the downhill battle

I realized today that….

*the reason Fin might not be doing so well in school is because he hides his glasses from his teacher

*i don’t really think he needs them…but he looks so damn cute in them

*he also complained about his head itching today…so i thought he might need a bath

*i washed his hair…because i really don’t remember the last time i did

{notice his clean and combed hair in above photo}

*i totally fail as a good mother and really…i am okay with it

*you can blame it on my not breast feeding them as babies

*i also washed the boys sheets…..because i’m sure it’s been a very long time since

*i have parent teacher conferences and i can hear jaws music in the background

*i went to the bookstore today to catch up on some new magazines

*i only lasted about 30 minutes because i couldn’t sit and relax

*i will be sitting and relaxing tonight when i head out with some friends

*i also need a new bra…haven’t gotten  a new one of those in a while

*not that you really needed to know that tid bit of info

*have i mentioned that Mason is the cup stacking champion of the neighborhood

*i am the only one in this family that does not have a library card

*only because i still carry a Colorado drivers license

*i have lived in Illinois for over three years

*my goal is to get an Illinois license by the new year

*which means i must study the local law

*i will probably fail the one where it asks whether to speed up at a yellow light or slow down

*enough said

*it is REALLY cold here today…but it is okay because next week i will be in California

*have i told you i grew up in California

*i love the sunshine

*i love vacations

*travelling with children does not necessarily constitute a vacation

*my kids have never been to Southern Cali

*Bryan and i really need a date night…and we will get one this weekend

*we don’t get out as much as we would like

*i wish we could sneak away for a long weekend

*i wish i wish i wish

*stop the wishing and start the doing….

*my kids learned how to use the video camera

*one day i will put it on You Tube and show you what they like to do

*i have not ordered my Christmas cards yet

*every year i say i will get with the program and do it early

*every year i fail

*it is a downhill battle

*i would really like to get my family photographed on Sunday

*i’ll let you know how it goes

*normally i am the one behind the lens

*my next post will be for those of you that need a Texas Wedgie tutorial

*my boys are more than willing to show you

*do you know what a {shart} is

*because i am really kinda done cleaning those up after the boys do  Texas wedgies to each other

*i have not found the perfect plum color yet

*okay…signing off.

*p.s. If you are local..let me know if you are planning on shopping at Three French Hens on Saturday.


  1. It’s okay not to wash the sheets or Finn’s hair because you sure can throw one hell of a party:). I didn’t breast feed either. Four weeks is all I could do and you know what? 16 years later it doesn’t make a bit of difference!

  2. You. Are. Hilarious.
    I need a new bra also;-)

  3. I wish I could go on Saturday but we have to be back in Michigan for a charity auction. Hopefully, next year!

  4. oh my gosh you are freaking hilarious,i just bought a new bra today! so exciting,it is big,unlacy and has hooks so that i can pop my you know what whenever i feel like it,or when i need to feed my new child that is still cooking:)

  5. Hi Kasey, I am going to the three french hens sale on Sat. I am ready to do some x-mas shopping!
    Maybe i’ll se you there, Sherrie

  6. don’t forget to pick me up something while you are shopping Sat. 🙂

  7. Shart…know it, not personally though. 😉

  8. Going to spend my Thanksgiving week in Southern Cal next week too……Just not the pretty, coastal part…..high desert part……wish my inlaws lived on the coast!


  9. michelle h says:

    laughed when i heard shart – i know what it is. my 4 year old is learning about sharts too….around here, we call them “poop toots”!!

    off topic….but, how are you liking the bangs? i am seriously thinking about it…for about 6 weeks now. husband says no, i say don’t matter, my choice. thoughts after the fact???

  10. You are sooooo funny!
    Let me know if your in San Diego 🙂 It could be trouble!

  11. Funny, we are headed to see the in-laws in San Diego next week too! We are going to visit San Fran first and then drive the coast to SD. Sadly the MIL called today and mentioned rain???? I demand the sun!

  12. *love* your lists~
    have a great time in Cali and I will talk to you when I am home.

  13. I’m going Sat.! Maybe I’ll bump into you and get your autograph! haha Hoping to get a few gifts and support my friend’s new shop opening downtown Morris next week. She’ll be at the show.

  14. NOW you visit Cali?
    I will try to not take it personally

    maybe Finn has lice

    you are a good mother
    of course, what the hell do I know?
    I only have four kids
    and they are all a mess

    and I could use a new bra too
    but I would rather have new breasts

  15. I heart you!!!
    You seriously have me begging for more everyday.
    Thank you for being you

  16. check them all for lice! It’s in all the St. Charles schools. My teacher friend said they can’t get rid of them!!

  17. I need a new bra also, heading out today;-)
    I know very well what a T wedgie is! Lol

  18. Have I told you that you are my best read?
    Hands down girl.
    Reminds me that I need to wash some sheets.

  19. We’re Newbies…going to 3FH tonight…..exploring Morris today w/some BFFs (Whimsy, Ruby Begonia’s….)having an early dinner (suggestions?) then off to the sale to be first in line! Long drive for us, but we’re pretty confident we won’t be disappointed.

  20. Adore you!

  21. You make us all feel normal!! I’m not a shower everyday, wash sheets once a week, buy new bras every year kind of gal!

  22. Oh my…Texas wedgies and sharts…just when I thought you couldn’t get any funnier!! You really do need a date night:) Have fun in California; please bring some sunshine & warm breezes back to the Midwest!

  23. P. S. Fin & Lola look adorable in those pix!! Good luck with the family photo shoot;)

  24. I love your laid back attitude! Everyone should chill out and live in the moment like you! Great blog!!!!

  25. Find an agent while you are in California girl !!! The world needs to hear from you !! You would brighten everyones lives . Just sayin !

  26. Oh you are so busted. Don’t tell them you have lived here three years, they may lock you up! Also, what do you need plum color for? I must be behind.

  27. I think you are my twin…seriously…If I were to check off all of the things that apply to me as well, there would be MANY!!! I as well, do not have a library card….I still have my Tennessee license and we have been in Colorado for three years…on my list of to do’s : ) I desperately need a new bra….I’m saving up for one of the big padded ones at Victoria’s Secret because I’m in major need of some cleavage! AND you have inspired me to wash my daughter’s hair tonight LOL It has been a while……..hahahaha Enjoy your date night…I am JEALOUS!!! ~Destiny

  28. i did the kids sheets this week…
    and it was, like, a big deal.
    is it ok that I just want to reach into the computer and kiss your kiddos cheeks?
    they are so beautiful Kasey.

  29. All I can say is “Great Post!!”
    XO Nancy

  30. As I was getting to the end of your post – I was just thinking the only thing it needed was the word SHART…

    AAAHAHAHAHA – there it was!

    fabulous. Not the shart, obviously….

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