The one day giveaway


Morning girls.

Thank you ALL so much for your birthday wishes…i truly appreciate each and every one.

Anyhoo….i wanted to let you know how much i just LOVE my new Fuji instamax camera..

that i am giving one away …today.

And..i’ll be throwing one pack of film.

You will LOVE this camera….no skills needed. Honest. Just load the film and click…

you get an instant photos….just like the good old days.

Just comment telling me your favorite movie…..for one entry.

Tweet about it…then leave a second comment…that counts for two entries.

Comments have now closed.


Winner will be chosen by random number generator soon…..

Have a funtabulous day….i’m heading out boot shopping.

p.s. i’ve gone 2 days without sugar….as long as you don’t count dessert last night.


  1. I love this camera and would love to get one of my own! Happy birthday!! Mine is a week from today, sweet 16!

  2. My favorite movie is Penelope! So cute and sweet and funny! I love it! And happy birthday!

  3. Crikey,, so may that I like! Hmmm Ok I actually really like the film called SIGNS. That was before Mel Gibson turned bad or was actually really taken by aliens in the movie and the one left is an impersonator. Hmmm hadnt thought of that before, that could explain a lot…
    alicia ;0)

  4. Ohh that is so cool. I was so sad when my old polaroid bit it, this would be tons of fun for journaling!

  5. Oh My ,what an awesome giveaway! Ok my favourite movie of all time is the original Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. All that chocolate , whats not to love.

  6. My favorite movie of all times is a tie between Finding Neverland (yummm Depp!) and Into The Wild! Both super good moves!!

  7. Mmmm…. so many movies to choose from ! I think I would have to say that The Twighlight series is up there on my list! x

  8. J’adore! My favorite movie of all time is “into the Wild”. ilove to shop but get soo fed up with all material things sometimes….. ( you can please send me the camera though :)))
    Have a happy weekend.


  9. Not sure this giveaway is still open, but here goes anyway. Not my favorite movie, but watched it last night. It’s called Joyeux Noël a touching World War I film about enemy soldiers who celebrated Christmas together.

  10. My favorite movie is the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice. And that camera is awesome, please please choose me.

  11. tweeted.

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