life is an adventure

I found this photo of us as i was perusing through the archives getting ready for this post.

2 years ago….

back when Anthro and i were on a first name basis and the girls that worked there would call

me and ask if i was okay if i hadn’t popped in in over a week.

These days the people at Walmart know me quite well…..and i’m happy to report that i know the aisles 

there better than anything.

I still have the dress….and i brought it with….but it sits in the closet a size or two on the big side….

oh…..and i had breasts back then.

Obviously not real breasts….

this is when i used to frequent Victoria Secrets and was able to splurge on those nice braziers that 

made you look like you had something other than a 34 A….nearly B.

Then i saw this on Pinterest....

and it just confirmed that i don’t need those bra’s anymore…..

i just need to read more.

It was one of those Oprah AHA moments and i love when something like that happens.

 It’s the same feeling i felt when i met my friend Jenny.

I met her when i was training with Gabby’s class…..

she was one of the girls i was paired up with on occasion….

and i’m thankful for her.

My kids call her fun Jenny and it’s because her and her boyfriend don’t have kids yet.


that doesn’t mean those of us with kids aren’t fun does it???

Let me explain it.

One saturday a few months ago Jenny called me up and asked what we were doing.

I said  “folding laundry”.

She hung up on  me.

The next Saturday she called me up again….and asked what we were doing.

I told her that i was going to take a toothbrush and  work on the mold growing in the bathtub.

She hung up on me once more.

Then the next Saturday when she called me again and asked what we were doing….

this time……i was smart…

and i said

“not much….what are you doing”

so i sat there and listened …..not hearing the click and dial tone i have grown to hear over the last few weeks.

Jenny  told me she was headed over and she was going to take us on an adventure.

I was afraid to ask if i needed to have a stiff drink first…..

but i decided to have one anyway.

{much safer to do anything if you have a stiff drink first….trust me}

Jenny showed up an hour later ……

and i christened her because she had never once in her life

been in a mini {van not cooper}.

She was a mini van virgin.

Adventure Jenny thought she would take us to this place called “turtle cave”.

{it’s not in any tourist book….that’s how cool it is}

It wasn’t far from where we live…..and i had heard of some other friends who had been down there…..

but it’s Adventure Jenny that called us up and took us down.

It was a steep hike down…..but we made it and jumped in the water and swam over to the cave.

It’s only accessable in the summer months because of the ocean is at it’s calmest….

but there is this cave which is shaped like a horseshoe and you have to walk through it in the dark….

only to emerge on the other side where there is normally sleeping turtles.

I’m not talking box turtles…..i’m talking Hawaiian sea turtles that are the size of a goat.

There happened to be one in there that afternoon…..

and even though it was so amazing seeing a Sea Turtle up close ….

it was the most thrilling to be able to swim around and snorkel in the reefs that surround the cave.

{i’m only giving you the children’s point of view because i climbed back up the rocks and watched}

After that Saturday came and went….i was waiting by the phone





and then one Saturday….it rang and on the other end was adventure Jenny.

She asked what we were doing

and before i could tell her i was taking my tweezers to pluck grey hairs from my eyebrows

she had asked us if we were up for an adventure.

I had another stiff drink……and told her we were on.

She told me we would need some inflatable rafts…or boogie boards and where to meet them.

Luckily for mini {van not cooper}

she was not going to make it up the pot hilled dirt road that we were going…..

so my kids were thrown in the back of Ben’s {Jenny’s boyfriend} truck

where they were given coca cola’s and initiated to the 

“sit in the back of a pick up truck for 2 miles up a road so bad that your ass still feels sore 3 weeks later”

{obviously my kids don’t know what the word “ass” means…..but they would like me to tell you that they still

can’t sit down on the toilet normally and it’s been weeks…..}

Giving kids coca cola helps though.

trust me.

Anyhoo……the place where we were headed was a locals only place…..and you can only get here

if you have a 4 wheel drive.

These are old water plumes in which water ran through to irrigate the sugar cane fields long ago…..

and because there are no more sugar cane fields here on Kauai…..

the plumes remain…..and water still runs through them ……a run off of rivers from up above.

There were a bunch of us…..

since some other friends were invited as well…

and we donned our headlights…..

climbed on our intertubes or boogie boards and away we went.

There was even a pitch black tunnel that we went through…..

be afraid….be very afraid

i don’t think i pee’d my pants…..

i’m not sure though….

maybe a little.

and then….there was light at the end of the tunnel.

once out of the tunnel the water lets you out into this pool like area

where we all got off our rafts and swam around.

Then the jumping started…..

and Mason wasted no time climbing up and jumping in.

Fin on the other hand climbed up and then he looked nervous.

Ben was starting to tell him that there was only one water snake found and that was a

looooooooong time ago
but quicker then you can say

“i’m just kidding”

Fin jumped in too.
After we spent the afternoon swimming….

we had to hike the mile back up….

in our suits….

no shoes…

all mud and all squishy.

But it was so worth it.

Luckily i had packed a picnic because we were starving.

I found this cute little insulated picnic basket on sale…..

{Martha Stewart Line at Macy’s}

and it came in so handy because

we found a little creek with some grass that we laid around and ate.

Well…..Jenny Ben and i laid around and ate…..while Lola befriended wandering hunting dogs

and begged us to please adopt them.

We had a vote…and the kids and i decided to keep adventure Jenny around for a while.

Except for some reason she is trying to talk me into swimming  2 miles up the Napali coast with her…..

and even though i haven’t signed on the dotted line yet…

because last time i looked…..

i was much better sitting on the beach guarding the cooler then getting in the water where sharks live…

but what good would that do in the end….if i don’t expeirience everything life has to offer when

it’s put right in front of you on a beautiful platter with a cocktail to wash it down with.


  1. Andrea E. says:

    Hi Kasey 🙂
    Where did you find that cute picnic basket? Love to read about your super fun life, makes my day 🙂 Andrea

  2. Sounds like scary fun!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  3. Stephanie says:

    You are amazing and so is you fun friend Adventure Jenny! Keep enjoying every day since you never know what’s next. You have taken your family on a journey to remember and experiences to last a lifetime. Oh – and I love your new picnic basket, please tell me where can I get one, Walmart??

  4. I still want boobs.

  5. Hey gorgeous! I love what you did with that last photo of you all jumping! Can I pin it? Please!?

  6. becky up a hill says:

    love that basket, where did you get this? I kid

  7. Uh can you tell me where you got that Martha Stewart Macy’s picnic basket from?? Lol;)

    Love that last pic. Love that you are going for it and being brave. You look gorg. Inspired everytime I visit!

  8. When my husband and I went to Kauai three years ago, we paid a bunch of money to do what you just blogged about doing for free. I’m so jealous! We are dying to go back and do all the things we didn’t have time to do. Last time we stayed in Poipu area which was nice. Especially as we had free accommodations, but next time I want to stay north up by Hanalai. (I hope I’m spelling all these place right) Anyway, so enjoying your adventures. Your kids are too adorable, BTW, and your daughter could be a young Mamie Gummer. Do you know who that is? She is an actress who is Meryl Streeps daughter. Google her and I think you’ll agree. That is all.

  9. Tracy Park says:

    Hi Kasey!!
    Love reading your blog! Your kids are gorgeous!!
    Miss you!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

    *Much Bliss*
    Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  11. Another reason to say in Hawaii, Adventure Jenny! Look what you will miss if you come over the ocean!

  12. good gosh i want your life.

  13. Just checking into your blog- it’s been forever. Just did a major move myself (from Ohio to Chapel Hill, North Carolina). Certainly not as cool as yours. Just wanted to tell you that you look fantastic- my move far away did not have that effect on me! Love that you didn’t give up the alcohol, I would have had to stop reading your blog.

  14. Here’s to a beautiful platter! I’ll drink to that…

  15. Kasey Hill Buick

  16. coming over from The Nesting Place.. very beautiful story. i hope that you, your family and friends make many more! 🙂

  17. Oh my gosh…I can’t tell you how loud I laughed about the kids not being able to sit on the toilet & it’s been weeks…sooo glad the boss man is out of town b/c I couldn’t contain the laughter!

  18. Looks like you had some awesome adventures!! =)

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