the captain


the kids started back to school this last Monday…and i realize it was still July on the calendar….

so hot damn

if for the first time ever

i actually enjoyed having them home and never complained once.

that is a lie

I might have only complained  one time….

but i really feel like the summer flew by….and we kept ourselves so busy

that i’m probably the last one ever to start on the “shades of grey” books.

Let’s just say that 


never mind.

I’ll take a vanilla latte please.

check check

As you might know….i have collected oodles and oodles of driftwood over the last year….

so much so….

that i had to start storing it under the beds and in the closets.

Bryan pretty much threatened me and told me to stop….

but driftwood to me is almost the same as

walking around Ikea with a stomach full of Swedish meatballs……

or sitting in the fitting rooms of Anthropologie ……

or running 6 miles and telling yourself that you 

will never run again

{but you do….}

Anyhoo….where was i?!



and being realistic that to be a Captain on a sailboat is a big deal.


I started making these little sailboats out of driftwood the day the kids went back to school….

i’ve seen them around….

it’s not like they were my idea or anything….

and then i made the mistake of getting on Pinterest and it all went down hill from there.

I felt like the lucky one though….

becuase after i made a dozen or so of these driftwood boats….

Lola decided that we needed to take her mouse out on one of the boats for a little sail.
so being the good mother that i am…..

i poured myself a cocktail to take with….

and i obliged.

Mice don’t swim….

nor will they pretend that they can swim….

so it’s best to NOT put them in or near the water.

at all

not funny if you do

don’t try it

thank goodness though that our mouse does not like the water….and prefers his boat on the sand

where it’s safe.

I’m trying to remember back if i’ve ever introduced you to captain “Christian Grey”….

who’s also known as “Marshmallow” to Lola…

but this mouse likes to sail….

and i think we found a captian for our sailing adventures on the sand near the water.

Or you can call him Captian Morgan.

If you’ve never had a mouse….then you might not be missing much…..

or maybe you’ve had one….

and you named it “Despereaux”…

or possibly “Stuart Little”….

When i was little…we had a rat.

His name was Pinky Tuscadero.

My brother traded our RAT with the neighbor boy for a bird……

only to one day go to his house and find out that our RAT had a blind eye

because said neighbor decided to tie up the RAT  to the ceiling fan and see how fast it spins….

but instead spins out of control and flew into the wall and now the RAT is blind in one eye.

That is why friends….. we don’t have a rat.

that and they are illegal here in Hawaii.

Mice are different.

At least ours is….he’s a sweetie.

So far the only complaint i have with mice is that they stink and if their cage isn’t cleaned at least every

three days then you can just assume that i’m checking myself into the Hyatt for a night or four.


I just wanted Lola to have some fun with her worst animal in the history of the world mouse

and even though he’s damn cute….

{even for a boat captain…}

and he thoroughly enjoyed having his photos taken on the beach last night.

As for the driftwood sailboats…..i love them….

and if you leave a comment i’ll pick a  random name and send one to you.

{mini giveaway….but the mouse is not included}

Like a little piece of Kauai for you.


  1. I can’t remember when I started following your blog, but it was probably when I fell in live with your photo gallery at your old place. Then when your family left for a sabbatical to Kauai we went on our own sabbatical to Dunedin nz. A year has passed and we are now back to life as usual but I just love seeing your awesome family still living it up on yours. A sea change does wonders for everyone!

  2. Totally adorbs!!
    I want one of those sailboats….pick me!

  3. Those are awesome! And I don’t blame you for collecting driftwood. If we lived closer to the beach, I am sure it would be stashed under every piece of furniture too!

  4. I love these boats and would be a perfect addition in my 3 little boys bed room. If you I don’t get picked can I buy one 😉 Love your perspective. Thanks for sharing Hawaii with us land locked folks 😉

  5. Such sweet pics…I think you should write a children’s book…about “captain” and his drift wood boat..

  6. For me its driftwood, seashells and seaglass!! Never stop collecting… <3

  7. Awe! I want one!! You are so funny, we had rats too. One of them got away, Silky, and now whenever we see one in the woodpile we are pretty sure it is a Silky descendent. And they do stink. True that!

  8. These little boats are awesome! My SK’s had rats. Took me a while to get used to them.

  9. Carol Borders says:

    Hi Kasey, Love your story and your pictures of Kauai. Haven’t been there in awhile, but what a great place to live.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sailboats! What a novel idea to collect driftwood instead of shells. You are just too cool!

  10. I collect driftwood too, I’ve run out of jam jars and pencil pots to keep it in. I love this idea!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a month or so and now have a massive desire to visit Hawaii. A little Kauai sailboat might make my dream a teensy bit closer! x

  11. Rachelle says:

    Great give away – they are adorable and would look perfect in the new lake house (shack) we just bought…. Oh we also have a hamster named winter, I’m sure she’d love to be the captain of her own ship… did I also say my adoring son dumped the entire bucket of driftwood I collected this year and when I asked about it he said, oh I dumped that bucket for you mom before I put it in the truck… yes, yes he did…

  12. Charity Stauffer says:

    I love the driftwood boats!!!! Such a cute idea!!!!!!!!!. As for the mouse, we have plenty of them living in places they shouldn’t so i don’t think I like him as much as i like the sailboats. Haha Thanks for sharing.

  13. Lisa Martin says:

    LOVE the boats, I want one in every size! I find myself referring to you as “my friend Kasey” sometimes in conversation…is that odd? 🙂

  14. Jamie Parker says:

    Pick me, pick me! I’m a big fan of yours and I think you are over-the-top, awesome…and funny…really funny and crazy smart….like what your brain comes up with and what your eye sees….crazy smart. Ok, so I did a lot of schmoozing just now;)but I mean every word of it. Please autograph the boat if I’m the lucky one.

  15. I have wanted a Kasey Buick piece of driftwood for months! As I was reading, I kept thinking to myself…I wonder if she would sell me a piece?!
    The sail boats are genius!

  16. Very cute! Reminds me of the nautical style decor I grew up with ( remember the duck phone) but with a pottery barn twist!

  17. Oh, those are so super lovely. I have I nothing on my fireplace mantels for a reason…I have been waiting for a pretty something like this!

  18. Very creative! Who wouldn’t want a piece of driftwood?!? Please tell me that the story of your childhood rat was made up….a fan….really??? That poor thing;)

  19. I’m not really a fan of mice…but Lola’s little guy is cute. The sailboats you made out of driftwood are much cuter, though! And yes, I’m hoping flattery works in my favor. 😉

  20. Oh I definitely have a spot on my mantle for one (or two) of those! You WILL sell them after the giveaway, right? 😉

  21. So darn cute those sailboats and I love Kauai and vanilla lattes!

  22. i adore your driftwood boats, and pretty sure i would adore your little mouse too!!

  23. Love the story. I really don’t like mice but he is cute and if he makes Lola happy. I will drink to that !!!

  24. KASEY!!!!!

    Very nice! You have $54.00 in your account. I will send to you today. Really LOVE reading your posts! xoxo Jane

  25. He looks adorable but seriously, do NOT send the mouse if I win. I’d probably pass out and fall face first onto my new driftwood sail and poke my eye out. Then I’d be a one eyed rat.

  26. So cute! Love them!

  27. Yes, yes please!! How fab are these?! Would love one….

  28. I’m in! You provide the sailboat, I’ll provide the mouse.

  29. Suzanne G. says:

    Love driftwood and I love the boats! We have a pet gerbil named Gerbella (pretty clever name, isn’t it?) who would probably chew the sailboat, but I’ve got a better spot for it, anyway.

  30. Love them! Gorgeous!!

  31. Oh, I love those! This would be mine and my husbands perfect reminder that we want to go back to Hawaii so so so SO bad. After our honeymoon in Kauai we have dreamed of living there ever since. Some day but until then I’ll just continue to read your blog and dream of it! Of course, it would be better if I had a cute sailboat to look at!

  32. I would love one…I commented on Instagram too 🙂

  33. So dang cute!

    I look forward to your posts and have loved living vicariously through your adventure this year. IRL I would be your gluten free, homeschooling, running friend. You would roll your eyes at me and tell me to put my kids in school when I complained about needing a break from them while sipping green juice with vodka 😉

  34. Love the boats, cute mouse.

  35. Very cute mouse… my cousins had “Matt” the rat for awhile and I was so envious. I’d love one of your boats! If I win, I’ll send you a photo of my kids’ turtles sailing on it. Then we can create a flickr account with random photos of tiny pets sailing driftwood boats… it would be so rad.

  36. I need one of those in my bathroom. Then I can stare at it and pretend I am sailing away….with Calgon (remember those commercials?)

    Anyhoo, if I end up being a Lahoo-zuher, please start selling them so that I can buy one and contribute to your wine fund.
    Thank you my dear. XOX

    ps – thank goodness you are collecting driftwood and not crabs. just sayin.

  37. The mouse is cute indeed!

  38. stephanie says:

    oh my gosh i want one so bad! If i dont win can i buy one?

  39. So creative ! I would love to have a little piece of Kauai!

  40. wld b when more special being made by u!

  41. I enjoy your blog so very much and though I would prefer to be able to come to Kauai and stay for a visit with you, that’s not what you offered. The fun sailboat would be nice then!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure your family has been on the last year! Fantastic!!


  42. You could totally sell those little sailboats. Love them, and love your blog.

  43. I just finished the 2nd book and have Freed packed up to take to the cottage over the week-end ~ great books ~ I thought I was the last one alive reading them!

  44. I would love to win one of your boats. Please pick me…

  45. Umm, that is great and all that you are giving one away – love that!! And yes, I would totally love to win one, but I was hoping at the very end you were going to say I am selling these to buy some more boxed wine and I would have said, where do I check out? But I guess, I will have to try to win one instead.

  46. Gina Watkins says:

    Ship Ahoy Matey! Love the boat…the mouse is too cute!!!

  47. lucy donnelly says:

    You are so talented Kasey…. the sale boats are adorable…would love to have one!
    thanks for the chance…. cheers!

  48. Margaret says:

    Those boats are so creative. Love them! And the mouse is a cutie as well. Would love a piece of Kauai in my living room:)

  49. Kim D.Smith says:

    I think you could sell your photos of ” The Captain” to illustrate a children’s book

  50. Kim Klingler says:

    Where do I start? I love your blog, loved your pics from France (which I studied before our trip there last October), admire you and your husband for making such a daring leap with your family – what an experience for your children, they will never forget it. One more thing – I also love wine from a box (or a bottle, or shoe :), so we could be great friends. Love your boats!

  51. I would totally put my pet mouse on my driftwood boat! If I had a mouse. And a driftwood boat.

  52. Kelli Syms says:

    I’ve never stalked anyone until I found your blog (or maybe it’s an addiction). You always make me smile. It would be great to have a driftwood boat to add a daily smile.

  53. Since I live in the desert I can pretend I have sailed the Pacific Ocean on this sweet sailboat all the way from Kauai!

  54. Sandra K says:

    Would love to win, thank you!

  55. I love the boats. I would love to have one

  56. Jennifer says:

    Awwwwhhh! Those are so adorable! I’d love one. I’m from the east coast of Canada, and now live on the PRAIRIES (long story), so I’m also an avid driftwood, sea shell, sea glass, pretty rock collector myself 😉 Anything to remind me of the ocean. I’ve yet to visit Hawaii, maybe someday…

  57. Are you kidding me? Those are so darn cute!
    I covet.

  58. The ones with the stripe sails just slay me. OK, I give. I’ll take any of them if I win. Aloha.

  59. These are amazing! I’d love to have a little handmade piece of Kauai!! I miss Hawaii since coming back from our trip in May… can you bottle the flowers, scent, beach and atmosphere too and send it on to this land locked Kansas girl? Please & Thanks 🙂

  60. Love your boats, love the blog, but most of all love Hawaii and the adventure you are giving your children and yourself. It’s made me dream for myself!! Thank you!

  61. Ok, your blog is so fun!!! Two things caused me to comment. Thing #1 – that mouse on the boat is adorable!!!! When I was a kid in Virginia Beach, my best friend and I made an entire sand village for Stuart Little. Wish we had Marshmallow for our village! Thing #2 – Pinky Tuscadero is referenced in our house approximately four times a week! Love a Pinky Tuscadero shout out!

  62. You are so creative! Who’d a thunk of putting a little mouse on a sailboat??? The pics of Marshmallow aka Captain Morgan are so cute! We went on a vacation to Oahu and that is the only place I’ve been that I didn’t want to leave! Stay as long as you can. You only go around once!

  63. These sailboats are so cute!
    I understand your smelly cage problems. My youngest 2 daughters have a guinea pig each, so 5x bigger than your cute lil mouse and I bet 20x the errr… feces. Yuck. Not sure what I was thinking in that pet store that day. 🙂

  64. Love your blog…Love your saiboat. Pick me!

  65. Victoria says:

    I think you should sell your little driftwood boats – they are beautiful! However, until you do, you should send one to Atlanta where it can reside on my mantel. 🙂

  66. Yes, you should definitely sell your driftwood boats. They are fab!!!

  67. They look fantabulous, would love one to sail into Sydney Harbour past the Opera House under the Harbour Bridge & then onto our place no where near any of those things….
    Love your blog really enjoy all your posts…
    I also think that a market stall for the tourists to take one home would be the way to go…..

  68. Hilarious ! The mouse is adorable. I know what you mean about the smell. My oldest had a mouse years ago. Such a tiny critter for such a smell.

    I love it that you made something beautiful from a piece of nature.

  69. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints says:

    Adorable. Throw my name in girl!

  70. Love them!!

  71. Cute photo’s Kasey! I had a white mouse once, now I can’t imagine holding one….

  72. love your humor…you ALWAYS put a smile on my face!

    If I don’t get picked I may just have to order one from you!

  73. Chris in FL says:

    Love it!Love it! Love it! I really like those sailboats! And I dont care for mice but yours…..YOURS…. is SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! Awwww……what a sweet little mouse.


  74. I recently found your blog and love, love, love it. I am also a driftwood collector and even hauled pieces home from a trip we took on our boat to the Bahamas. I am not crafty so I hope I win one of yours. They are fabulous.

  75. You had a neighbor with a rat and a ceiling fan. I had a neighbor with a gerbil and a vacuum cleaner. Now I need a sailboat for my pet. Love your blog!

  76. Caroline says:

    Sailboat – yeah! mouse – nay!

  77. JessicaD says:

    I love the driftwood. But if perchance I win, will you send me some sand? I have regretted many days in the last 5.75 years that i did not bring home some sand from Kauai. Please? I’ll payapl you shipping…

  78. Love your little boats! The mouse is cute- but seriously hoping my kids never want to go there! Yay for back to school!

  79. Diane G. says:

    Those pictures are the cutest ever, and your driftwood boats are adorable! New business venture? We don’t have a mouse, but a dog and a lovebird. I don’t think the dog would fit on the sailboat (though she loves water and would try), but the lovebird is just the right size, so if we are the lucky recipients of the sailing vessel, we promise to try him out on it and take pictures (after all, he is a Kauaian lovebird named Mokihana, so he ought to love it).

  80. Ooh… I would love a driftwood boat! Hope I win : )
    I too had a mouse! Her name was Mishka, Ukrainian for “mouse”. When she was no longer,
    I got another one and named her “Heather Grey” but had to take her back to the pet store cuz I was allergic to her pee!

  81. I too am the last person to read 50 shades! ummm, felt wrong but I couldn’t stop myself, cant wait to read the next one! Mouse….nope. Never, nuh uh! Cant even imagine! But those driftwood boats are too cute! I am redoing my guest room in shabby chic beachy style so they would fit in perfectly. Maybe I can come to you to pick it up! I have been reading your blog since before the girls in france trip & the wedding crasher days! I love how you write, I always laugh out loud at your posts! My family thinks I am crayy-zay! thanks for the fun you share with all of us!!!!

  82. Wow Kasey!! Sooo cute! Even the mouse 😉

  83. jessica lewis says:

    Great way to use up that driftwood! Would love to have a little piece of Aloha in our home.

    Thank you!


  84. What is it that make white mice so cute? Mine was named Timpleton but he never got a boat ride.

  85. Adorable!!! Love your stories!

  86. I love the sail boat, I also collect driftwood, but I have just started wtih the addiction, you have given me some ideas, i hope I win it, so I can have the 3 d inspiration.

  87. They are beyond adorable!

  88. oh my god….is it too late to throw my name in the hat for one of these boats?

    you see, somewhere in all the stuff that mom gave back to me, i have the “sunshine family” and i think
    they are probably wishing they could get out of the basement and go for a sail…..just saying 🙂

    and since i’m in wisconsin, and used to live in st. charles, i know we’d be good friends if we ever met…..
    plus, i’ll blog the hell out of that sail boat if it arrives at my house 🙂

  89. Amanda V says:

    Love love love the boats!

  90. Stunning….I am loving this endless adventure you are on in Hawaii- my kiddos are loving it…and the husband is inspired to hit the surf every time I pour a wine and read him one of your posts!

    From our beach house in Australia to yours in Hawaii…keep the stories and tales, mice and all coming…

    Divine boats…driftwood is VERY VERY addictive isn’t it…so is choral- do you have much choral on your island??

    Melissa 🙂

  91. Oh my goodness. Those are soooo cute!!

  92. I am new to your blog but am loving it. I can only dream of ever taing such a leap of faith like you and your family. What a life!

  93. I am new to your blog but am loving it. I can only dream of ever taking such a leap of faith like you and your family. What a life! Love your writing too!

  94. love it! i’ll take any little piece of hawaii i can get!!

  95. Elizabeth says:

    So happy for seems to be so calm right now for you. I always collect driftwood and totally
    enjoy these sailboats!

  96. Soooo cute Kasey!!! Love the driftwood boats…& that captain is mighty cute!

  97. Hi Kasey, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve commented I’ve been reading the 50 shades books any extra minutes I get this summer. Well, I would love to buy one of your boats…You may or may not remember me. I lived on Kaua’i for 10 years and my friend Wendy was Finn’s teacher last year. I love that you are staying on one more year so I can relive my time there through you. It has such a special place in my heart. I have been wanting to make a boat or buy one online but I think having a piece of Kaua’i..would be neat….

  98. Tricia Carter says:

    oh, please pick me. i want one of your driftwood mouse carriers a/k/a as driftwood sailboats so bad! i wish i could meet you somewhere near YOU to pick it up though! love your blog. love your style. thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Hello did you announce the winnder for this? I thought I entered but no longer see my comment… Anyway love your boats

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