Private property

A few days ago my friend called me up and asked if i would take some photos of her girls for her…

so i did what any normal mom would do….

i asked her if she was bringing wine

i dressed up my kids as well and dragged them right along.

I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to put on my new Hunter boots since the place we were going was a little bit of a hike.

My friend had suggested we trespass onto private property sneak onto some off ~the ~beaten path  that once housed an old hotel that was destroyed in the last hurricane. 

Lucky for us… friend knows the caretaker of the property……

because if you know me….then you know i am a stick to the rules type of girl….

and would have hated to do anything that might  get us into trouble.

I certainly didn’t want to call Bryan from Jail and tell him that the kids and i were sitting there waiting for him to bail us out.

No…..that would not be good…..but luckily we did everything LEGIT.

{but just in case….i carried a butter knife in my market basket….you know….just in case ….

for protection….because you never know what’s out there….}


Have i mentioned how much i love these little blond haired trespassers???

I can’t believe how blond they are getting…..

i thank you Kauai…..i do….because you are a pretty amazing place to live.

There were old hotel stone remnants  all over….and it was just breathtaking.

The property borders the ocean….and with the gorgeous ocean views….

and old stone stairs everywhere… made the setting perfect.

The unfortunate part were the zillions of mosquitoes that lived there……

so as much as i wanted to hunker down and spend the entire evening shooting the kids…

we had to make it a quickie.

{and i don’t like quickie’s….}

But everyone cooperated….and i got some fun photos of the kids…..

Leave it up to Fin to make the photos fun….

My favorite place were these stairs…..

but by the time we found them…the kids had tired out and were done…..

and i needed a cold glass of water because you know….it was still mid-week.

I might have to made an addendum to my own rules…..hmmm.

Have a great weekend!


  1. awesome!! especially love the three of them standing
    so pretty

  2. gorgeous!!! I love the ones with funny Fin!

  3. Great place for a photo shoot. Can’t believe how white your kids hair is!

  4. So stinkin cute! i love the two girls arm in arm.

  5. Great pictures; i think Lola looks alot like Judy! Hi to all from us


  6. i love reading you say things like “my friend”…and seeing pictures of your kids hugging their friends…

    so much fun to see your new life

  7. These are gorgeous shots Kasey ~ what a perfect spot for a photo shoot!

  8. I love these, it shows how much the kids love it there. You look cute in your new boots.

  9. Beautiful photos Kasey! Love Lola’s outfit! The yellow ruffles and necklace is perfect!

  10. A perfect setting indeed!! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos:) And you look so cute in those boots!

  11. Beautiful photos, beautiful children, beautiful you!

  12. What a beautiful setting, lucky you!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  13. I love your photos. I have to ask, and forgive me for not knowing a thing about nice cameras, how do you get your pictures to look so soft? I don’t know how to describe it, but they don’t seem to have the typical harsh glare? It really makes your kids look angelic, like they are glowing. 🙂 Not that they aren’t already angels, of course!

  14. no wonder you tresspassed!!! what an amazing place….so cool

  15. Holy sweetness are they cute! And you with your smokin hot Hunters;-)
    Good job momma, keepin it alive.

  16. So, so sweet, and I love Mason rockin the long hair.

  17. Christie McGetrick says:

    Your kids look wonderful – love their blond blond hair – which they had already but the sun sure brings it out.

  18. I love your Bolga Market basket. My twin sons were born and adopted in Ghana so I have an obsession with the baskets. We’ve actually helped start a co-op in their village to sell baksets here in the US and then giving 100% of the proceeds back to the village co-op. I have a basket for just about every occasion!

  19. Love the photos!!! The outfits are so adorable!!!!!!! It looks like Hawaii is definitely agreeing with you guys!!!!!!! Sara

  20. Love it all. You guys are so cute..

  21. Chris in FL says:

    First and foremost happy birthday! Hope you had a day drinking fine bottled wine for a change. These pics are so wonderful beautiful! Love the setting you took these in. Wow…amazing! I just love the pic of Lola and her little friend…how adorable.

    You are sure making wonderful memories. 🙂

  22. You all look so great….so blond hair!!! Happy birthday in Hawaii!!! love, Monica

  23. I have to inform you that I chose you as my number 1 for “The Versatile Blogger” award. LOL! It’s some silly blog thing but I do mention you. If you’d like to read:

  24. Wow Kasey…those photos you took of your kids (esp. first one) are just gorgeous. It made me feel very tail between the legs about my own lacklustre efforts x

  25. LOVE the pics…the kiddos look adorable….and it looks like you all had so much fun…You looked presh as well…love the boots!

  26. love the blonde blonde blondie bunch. I remember when my kids were little and so blonde. My Grandpa called them toe heads. Lola is so pretty in her ruffled yellow skirt.

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