one year later

One year ago today we arrived here on Kauai…..

and for the last few days i spent my time looking at all our photos trying to figure out how 

i would post them and show the changes that have happened over the course of our lives….

and when i was all done looking at our photos…..

and getting ready to post them all in some sort of jumbled up order….

it hit me in the face like the lady who was walking through the mall texting when she fell face first

into a water fountain.


You’ve seen all my photos….

you’ve heard my stories…..

you know my humor.

you’ve know how i am bakeress one day…..

and in trouble with Child protective services the next.

We’ve had some pretty awesome photos  taken ……

and i had this amazing house to decorate and sip wine in my time out corner…..

and i still want to finish my last story of Girls in France.


now i’m wondering what the heck i was going to say.

Life for us is just momentarily stalled……

and that is ok.

We have to be okay with it…..there is no other choice.

I haven’t even written about our trip home in June to Chicago……

my kids miss their friends back home tremendously

and for the weeks that followed….i kicked myself for even taking them there for a visit

but i’ve come to realize one thing…..

that our peeps back home will still be our peeps no matter what.

{if they’ll still have us.….}

Whether we head back home in a month or in another 12 months…..the one thing i know for sure

is that we can fall right back into place.

that i know

People will grow….but life back home is still there…..

our home is still there.

We have grown so much this last year…..

but we don’t know if we are done here yet.

 Mason really does love his new hair cut……

{what’s up Gail….do you like the cut}

We love the lifestyle…..

the sand…

the ocean…

we’ve grown….

{or shrunk…depending on you you look at it}

we’ve seen incredible changes this last year….

in our health…

thru our children’s eyes…

in our mentality.

Evenings on the beach every Friday ….

bon fires…


swimming with sea turtles….

adventures with friends where they take us up old dirt roads and we

raft down old water plumes….

{more on that later}

dates that involve picnics on the sand….

family days that involve hiking…

stand up paddleboarding….

 and ukulele lessons.


that we squeezed some amazing vodka in and turned it into a fabulous cocktail.

Sometimes i think i really should write a book…..

but when i come up with a title…i noticed it has already been taken….

like this one:

*Hello Vodka…’s me chelsea kasey


*Shades of grey beach sand

but this is the book….

and it’s not finished yet.

Life doesn’t quite know what to do with us next yet…..

but one thing i know for sure

is that in one year

one whole year that had flown by faster then you can say

“pee in a hot tub”

we have been on a path that is rocky and filled with holes….

but at little stops along the way…there are amazing green fields and sandy beaches…

wonderful friends who will always be there and family that will stand by our side.

It’s the mini {van not cooper} that i’m worried about.


  1. Beautiful post Kasey!!! You and your family are a true inspiration!!

  2. I love reading about your life…the transition, the new adventures, and all the amazing things Kauai has to offer. I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around for a while. I may just have to plan a trip there and come hunt you down. : )

  3. Bravo! A beautiful post – about a beautiful story.

  4. GOOD for you. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Love this. so wonderful!!! You most definitely inspire me, dear. ;}

  5. You rock. Plain and simple.

  6. Caroline says:

    That’s great! Love that you are not pressuring yourself to make a decision and that you are aware enough to know that you have unfinished business where you are. I know it’s hokey but it will all come to you when the time is right, just have to be patient and trust yourself..which you are clearly doing! love!

  7. Kinda love that you don’t know what’s next. It’ll all fall into place. I know for me I’ve enjoyed this part of your life. Kinda living vicariously. When you leave…if you ever do…who will give me my morning beach fix?;) Congrats on one full and overflowing year!

  8. Great recap of the last year….I’m so happy for you all…you really do just go with the flow…my former boss used to say “blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape”…that’s you all…you’ve just really been flexible and with that has come a lot of fun & adventure. I’m sure it hasn’t all been super easy but you’ve really made the best of it! Sooo happy for you all.

  9. What a wonderful fairy tale you’ve lived this past year. You have a beautiful family and you look amazing. Enjoy whatever you decide…there or back home.

  10. AAHHHH! You guys are so cute. Miigwech{thanks in Ojibway} for the smiles, laughs,and tears,Carry on theres much more living to do!!

  11. lovely. You are an inspiration Kasey. 🙂

  12. Great to hear your not ready to leave yet! You will know when it is time. 🙂
    I enjoyed chatting with you over coffee and thanks for showing my family Turtle Cave….(I should have left my moody 16 yr old sleeping :-). Please tell Mason I am picking up my underwater pictures today and if he took some good ones, I’ll send them his way.
    You are in a really special place and your kids are still at great ages to experience more time at “living” life. I am back in NC trying to return to normal life again, after 3 weeks in paradise…it’s been hard!
    Can’t wait to see your tattoo….and read Gail’s comments about it! Keep on with the living life!

  13. Awesome, Kasey! Thrilled for you guys. And thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures with us!

  14. Love the pictures, love the recap. You inspire me. Thank you.

  15. Jamie Parker says:

    I love you, my friend:) Just really thankful our paths crossed. xo

  16. Bree Vallance says:

    For some reason this post made me emotional in a happy tears kind of way for you and your family and the wonderful journey you are having together. I started reading your blog two weeks before you moved. Inspiring, lovely and motivating are thoughts that come to mind. Thanks for the great stories 🙂

  17. Hello, I’m following you moré than a year ago but I am not good at English so I was a little afraid writting in here. I live in Spain and we are going down now, you know, crisis and all of that stuff. I have been laughing, crying and smiling with you all this year, drinking wine with you (box not bottle also) , battleling with three children also, trying to maintain the couple and the children at the same time. Saving for a trip to Hawaii so we can met you and telling you that you’re not alone. There a lot of us who don’t know what is coming next but you’re fortunate. You have your family and friends. You have one friend moré here in Europe (just in case you need it). I pray for you and your family all the days. God bless you. And bless a good glass of vodka also (it’s always there when you need it)

  18. What a great year!! Hope you’ll send us a copy of the great pictures. Love, Traci

  19. I enjoyed reading your journal of this past year and look forward to see what this year. BTW have you thought of putting Mason to work as a model? 🙂 just think of all the vodka you could buy. 🙂

  20. What an incredible, remarkable year it’s been for you & your family! Thank you for sharing the journey with us, Kasey:)
    Fabulous photos!!

  21. You take some awesome photos. I can’t wait to hear/read about what you guys decide to do. Whatever you choose it’ll be the right choice. Take care. Blessings.

  22. that was sweet. we miss you guys!

  23. kerrie little says:

    This your book and I personally can’t wait for the sequel! Love my summertime Kasey readings!

  24. Oh lady! I loved this post. I can feel the emotion! It’s amazing to have a home to go back to and have a life that still calls to be lived where you’re at–slightly tormenting but amazing. Not many people get that in this brief life. You’ve made it for yourself.

  25. Beautiful post, beautiful family, beautiful experience. And, BTW, your Mason is gonna be a real heartbreaker!!

  26. Wow – a year of the most amazing experiences and boxed wine moments!!!!! What a year you’ve had – full of emotions – don’t over think what happens next – just be where you are all happiest and healthiest!

  27. Love, love this post!! Gorgeous ! You look absolutely amazing Kasey! So proud of you and I just love your sweet family:)

  28. Kasey — I luv, lurve, love reading about your family, your adventures, your drinking, your exercising (I’m jealous), your indecisions, your decisions, your mini, your — whatever, whether you are in Hawaii, Chicago, California or Timbuktu. You are one of the reasons I enjoy reading blogs and why I have decided to start blogging. Thank you sweetie girl thang!

  29. Hey Kasey,

    I just found your photo wall (in your IL house) on Pinterest under ClickinMoms Walls/Inspiring. Just thought you’d want to know they found you inspiring like the rest of us do. Keep on keepin’ on in Hawaii or where ever the wind takes you. I know I can’t wait to read all about it!

  30. No matter where you go, be it paradise or the burbs, we’ll all be here. You make me smile, you make me cry sometimes, but mostly you make me laugh until I almost pee! …. ok maybe not “almost”. Great post Kasey. 😉

  31. domenico says:

    I love how you and your family got on a plane and moved to the island, love! The adventurous nature of it all is so remarkable to me, and the fact that it seems to have been nothing but goodness all the way just verifies how wonderful this experience has been. You have a lovely family, the picture with your husband and kids is perfect.

    Still, I don’t know about the whole starting school in August gig…
    just for the record, half days on Wednesday just doesn’t cut it.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Your family is so gorgeous and everyone looks so happy. You look AMAZING! I wouldn’t come back, if I were you! I’m sure your friends would say otherwise…

  33. LOVED this post! Your photos are amazing! xo Rachel 😉

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