece of Kasey Buick Drift wood? Sorta teasing. 😉

  17. PS. Not sure if your driftwood is BIG.. or small.. But I did see a cute driftwood garland made of small pc ‘s over on the blog buckets of burlap… Check it out.. It was cute.

  18. Happy late birthday chakita! Keep on trucking with that workout-before you know it……………..!
    Love your funny posts.

  19. i saw a great wreath in a new shop here in Portland made of small pieces of drift wood…and it was hell’a expensive. maybe you might want to try one ? and if it isn’t crazy hard to do, consider etsy or just putting one or seven up here for sale. Genuine Hawaian drift wood wreaths could/should be the next big deco item!

  20. So thankful your baby is safe.

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