these little lights of mine

It all started when i found a really cool jacket for Fin at our local consignment shop….i saw it out

of the corner of my eye….and slowly walked over to it…wrapped around a mannequin…then i

quickly eyed my competition…some other overly eager mothers looking for kids clothes.

I was lucky though…..because as stealthy as i was…it seemed no one else really had their eye

on this jacket……no…..the other moms were looking at black button downs and more formal.


Give me the vintage…give me the different.

I slowly grabbed the jacket…and then once again…out of the corner of my eye…

in the girls department…on another mannequin…was a corduroy blue skirt.

It was a size 8.


It is because of these two pieces of clothing…that i begged my family to please let me take some

photos of them.

I really do not get many photos of them…i don’t.

Not good ones anyway.

I just wanted some simple shots of my family before it freezes and we all turn into

hibernating. over eating. turn the heat up.gain weight.uggLY boot wearing.


Mason is wearing: Jacket from Children’s Place. Jeans from Old Navy

Shoes from Walmart

Lola is wearing: blue corduroy skirt {thrifted} $5. Plum jacket from Gap. Tights from Target.

Boots {thrifted} $8. Deer headband {etsy}

Fin is wearing: Jacket {thrifted} $20. Jeans and blue plaid shirt from Target.

Shoes from Nordstrom rack

Attitude: comes with the package.

I’m wearing: Dress from Anthro. Jacket from Anthro 2008. Tights from Kohls

Boots from Anthro. Hat from local shop

Necklace sent to me for my birthday from this {reader}

Bryan is wearing: Jacket from Target. Jeans from Nordstrom Rack

These little lights of  mine….

i’m going to let them shine…let them shine

let them shine…let them shine.

I think they shine up pretty well…if i do say so myself.

This girl is pretty blessed and thankful for such a sweet family…which brings me to

just let you know that there is no Christmas tree up here yet…

there are no Holiday decorations…

i am not playing any Holiday music as of yet.

We are relishing the Thanksgiving weekend with my entire side of the family….

there are no gifts…there are no I WANTS being had.

There will be no rushing around.

The meaning of Thanksgiving gets so overlooked..and to my family..and myself..

we are so very thankful for a healthy…happy…and loved family.

They make my light shine brighter.


  1. Tracey Phillips says:

    Your family is downright gorgeous, just gorgeous.
    I can see the light shining in all of you.
    Happy Day to you Kasey!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the Cutest Family EVER!! XO It’s Cold here in Cali, but Not your MidWest Cold!! Have fun on your Trip. Jamie

  3. You find the best thrifted things! No wonder you can afford that Anthropologie goodness.
    I’m proud of you.
    Sweet post, I love it.

  4. Those are the sweetest pictures of your family. The ones of your three children together are amazing! It’s so inspiring to hear that you are really savoring the true meaning of ‘ thanks giving’, too! Thank you for the reminder!

  5. The shot of your three kids jumping off the log would make a perfect Christmas card!! Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Beautiful family and finds. I couldn’t agree more with you on holding off the Christmas and enjoying the Thanksgiving. It’s always been my favorite holiday – all of the family, friends, food (the big “f’s”) not a single one of the gift issues. Happy Holiday!

  7. Beautiful family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh how I love love these photos you took of your family and kids
    they are beautiful shiny lights
    and that first photo of you and the hubs is hot!
    You make me smile

  9. And I mean hot in great picture kind of way
    im thinking you may know I meant that

  10. If Anthro ever starts a children’s line, I know three kids who would be spot on for their models.

  11. Beautiful photos. Beautiful family! Love the outfit coordination. Have a wonderful, meaningful Thanksgiving. You’ve got the right idea, lady.

  12. Kasey,

    Your family is beautiful…yes, their lights shine bright! 😉 Love all the vintage clothing and finds! I so agree…we are just relishing in this time of year and moment…in gratitude for our blessings…each other. A great post! Happy Thanksgiving beautiful friend…a belated Birthday wish sent your way!!!


  13. Lovely post Kasey.
    The clothes are great (I love Fin’s jacket. I would have been THE competition if I was in the store at the same time!! 🙂 ) and the pictures are beautiful. I now have a great camera too, but can’t yet figure out how to take gorgeous shots like yours.

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful for my lovely little happy family everyday too. 🙂


  14. awesome!!!!
    love pics of the buick fam

    love you friend

    enjoy your week

  15. Holy smokes are those amazing photos.
    Love them all and especially that little Fin of yours, he’s a keeper.
    Not that you would get rid of him;-)
    Great post, thank you for being you.

  16. That’s beautiful Kasey. I hope you have a great time with your family in Cali this week.

    That Finn is just delicious! I love the photo of him looking up at you. Adorable.

  17. LOVE the pic of you and Bryan….PRESH!!!

    The kiddos look great…fun finds 🙂

  18. Amen on just being Thankful!!
    Love your Style and that sweetttt Family of yours!!
    Blessings for a Thankful Day!!

  19. Such delicious photos…
    Happy Thanksgiving.


  20. That first photo is soooo adorable! As are all the others…you have a beautiful family. Have a lovely (and warm) holiday. Brrrrr…it’s cold here today!!

    P.S. Great scores at the consignment shop!!

  21. Great photos! You have a lovely family. Have a happy, relaxing, Thanksgiving holiday.

    P.S. Your husband is fine!!

  22. You have such a lovely family, everyone looks so happy!

  23. Oh goodness, your family are natural models! Someone call up Jcrew! 😉 Love the clothes, your shopping style reminds me of myself. I put together outfits from thrifting to Target to Nordies!! Anything goes as long as I love it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  24. Gorgeous family, great photos…………Lovely! You have much to be grateful for. As I write this, my healthy kids are eating Campbell’s soup, canned peaches and Wheat Thins while laughing to “America’s Funniest Videos”. I am grateful, too.

  25. Such sweet words Kasey. What a gorgeous family you have. You, of course, look darling!

  26. Kasey,
    Truly, truly adorable…the whole family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you. I share your opinion of this special holiday. No gifts, no worries about shoppings…just eat and enjoy each other’s company…eat some more, play games, eat some more. Love it! 🙂

  27. Shine on! Wonderful, beautiful photos of you & your “little lights”:) At our house, Thanksgiving is a simple affair,too, and we’re grateful for it…a brief calm before the hustle & bustle of Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  28. Okay, I always love your posts. But honestly, this is one of the best. It makes me feel all warm and loving. You are right, Thanksgiving does get overlooked a lot of the time. I, too, am thankful for a healthy and happy family.

    I *love* Fin’s jacket! Adorable! You ALL look adorable. Fabulous photos!

  29. so..i recently discovered your blog, and i absolutely love it. and this was a beautiful post and y’all are a beautiful family. happy thanksgiving:) and here’s to so much to be thankful for! (LOVE the jacket by the way.)

  30. OH! You are right! Such fabulous clothes you found for your littles. (And you and your hubby don’t look so bad yourselves.) Funny thing…after our conversation the other day, I just posted my little bit on Thanksgiving…and then came over here and saw that you posted yours. We must be on the same wavelength.

    Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving girlie!

  31. so sweet. Enjoy your Thanksgiving giving thanks. We sure will!

  32. Great photos, great idea (I am very interested in childrens clothing (and prices :-))…I love Childrens Place, unfortunately we dont have the shop in germany :-))
    Best wishes

  33. I LOVE IT!…the pics, everything about this post…Happy Turkey Day Kasey!

  34. Fantastic shots Kasey ~ love them.

  35. Oh, those faces… you have a beautiful family. And like you, I am not putting up one hint of Christmas this week. It’s all about Thanksgiving. Thank you!

  36. Kasey, Happy Thanksgiving. Im greatful for so many blessings, the health of my children the love of my husband and your funny little blog that makes my day…
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I just love the pictur of the kids all lines up. Cute one of you and the hubby to…

  37. Gorgeous family and photos.
    We don’t have thanks giving here in Australia, but I think we should.
    It is good to stop and remember what we are thankful/grateful for.
    Enjoy your time as a family.
    I really love your photos!

  38. I just stumbled upon your blog and what a beautiful family you have! {& great finds at the consignment store}. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

  39. Your family is lovely. And what a beautiful reminder that Thanksgiving is not just the start of the Christmas season.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  40. What a great looking family. I thrifted clothes all through my daughters childhood and she had some amazing clothes – good for you.

  41. I have the same dress from Anthro – wore it for Thanksgiving and love it!

  42. You did a great job capturing your family. What lovelies you have…


  43. Too cute! I love your little sunflower sweater as well! Your family is just darling!

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