I met bakerella

Β Even though i am not the most creative bakeress in town…..i do love it.

I don’t even think bakeress is a word…but now it is….because on Friday…

Bakerella….got to meet me…..bakeress.

Of course she rolled her eyes at me when i gushed and slobbered all over her

as i told her how much i love her cake pops.

I am a faithful reader of her blog…and follow her on twitter…so when she

announced that she was heading out on the road for a book signing tour…

and chicago was on her list…i knew i had to make it out to meet her.

Except on Friday…i didn’t have anyone to watch Fin for me.

So..i did what any other normal mother would do.

I put his lunch on the table….his backpack next to the clock…and set the alarm

so that at noon….he could walk himself up to the bus and go to afternoon kindergarten.

Easy Peasy.

Except i know for a fact that Child Protective Services watches me.

With all the crank 911 calls my children make…and the Trader Joe incident last year…

i thought twice about leaving him…

and called my neighbor to watch him.

Thank goodness she pulled through.

I mean….what good am i if i’m sitting in jail right?

I can’t bake if i’m there….or fold laundry for my family….so it’s best if i follow the rules

of not leaving small children unattended.

I drove into the city….and walked into Williams Sonoma where the book signing was held.

I bought my books…..

one for me

one for a friend

and one for you.

Bakerella gave a small demonstration….then answered a bunch of our questions…

andΒ went on to sign our books.

When she signed my book…she looked at me and said…

oh…i know you….you’re bakeress.


she didn’t really say that.

She smiled at me though….so that should count for something.


i have an extra book that i got signed for one of you.

I wish i could have gotten LOTS of them…

but until my alter ego….bakeress…gets noticed and starts making oodles of money…

then i can get all of you a book.

But for now….i can only afford one.

One is better than none…right?!

All you have to do is comment for a chance.

Actually….just tell me your favorite dessert to eat…..

{and by saying cake pops…doesn’t get you extra credit}

p.s. You can see if she’s coming to book signing near you {here}.

p.p.s. Tell her Bakeress sent you.


  1. Tonight we celebrated a birthday with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. So right now, my favorite is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was good. That book with the little cake pops looks so cute. Please enter me for a chance. Thank you.


  2. I love Bakerella! I started reading her blog a long time ago. And then she got really famous. It’s so cool. I’d love to win the book. Hmmm my favorite dessert…is strawberry cupcakes. I think. πŸ™‚

  3. I would love to win this book!

    My favorite desert would be classic cheesecake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top πŸ™‚

  4. I just adore your blog!!!
    Thanks God I found it!
    will be back for more later.

  5. Great book!!!! Great blog, I try to understand all, but I think I have to improve my English…
    Best wishes from Germany

  6. My favorite dessert is a no bake French treat for all you unbakeresses! Charlotte au chocolat. If you want to learn to make it just go to my tut here: http://busyasabeeinparis.blogspot.com/2010/04/charlotte-au-chocolat-tutorial-part-2_08.html I would love to win that darling book!

  7. Ohhhh! I guess I’m not eligible cause I’m in Oz but how exciting for you!

  8. my favorite desert would be cheese with a drizzle of honey and fresh fruit.

  9. fun, fun, fun!!!
    lets see fav dessert ~ vanilla bean ice cream

  10. Favorite dessert? Chocolate cake!

  11. I feel very out of the loop. I have never even heard of a cake pop before. They look so good!! Now I have a craving!!

  12. Mississippi Mud Cake…and if you can figure out how to put it on a stick oh Bakeress, I would be forever grateful…since it takes two hands to eat it!

  13. I am a cupcake girl! I have somehow convinced myself that “it is just a little one” is better than a whole piece of cake! I know…… but let me keep dreaming! I love red velvet cupcakes, i love carrot cake cupcakes, i love vanilla cupcakes, i love double choc. sin cupcakes, i love… ALL CUPCAKES!!!!!

  14. Dear Bakeress,

    Please put my in the hat for a chance to win this fantastic book!! I follow her blog too and can’t get enough of her adorable cakepops. Now those are easy-peasy.
    I just had homemade Creme Brulee last night and i think I’m in love!!

    Thanks Bakeress

  15. lovee my chocolate cake {my great aunt esther’s recipe}
    wonder if i could put it on a stick? here’s hoping!
    thanks for a chance…xo

  16. OH, please put me in for a chance at the book! My favorite dessert would have to be homemade peach pie. Ahhh…wonderful childhood memories come flooding back to me.


    Thank you!

  17. Laura in LA says:

    I love ice cream….which happens to go nicely with cake pops!

    I think
    funny, I am a baker, but I don’t really crave baked goods
    I like chips and salsa

    hey…wanna meet ME? I don’t have a book or anything…but I kind of want to do NYC for a weekend at Christmas time with fun ladies. Join me.

    OH DEAR… (unless you’re better influenced through reverse Psychology, then “don’t pick me”… but if that doesn’t work – PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-PICK-ME!!!

    • lordy, i was so excited, i forgot to say what my fav is… silly me.
      Honestly i LOVE a good Pound Cake (w/ ice cream)!!!

  20. Regina Troyer says:

    My fav. dessert is ( wow this is hard because I’m a lover of sweets)!! I think if I have to decide it would be pie, Probably cherry pie!

  21. Hands down, my favorite dessert is *WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CREME BRULEE* – it’s heaven on earth. I am the baker in our house, but somehow my husband mastered this recipe far better than me… so I find myself begging and pleading for him to make it for me.

    Those cakepops might just be a way for me to redeem myself as chief baker… here’s hoping! πŸ™‚

  22. I have to keep it simple with brownies… preferably with either caramel or cream cheese added to them. So good! Love Bakerella, and would love to win this giveaway! Thanks!

  23. Yummy sweets this early in the morning, I feel like a kid. I think my all time favorite is cheescake…. but it must be original with NO nasty sticky fruit on top.

  24. I LOVE to eat Pumpkin Crunch…and yummy and oh so easy recipe I make around this time of year.

  25. I love Creme Brulee. All that soft, yummy, creaminess gets me every single time. As much as I like to say that I won’t be having dessert this time, I cave once I see Creme Brulee on the menu!

  26. i LOVE ice cream sandwiches. yes i do. if there is a more simpler, less exotic treat tell me. but i so love them.

  27. I love choc. chip cookies and brownies and large quantities of both.
    Bakerella isn’t even coming close to me so I think I should really just have the book. πŸ™‚


  28. I love the besty best bestest right now, Amaretto Black Forest Cake. It’s my own bakey invention, and it involves a cake mix, cherry pie filling from a can, whipped cream, and amaretto. With chocolate slivers. How could that not be awesomesauce. Also, since I’m nine months pregnant and have thusly abstained from alcohol for a good long time now, I naturally remember this as being the best cake in the entire universe at least partially because it is forbidden goods.

  29. My new very favorite delight is whoopie pies! We can get them at our Farmer’s Market and it makes me look forward to every Saturday and no longer for the organic produce! Just get me a whoopei pie!

    tammy t

  30. You are so fun! Way to go do fun things! i would probably just assume i shouldnt go…shouldnt bother the neighbor….. i admire how you make things happen!



  31. What a great giveaway!! Would love to have this book! My favorite dessert right now is all things apple because it’s Fall – apple crisp!! SO good!!!

  32. Andrea Sullenger says:

    Oh I am in love – I have never heard of cake pops but they are so cute!! I hope your neighbor understands the interracial part she is playing by helping you out. Mother’s everywhere look to you for daily/weekly entertainment and we appreciate her pitching in to keep us all int he loop, not to mention the extra effort you are going to spread the love about cake pops!
    Thanks ~

  33. I think Im in love…never heard of cake pops but they are just darling! I have been trying to come up with some creative birthday ideas and I would loooove to make these!

  34. oooooh…. that’s a toughy,…. hmmmmm maybe…. yes…. Uncle Arthur’s Upside Down Cake. It’s delicious and dangerously chocolate. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe.

  35. tiramisu

  36. I love a good fudgy brownie. Even better, a mint fudgy brownie. Topped with ice cream. And fudge sauce. I am gaining weight just thinking about this.

  37. creme brulee:)

  38. This cookbook looks too cute!!!

  39. My favorite dessert is pumpkin muffies! I can’t get enough of them!

  40. Oooh, my favorite dessert is anything with chocolate. Or anything with lots of icing. Or anything with white cake and cream cheese icing. Goodness, I really just like any dessert. Who am I kidding??

  41. If it’s dessert, I eat it. Even if I dont like it. You never know, what if gets better as you go? Who could risk not knowing?

  42. My favorite is carrot cake!!! Mmmmmmm. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I want it!!!! My new fave thing to eat are banana chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting…so delicious. and they’re extra large too!

  44. What a great book and you are so sweet to think of us! We just love all desserts and enjoy some every night, but if I picked a favorite it would be Peanut Butter Pie!!

  45. Oohh! My favorite dessert would be Tiramisu. Or pumpkin pie. Or carrot cake. Or Costco sheet cakes (even though I realize that you don’t REALLY have to have a cake that big for a family of four…) Oh, and apple crisp is very, very good, too!

  46. My all time Favorite dessert is “Jen’s Freaking Awesome Oatmeal Pie”! A recepie I found on a blog somewhere and I’m telling ya, I make two at a time a the kids barely get any.

  47. Oh dear everything sweet is my favourite….I like cakes, chocolate cakes and tiramisu’..a lot of tiramisu’!!! Baci baci, Monica

  48. I like cupcakes…made from a box!

    love me some bakerella! how fun you got to meet her! How cute is she!

  49. fav dessert? hands down right now that would be apple dumplings. homemade apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream…ahhh!

  50. Mocha Bars = angel food cake covered in white icing rolled in chopped nuts! MMMM good : )

  51. Veronica Chavez says:

    I love donuts…anytime.

  52. mmmm…. cheesecake!!! lucky you for meeting bakerella! πŸ™‚

  53. Uuuuuuu…cake pops are yummy!

    Mary Ann

  54. red velvet cake! hope all is well! susan

  55. Coconut Cream cake! MMMMmm. I just may have to make one for my birthday tomorrow.

  56. rachael w. says:

    banana split bread pudding… actually made it this wknd!

  57. I love something hot, gooey and chocolate with ice cream on top.

  58. Brownies are my #1 dessert with chocolate chip cookies being a close #2! I LOVE Bakeralla too πŸ˜€

  59. My favorite dessert is probably cheesecake. Failing that I’ll always go for Oreo truffles. : )

  60. Those cake pops are precious!!! Dying to learn how to make them…Favorite desert…hmm…Chocolate Cake with thick Buttercream Icing and a Glass Of Milk.

  61. Lori Ryan says:

    blackberry pie!!

  62. Would love to win this book! My favorite dessert is my mom’s homemade chocolate cake with white icing. ohhh I can taste it now…..

  63. The. . . creme brule. . . cheesecake. . .vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, toasted pecans and a mountain of whipped cream (a.k.a- “the turtle”) platter- ‘nough said!

  64. While I do love a good cakepop, my fav dessert is actually raw cake mix and/or raw cookie dough! No need to dirty more than one dish and one spoon and no need to heat up the oven – or have an oven πŸ™‚

  65. Oh, how fun!!! I love scones and make the best one in the world! (er, no joke!) Even better is half a warm scone with vanilla ice cream, drizzled/melted strawberry jam, whipped cream and blueberries on top. We call it the Devonshire split. Don’t forget the little toothpick American and British flags! =]

    Love, Katy Noelle

  66. My dad, who is a retired pensioner has just started baking (I know!!) ….He made gingerbread men yesterday (he put eyes and everything on them!) I would so love to give him Bakerella’s book … I just noticed there are currently 166 comments though .. umm …. still, suppose you’ve gotta be in it to win it … xxxx

  67. I’ve always been crazy about dessert. I thought the more decadent and the more going on in one dessert the better. But I’ve drastically changed my mind recently. I usually just want really good ice cream!

  68. my favorite dessert is macaroons!! i don’t eat them nearly enough!!!! but i do love cake pops too, red velvet ones!! πŸ˜€

  69. I had chocolate bread pudding at my wedding and it was deevine! I love anything with coconut in it and I make a mean apple pie too. Who doesn’t love dessert?

  70. count me in!!! boston creme pie is my fav!!

  71. Raspberry cheesecake! I love it, I dont have it very much though because I’m always making the desserts my kids and my hubbys like. No one else likes the raspberry cheesecake so if I make it then it’ll just sit. I can’t eat the whole thing myself!

  72. Sharon Smart says:

    One favourite dessert? Just one??? No such thing as just one! lol I love things like Lemon Meringue Pie and Tiramisu and well, I could list forever! Love the look of that book and I have a friend who looks just like Bakerella!!! Don’t suppose the giveaway is extended to us down under in Australia? Would LOVE that book, her ideas are sooo cute!

  73. I just saw your post tonight as I have been busy with kid’s school stuff that I was unwittingly volunteered for. Oh man, I gotta get more emphatic when I say no! Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of Bakerella and have tried making brownie pops a few times. They were never even close to the fabulousness this book appears to be, but heck, I am willing to try to improve my brownie pop prowess. I would LOVE this book! I could use a pick me up after reading the mail yesterday . Apparently my husband forgot to pay 5 parking tickets and um, the Com Ed bill for the last three months, so I found a disconnection notice and a car boot warning in the same mail pile. Needless to say, it would be great to find a package with a fabulous new book in it….or a case of wine (whichever….) Anyway, I get a nice lift reading your blog…thanks for the smile! Lori

  74. You are too funny! Love your blog!!

  75. I love to follow your blog,and would to love to win the book as well.My favorite dessert is Pumpkin pie cupcakes

  76. I love all deserts! But what I’m craving right now would be Banana cream pie.

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