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Good morning ruffles.

Sorry…i was a bit distracted by looking at all of these ruffled camera straps.

I am so excited this morning to tell you a bit about my newest sponsor and her straps….

Shey B …who’s also knows as Camera Strap Girl started making these when in 2008…

she was frustrated with her own strap and out of it…she formed these absolutely adorable

and totally chic straps.

This is my favorite….the turquoise.

I was chatting with bryan this morning and showing him these straps …because i

just put one on my ever growing birthday list.

Yes…i do not have one. Shame on me.

I also put this pleated ruffle one on my list.



Shey B has so kindly offered to giveaway a camera strap today….

so you can carry your camera around all the while looking totally cute.

They look very comfortable too.

I’ll take one of each Shey….let me know if you need my addy.

Shey is giving away The Partly Cloudy…featured right above to one lucky winner.

Also…i decided to throw in one as well to another lucky winner…

so all you need to do is head over to her shop….{here}..

and come back to comment…telling me your favorite strap.

You can also enter a second time by tweeting about this giveaway

and commenting a second time telling me you tweeted this post.

{twitter button below this post}

Also…you can get 10% off your entire purchase with the code name “buick”

when you check out. This week only.

comments will close Thursday at midnight.



  1. ruffled candy is define. It makes me hungry looking at it.

  2. I really love the Partly Cloudy & the Ruffled Polka-dot. Hope I win!

  3. Meghan Young says:

    My favorite is the partly cloudy and I would love love love to have it on my camera! What a great idea!

  4. They are all really cute, but my favorite is the Ruffled Up Whimsy Damask. I think the prettier the camera strap, the prettier the pictures my camera will take. 🙂

  5. All of the choices are totally cute but I think my daughter, the photographer would like the Ruffled Candy:-)

  6. Love them all! I’d prob. pick The Valentino….

  7. The Chic in Turquoise for SURE. Love it! Great idea she had. Now why didn’t I think of that????? Thanks for the chance to win one.


  8. christine gottschalk says:

    I love love love…the grey polka dot with yellow ruffles……………….it would match my 31 purse and lunch bag……………………………………………………………

  9. connie tacazon says:

    The new couture one is fantastic!!!

  10. Partly Cloudy – so stinkin cute! Did I win;)

  11. Oh my! their all so perfect! I love the pleated damask!

  12. Melissa Wuennenberg says:

    The Chic in turquise….beautiful for sure!

  13. Very cute! I like the Chic and also the Corduroy and Plaid…

  14. “Partly Cloudy” for sure!

  15. I love the ruffled black and white damask, but i really think that the partly cloudy is my favorite! So that means I should totally win right?

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE RUFFLED CANDY!! im a pink girl and it is so feminine and pretty!!

  17. they are gorgeous!!

    love the *chic* in turqoise also…..

    melissa x

  18. butterfly Damask is a fav.. this would be a perfect gift to go along with the “real” camera my daughter wants for Christmas~!

  19. well i really do love the one that’s being given away… poka-dots are a fav of mine and this year i’m wearing a lot more yellow than ever before! but if i had to pick a dif one, hmm… the one w/ the dimentional flowers, “the couture!”

    i don’t tweet… sooooo… pretend i entered twice?

  20. I’m liking the pleated ruffle!

  21. I love this idea. My favorite one is the ” choose your fabric camera strap listing”. Great fun. I never really thought about my camera strap before.
    Leslie abbeyroaddesigns.blogspot.com

  22. Shannon Hermann says:

    Genius! I liked the Partly Cloudy… mustard an grey are so fun together!

  23. The Chic! in Turq-a-woise (as my girl sais) I Love it!! Need it cause my canon one itches. Great giveaway.

  24. They’re all very pretty, but I’d have to say I liked the “Chic in Turquoise” best. I love the color combination!

  25. Love them! Especially the ruffled black and white damask…

  26. Ruffle Candy! Oh how I love those colors and ruffles of course, duh! 🙂

  27. AND…I just tweeted this post! woohoo!!!

  28. Ooh, the Chic is my absoulte favorite! What a beauty, and what a great giveaway! Thanks!

  29. Love that first turquoise one you showed … but my husband uses the camera too and I’m not so sure he’d be into the ruffles.

  30. Melissa M says:

    My fave is the pleated ruffle one-looks like mustard velvet-so soft and smooth!

  31. Ok well I love these! And I just got my new canon so I need one!! I don’t know if I can wait for the giveaway to be over before I buy it!

    I love the Partly Cloudy!! Oh and the black and white damask with pink! Oooohhhhh Ahhhhh

    If I win I will buy you one =)

  32. From her fabric choices to the design this girl has got a buisness going for her! Often times you see that black strap and it looks so “wedding photographerish”…this is a stylin idea! The hot pink with black has me in love.

  33. LOVE these! It’s pretty much a toss-up between The Pleated Ruffle one and and Ruffled Black&White Damask.

  34. Love these! I like the ruffled hot pink one!

  35. I actually love the camera strap in the “pick your own fabric” choice. Simple, pretty, and in my favorite color…that blue-ish green-ish soft print.

  36. oh, yes would love to win one!

    (i just bought one for myself, but would love another one…or to give as a gift.)

    uh, who am i kidding, i know i would keep it.

  37. just tweet your post.

  38. I love all of them especially the ruffles.

  39. Well, I *do* already have one of Shey’s fab strap covers … but… I could definitely go for another! loving the ruffled dot

  40. Mine is the Partly Cloudy so I hope I win it!

  41. The Partly Cloudy is by far my favorite:}

  42. how can anyone not love the ruffled strap….I love her work and have a new camera that it would fit!!!

    pick me, pick me!!!

  43. Partly Cloudy is my fav.

  44. Wow…those are ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the first 2 that you showed on here…bummed I missed the drawing…I’ll just have to add to my wish list as well! 🙂

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