visions of sugar plum

So i kept Mason home from school again this morning…just to be on the safe side….

i didn’t need any moms calling me today asking why my kid with strep was sent to school.

I was playing by the rules.

So…after i got Lola on the bus…we jumped in the car and headed first right over to Starbucks..

because they have my favorite drink back….

caramel brulee lattee.

Has enough calories in it so that you really don’t need to eat for the rest of the day…

but that didn’t stop us…because after we got our drinks…we headed to Chick Fil-A.

Apparently….Chick Fil-A is the place to be in the morning for home schoolin momma’s.

I didn’t really fit in…not that it matters…but neither did my kids.

Because my boys were not on their best behavior this morning…and i think it has a lot to do

with keeping Mason home when he probably should have been at school.

He’s been cooped up for the last 24 hours..and needed to burn off some serious energy.

The home schoolin momma’s did not appreciate me and my wild behaved boys this morning.

They were in the middle of teaching spelling and i must admit…their kids were pretty damn smart.

So..i sat there with my egg burrito and caramel brulee lattee while perusing twitter

on my iphone while the smart kids were being quizzed on spelling and my out of control boys

kept yelling and pushing each other..then Fin would yell out…

Mason just wiped his bugger on me.

It was awesome.

Then the boys went into the play area …and so did some of the home schooling kids.

Why are the home schooled kids so well behaved while mine hung from

the rafters and gave each other Texas Wedgies?

Needless to say….we didn’t last very long.

I decided on the ride back home that i would call the school and tell them Mason would

be in for the afternoon.

I gave him some Motrin and dropped him off.

I also took my phone off the hook.

I want that school nurse earning her keep today if need be.

Before i sent Mason off to school…we  drew up on a piece of paper and listed all of you who

so kindly waved their hands up in the air to proclaim a piece of Anthro clothing.

{which by the way…i’m tickled that so many of you were hand raising..}

Mason picked names and those people have been emailed.

I’ve already had one person come back to tell me that she changed her mind..

so if you did not get an email from me…then don’t fret..because some other girls

might also change their mind..and you might just get that email from me.

Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

As of right now i still have #8 {dress} and #10 {soft denim jacket} available…if you want them.

Speaking of sugar plum….

I’ve been wanting and dreaming of painting my dining room.

Ever since i came across that spool of PLUM velvet ribbon at Anthro…i’ve been very smitten.


It’s very hard to find the right color…because i do not want it to be lilac…or lavender…or purple.


I also feel like my dining room does not get a whole lot of light in the winter…so i don’t want it too dark.




Anyways….onto other big and important news.

Okay..i have no important news.


Oh….i did eat a few spoons of peanut butter last night…and i read that it has a lot of protein.

A girl has to have her protien….right.

That’s pretty important news.

And…i have not even checked the phone to see if the school called.

That’s important also.

p.s. Just for your information…i do wear jeans. That was me in the previous post in jeans. I got those

jeans at T.J. Maxx for $20.

p.p.s. Those cute blue sparkle ballet flats are part of the Vera Wang collection at Kohls.

p.p.s.s. I will be shopping at Three French Hens Christmas market on Saturday..swing on by.

p.p.p.s. I have been playing with my new Macbook…and i must say..i am in love.

p.p. I just realized it is only Wednesday..and not Thursday.

p.p.s.s.s. Can one of you choose the perfect plum color for me. Please.  

I’m done blabbering now.



  1. I love that spool!
    I really love that you are going for plum, it’s different and will look so good.

  2. Hilarious about ChickFilA. I have been there . I know all about texas wedgies , let me tell you.
    Cant’ wait to see the plum color you pick out.

  3. Crap. I didn’t get an email about the clothes.
    fingers crossed that it went to spam;-)
    Lovin me some plum

  4. Did you seriously just sell all of those clothes on this blog that quick?? I am so impressed. That was an awesome idea.

  5. Cathy James says:

    I can’t believe I did not get on here in time to ask for something last night.
    I love CFA, they have the best ice tea!
    Sounds like a semi fun morning and I cant wait to see which plym you choose.

  6. 1002-7A is my fave. I am smitten with plum myself lately, plum with grey..mostly in clothes though because unfortunately we live in apartment. A girl can dream…

  7. What makes it a texas wedgie? Oh and I love my macbook almost as much as my children, have fun!

  8. The vintage ribbon color is crazy gorgeous….love the idea of painting a room pale plumish…go Kasey!!

  9. take the spool to the paint dept and have them match it…if its not right have them either lighten it or darken it…’s a great color

  10. Every post you crack me up. I heart you 🙂
    Texas wedgies….sounds like what we had with our burgers two nites ago….
    As for the all important color – I like the bottom right one the bestest. Does it say “Vintage Ribbon”? How fitting 🙂
    Oh, and I would love to pretend I was Kasey in one of your fab Anthro outfits, but you are just too skinny for me. Can you eat some more protein and butter so you can buy more Anthro stuff to pass down? MMmmkkk?

  11. Such is a mommy’s life……… but it is funny your boys were hanging from the rafters and giving each other Texas wedgies. I mean, come on!

  12. Hello Sugar Plum! I am a decorator and once walked into new construction with a client trying to decorate all by herself. She knew she needed help… she had the main parts of the house all pale purple! It looked like a delicate and sweet nursery. I say go darker cause it will look great with gray tones and your slipcovered furniture. Head to Wal Mart and buy the big flat canvases 11×14, then go to paint store and have them mix up 4 or 5 samples, next paint said canvas in each color, lastly if you realize you are out of the ballpark on colors you have not painted a wall in your home several icky colors. I love the board samples cause you can move them around the room and see how each wall reflects the color. I also like the ribbon shade.

  13. You had me at caramel brulee lattee….

  14. Great colors! You can also buy a sample of color in small can for $5 each at Lowe’s. We did it for 3 colors and well worth the money. For something so “different” and color your eyes are not used to in a room, its worth it. We painted three colors on the wall and finally chose. Ours is actually lighter than I wanted, but it also changes color at different times in the day…very unpredictable but I love it.

    I am really blind, I can barely see the numbers but I really like the very top, I think its called Dusted Plum? Next choices are the bottom colors: Chemical Violet and Purple Fury…I think that is what they are called.

    I love that you are doing this! People thought we were crazy for painting our dining room “purple” but its now the most popular and most complimented room in our home 🙂

  15. I am completely in a violet state of mind after seeing a violet and grey dining room in a magazine at the dentists office earlier this year. Love it! Sorry I know violet is quite a different shade then plum but I will keep my eyes open for a great plum for you:)

  16. Hurry up and decide i cant wait to see the plum, it’s going to be all the rage!!!

  17. I love the the large square at the top. Of course it is not a match but it is beautiful. It appears to have a touch of grey in it. I pick that one…
    Good for you for going with purple anyway. It’s bold and beautiful….
    Oh and just so you know I still love the yellow sweater but wasn’t sure my B _ _ B’s would fit.. We cant all be an 8.

  18. Forgot to ask . . will someone tell this Boston girl what a Texas Wedgie is!!

  19. Oh boy, I am really bad at picking any type of dark paint color but that ribbon is gorgeous! I’d help you pick the paint but we’re in the middle of an aqua blue mess in my daughter’s room and it’s giving me nightmares. She loves it though.

  20. Jodi Markgraf says:

    The one on the top left if you want dark and rich… favorite paint is Sherwin Williams Duration. Look at SW6550 Mythical and SW6558 Plummy. I am in the process of having the rooms in my house painted….but nothing in plum…..however I think it would be beautiful! Go for it! Can’t wait to see it. Love your blog

  21. completely love the idea of a *plum* room…I’m sure it will look fabulous

    ps…love these pictures of the kiddos having fun

  22. I personally love the plum colour that is the second sample that is under the rest. Its the dark one beside the Canton Purple or something- I cant really see the name on this little computer.
    If that is too dark for you room I would then say the one at the top of the photo.

  23. I have redone the paint color a zillion times in my dining room. Well not actually a zillion, but the vintage ribbon color, that looks fun. Too dark will be drab and of course dark with little natural light. I would say thumbs up to the vintag ribbon card you show on a separate card. Just my tidbit for the day. Cheers

  24. I love the color Plum. I once tried to achieve the Plum color in a bathroom. Let’s just say my daughter’s friends called it the Barney bathroom. 🙁 lol I like the top swatch, does it say Dusted Plum? And the one on the far left…Regal Plum I think. I say get samples. For sure.

  25. plum.
    totally into it!
    your house was meant for plum!

  26. can’t wait to see your plum reveal!
    sorry i can’t help with the color

    but some interior shots of buick place are in order

    yes you are a blabbering silly happy woman

  27. I’m sitting in my sunroom right now and I have the PERFECT shade of walls that you’re looking for! Of COURSE I would paint my sunroom a deep shade! I wish I could tell you the color, but I mix up all my paint colors from mis-tints. It’s got almost a chocolate or terra cotta undertone to it and I have it decked out with gold colored linen curtains to lighten it up. I love it! The inspiration was from a deep plum iris – not purple! You’re right – there has to be a warm, earthy under-tone to the shade to make it work! Good luck to you!

  28. Dear Kasey…have I told you lately that I love you?! Love your post, love your blog, love your humor!! Texas wedgies…gotta love it {and yes, of all the things you “blabbered” about , that’s what I focused on:)!! Ok, I’m off to try to find the perfect shade of plum:)

  29. You are so Funny! I Love how you jsut say it like it is.

    the one on the right (Veetego?? Ribbon). Love the softness of this plum… not to lavendar but not too dark. I think it would flow with the other soft colors in your home.

    Have a great weekend : )

  30. Very long time stalker, but first time commentor here! Glad you were able to sell your clothes to other happy homes!
    I have a very well behaved 20 year old girl, but love listening to the tales of your kiddos – they always bring a smile and make me (sorta) wish I’d had more – sorta!

    I have used a Ben Moore plumish color called “Brown Teepee” I think it is from their Historical Colors or something like that – not sure who names paint colors but it is simply lovely at all times of the day or night and goes well with a ton of other accessories – you may want to check it out!

    Good Luck!

  31. I like the swatch that says “Vintage Ribbon”…seems like a great pic…not lavender, not purple, not too dark and…it’s named after your inspiration…the vintage ribbon from Antrho! 😀

  32. I am so sad i missed number 14

    can’t believe you didnt let me get first pickings

  33. ok so i had to stop reading before i got to all of the pretty colors, one because i am laughing so hard that i coffee just shot out of my nose… but to ask what the heck is a “TEXAS” Wedgie is it bigger & better than a regular wedgie????
    signed lost in texas…


  34. p.s. do you realise you have sold the shoes from your header…when you are more famous than you are now you woulda been able to sell them for millions…

  35. Vintage Ribbon (stand alone chip on the right) is sophisticated and yet still…. purple. Please post pics if you paint it this colour . Thanks for responding to the jean question, I’m addicted to them and rarely ever wear dresses but I think I will begin to try.

  36. Have you chosen a color yet? I think your chips do not have enough red undertone to them if you want to avoid the lilac, lavender, purple thing. I got out my Sherwin Williams fandeck and the Mature Grape #6286 matches your ribbom quite nicely. It may not be quite the color you were dreming of but it is more the tone.

    Of the chips you pictured, the far left Regal Plum? is my vote.

  37. That’s exactly what I was going to say,,above, your velvet ribbon is more red than any of your paint chips. Oh and my Starbucks is having a buy one holiday drink get one free from 2-5 daily. I will be there today…from 2 until 5.

  38. I love plum dining rooms – we painted ours two shades, both Sherwin Williams, called Chinchilla and Bitter Chocolate. I’m trying to figure out what color curtains to do now and was looking for inspiration (which is how I stumbled upon your blog!)

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