true love

This photo up above has nothing at all to do with today’s post…..i just liked how Fin is hugging his

friend Junior…..and the closer i look….i can hear the dialog going on in Juniors head…

as he slooooooowly tries to peel Fin off of him.

I have an announcement to make.

We have a new baby in the house.

Not my house obviously….even though my body is craving live sperm…..

{did i just say that out loud…}

hack hack cough cough

and just because i proudly tat’d up the mini {van not cooper}  with her new logo…..

{minus any hawaiian baby….but i’m coming to terms with it….}

Bryan just sort of looks at me like a lunatic every time i try and tell him i’m not leaving Kauai 

if i don’t have a little baby to take home as a souvenir.

{seriously……what happened to the good old fashioned souvenirs of sea shells }

Back to what i was saying….

my brother and his wife had their baby…..and i sort of hate her that she only had a 4 hour labor

with no epidural.

Not the epidural part…..i don’t hate her about that…..because really…..

i think we all know how awesome epidurals are and it’s really too bad if you have never gotten

to experience

having one…..because in all honesty…..don’t you want your legs numb for hours after pushing that baby out

and fall on your numb fat butt when they ask you to get up and try to pee in a bucket that is attached 

to the toilet seat and the whole time you keep thinking back to the delivery wondering if you actually

might have pooped on the delivery table.

I never did…..pooped on the table i mean.

I’m sure lots of people poop on the delivery table….but i never did.

Sorry…..sometimes my mind wanders when i’m typing.

check check

What i was going to say was that i really think they LOVED

and i mean


my name idea of calling the new baby Jacob BUELLER

but for some reason they did not choose that name.

They also did not choose some of the other cool names that were chosen…ie:

Jacob Edward

{i thought it was funny…..}


{seriously…..let the haters hate right?!}


{we might have to explain that one to my parents and then it might not go well…..}

 so…none of those names were chosen……but what they did choose was:


he has my brothers nose and sue me if i’m wrong….but i do believe he has my lips.

{smackers lip gloss…..cherry flavor…think 1989}


not that you care….or that this has anything to do with anything at all….but as i sit here typing away….

Lola’s mice are in their cage …on the floor….right next to me and at one time they used to get on the wheel

and run on it 




but now the mice have taken a different approach…..

now they just take turns sleeping in the wheel…’s almost like a loft of some sorts.

Fat mice….that is all i have to say.

sorry again….back to the story.

We went with the first person to suggest the name….and it’s Sherry.

Sherry picked JACOB CARTER and no other name… come on down Sherry….and email me

so i can get you 2 very nice Hawaiian mice.

Just kidding….honest.

Anyhoo….back to the real story….if there was one.

I just checked…..and there might have been one…..but since we are living on real time here….

aka: no dvr

and all the new shows are starting……

{Parenthood is starting off it’s season as AMAZEBALLS}

then i should run.

Oh…..running you ask huh??!?

yeah….i still hate it.

and so do the mice.

p.s. thank you to those of you that have ordered some of the driftwood sailboats!!

I still have some available if you want one……just email me.

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