every day is a date

I just want to start off this sentence by stating…..can you pinch me please….because if bryan didn’t lost his job….then we wouldn’t have up and moved.

We didn’t just move to another state….we moved to a place where life is so different that some days it’s hard to imagine that just a few months ago we were sitting comfortably in our pretty home surrounded by our good friends and everything was normal.

normal and cookie cutter.

When i say that i only have three outfits in my clothing rotation…i mean i only have three outfits in my clothing rotation.

{dear Anthropologie…please send help…}

I wear slippers {flip flops} …


and when we went to church on Sunday…i found a ruffled white shirt to wear with my skirt…and for the first time in four weeks……

{i can’t believe we have been here a full four weeks already}

i wore my mustard t-strap flats.

My feet almost didn’t fit in those babies……but i sqeezed them in…and i felt normal for the first time.

Bryan is home during the day…..he only works 4 nights a week….and heads in around 4. He rides the scooter we just bought….so that i have the mini {van not cooper} in case i take the kids to the beach or errands….not that we need to run errands…but afternoons can be long at times…especially since the kids get out of school at 2. Because bryan is home during the day…..that means….

he is home with me.

Or…..better yet…i am home with him.

Four weeks of togetherness……


Kauai is a diversified bunch…..there are the wealthy bunch….the ones with lots of money…and live in the mega million dollar home….and then there are the struggling to make ends meet bunch.

There doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road bunch…but it’s sometimes so hard to tell….since we are all in our slippers and some of us {me not included} don’t wear bra’s {not that there is anything wrong with letting your ta-ta’s reach your knee’s}

but i guess i like wearing a bra…. i shave my pits….. i buy non organic shampoo and on occasion…i buy white bread.

Confession: I’ve never bought white bread before in my children’s life…but the Hawaiian sweet bread is really good and well…it makes a great pb&j sandwich.

The boys wore their swim trunks to school for the first time…..since most of the boys at school do…..

it’s so funny to see little things like this happen. Different things…..

good things. 

A few days ago….after we dropped the kids at school….we decided to rent a kayak and do a little paddling down the river to the ocean.

Bryan and i have not gone out on one single date since we’ve been here…and by date…i mean evening night out.

No dinner to a restaurant….no movie…..

{sheet….there is only one theater here and  it still plays movies from 2 months ago}

we just can’t justify the $15/hr it costs to get a sitter for the night.

Date nights are a thing of the past for now…..till i decide to up and invest in the invisible fence that you all use for your dogs. I was thinking i could just put a collar around the kids neck and we could easily sneak out for a quickie dinner and maybe see that new movie that is playing…..maybe you’ve heard of it…

it’s called…”Titanic”.

But since i have not up and payed for the invisible fence yet…and date night is one of those things we will have to wait for till the parents visit…then we use our days as our date night.

Except to be honest….it’s really not a date….because we don’t really have much to talk about anymore….you know….because we are together ….



it’s a good sheet though….it’s just a different type of sheet.

Sort of a mix between Clorox and Snuggle.

Anyhoo…..on tuesday….we rented a kayak for 24 hours….and we did a little paddling…..i mean….he did some paddling…and i counted my arm hairs.

I did get a good arm workout though……so i appreciate the fact that he got my ass off the sofa….turning off Young and the Restless to enjoy some time alone.


No really…..i was all over it….honest.

After we were done kayaking….we turned the kayak back in….picked the kids up from school…took them home….fed them….and since they already had suits on….took them back to the kayak place so that bryan could take Mason out for a turn.

Lola, Fin and I dropped them of….and we headed to the beach where we would see them come down the river and meet them for a little early evening picnic.

{outfit 2 in rotation…}

The boys arrived……not long after we had set up camp……and bryan took mason out into Hanalei Bay before heading back.

{outfit 3 in rotation…}

Yes…it was my idea to see if the entire box of walmart wine would fit in our little cooler…and by golly miss molly …it did.

The box states that there are 4 bottles of fine wine in it…but i beg to differ…..because i really only feel like it had 3 at the most.

But who’s really counting…right.

Then after we had some fine wine….Bryan took Lola and Fin out for a turn in the bay on the Kayak.

{actually…after bryan left with lola…i just lifted the whole cooler up and screwed open the wine so it just poured right into my mouth….who needs a cup anyway. My mom would be so proud…..}

They saw some sea turtles….they did not see Ben Stiller though…

{i think he got freaked out with all of my tongue marks all over his truck…}

and had a great time.

We rented the kayak for less then $50….and got it for 24 hours……which was so worth it.

The date i mean……

and it included the boxed fine wine.

p.s. Let me know if you see Titanic…and what you think….

p.p.s. I had my blind friend date yesterday…… she showed up with shaved pits…

 wearing a bra…and a had a full set of teeth. 

p.p.s.s. Yeah for Craigslist ads!

p.p.p.s.s. Totally kidding about the Craigslist ad…even though i was *this* close to putting one on there saying something like this:

*Normal married mother of three kids seeks other normal bra wearing mother who likes to sit on the beach and drink fine wine….shaves her pits…..wants to on occasion do a little celebrity stalking {legally of course..} and who has not been convicted of growing marijuana in her front yard.



  1. I spend nearly all day, every day with my sweetie and love it, but i’m (way) older than you and my kids are grown. Even though you are living what most people think of as a dream, i think maybe you need to volunteer at school… meet some other mothers at least? Offer to help out at some non-profit or even very, very part time for profit. Just an small excuse to get out and stretch your wings..or go out to get the stink off- as my dead ex-mother-in-law used to say to the kids. I’d even come visit you (not that you asked or have the slightest idea of who in the hell i am-no drug arrests and i shave) because next month we are going to be in Hawaii, but wrong island. Don’t forget to be good to yourself, k?

  2. Kasey I just love reading your blog! You always make me laugh. It’s great to see your adapting to your new way of of life — 3 outfits and box wine! There is hope for us all! And I know it’s hard to keep 3 kids busy without spending a lot of money. You seem to be keeping busy and not losing your mind!

  3. You are doing super with your adventurous move! I chuckle at your stories and admire your bravery and tenacity. Your 3 children are so full of character and each have that cute twinkle in their eye. Keep on keep’in on. We’ve moved a ton…my estimation is you don’t really feel like you have adjusted until one year in. Although, the super conservative southern mentality often has me moving a lot slower on the friendship front with this move to Texas. Ugh.

  4. kasey,
    has it already been four weeks? wow, time flies when you hare having fun. I am having so much fun following your tweets and blog.
    from the pics I’d say you have adapted to aloha very well. Love your humor and great attitude about this transition and move to the slower paced life.

  5. Well you sure are keeping your sense of humor up! What a crack up here. And time is a flyin.
    The kids wanted to surf this post today to see what your 3 are up to there. Just wanted to say hello, and glad to see all your smiles and fun things you are experiencing there. Have fun with Bryan, and all your time together!

  6. Ha–too funny!

  7. My husband is also home with me all day, everyday. We’re not in Hawaii though. Sheet.

  8. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Is it my imagination or does it appear that Mason is over his aversion to having his photo taken? It looks like all the family togethernes is greatly benefiting all your kids.

  9. you look amazingly beautifully radiant:)).

  10. Looks and sounds like paradise…must be!! Has it really been four weeks already?! Love this post, love the photos:)

  11. Same situation with hubby and me here.What should we talk about….:)) Made me feel good that you have the same feelings. Although ilove him very much (and i can see you do too) i need to start early with the boxed wine nowadys ….
    You are an inspiration Girl! I’d be your new friend anytime.

  12. If you are on Maui which i cant remember because my brain is fried from Canadian summer sun. I have a friend who would fit your ad description and she lives there. She’s very nice and normal! If you want I will introduce you. She has a son who is 4 ish and a big dog:) She’s a Canadian and a writer. I think you would like her!

  13. I really am jealous as hell. What a beautiful life. How nice to have a husband that isn’t wound up over this or that thing at work all the time. The children look so happy. You all do. I have a Mason, too, who I dropped off at college last week. Enjoy your new slow pace.

  14. I look so incredibly forward to your posts….. I sit and read unknowing that I have a smile from ear to ear! And the only thing I can say to encompass all that I’m feeling is…………..I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!

  15. LOL!! Love the craigslist ad that never was!! 😉 xo Rachel

  16. hahahhadhfashfahfhasfhdsfhasd…..Titanic!…You are a crack up!

  17. Hey Kasey! Its been a month already? Wow! Look at you rockin that tan! You all look so happy and like you’re having the best time down there. Just think of it as a year long vacation from reality…you are living in paradise girl!

  18. gotta say i love your pictures!!! did you get a new camera!
    they are so crisp and awesome…it’s probably that perfect hawaiin light.
    love this.
    you sound so happy.
    that is rad.
    and i am so glad she shaved.

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