when in doubt order quiche

Now that the kids are back in school…..Bryan and i are back to our breakfast/lunch dates on his days off.

What is so nice about his schedule is that it’s not the typical monday thru friday gig……

so we luck out because normally one of his days off is mid week so we get to spend the day together.

I like this for a few reasons.

1. i don’t have to pay for a sitter

2. i don’t have to pay for a sitter

3. we actually prefer to have breakfast/lunch than dinner

Even though dinner dates with some nice wine is great….

did i mention that on our anniversary we went to a restaurant that was a byo

{not to be confused with BYU}

and because it was byo {bring your own}….i did. I went and bought a nice big box of wine.

Needless to say…..that was my sort of place.

check check


Because last week was the kids first week of school….and on Friday Bryan happened to be off all day…

plus he wanted to do a little surfing….

and i wanted to try a new restaurant that i had driven by many of times but never once stopped…

we penciled in a date.

I asked him if he wanted to go to breakfast…..

and he asked me if i wanted to sit on the beach and guard the cooler that we had no beer in.

The restaurant is called Hemingway’s and it’s located in Kapaa

{i’ll add it to my favorites list which i have listed under the tab “on an island” in case you ever visit Kauai}

..its a European inspired {with a beach~like ambiance} cafe which serves breakfast and lunch.

The cafe is on the first floor and and they just opened an art gallery on the second floor.

You won’t find fish tacos or pulled pork plates here…..and can i tell you that this is just the place

that when Bryan and i walked in….

 i almost laid down on the beautiful restored wood floor and claimed it as my own.

As much as i LOVE it here…..what i miss the most about back home is going to places with character.

Seriously….there is plenty of island character here….don’t get me wrong…..but i’m talking about

restored wood floors…

painted white wood….

old vintage boat oars in the corner…

the things you don’t normally see here.

I am in love.

mis matched tables….

an old camera turned into a hanging pendant light….

i even loved the kids reading and getting school work done….

so much so that i thought i might as well start homeschooling.

I’m sure my kids would just sit there and read calmly for an hour.


Have you ever read the book

“The old man and the sea”?

yeah….neither have i….but it’s a Hemingway book….

and maybe it’s just me….but this guy totally looks like he belongs here.

The cafe even has a breakfast called “the old man and the sea’….

but i didn’t order that…..

i ordered the chevre’ quiche.

I have a thing for quiche……especially a good one.

Can i just tell you that this was one of the best slices i’ve ever had???

It had a little proscuitto in it….and they sprinkle lavender around the plate……

and the best part was it’s only $5.50 a slice.

So i had two slices.

I didn’t really have 2 slices…..

but i would have in my other life.

{fast forward to Sunday…}

Bryan was working and since we haven’t been to church in a while….i packed the kids up….

put on their Sunday best….and we headed out.

After church…..i was craving Quiche again…

so i called my friend Jenny….and because i know she likes a good adventure…..

i invited her to lunch with us.

I bribed her by saying “i might swim the coast with her”.

so guess what i ordered…..



I’m pretty damn sure that anything you order in here will be amazing….

but i have a problem with always ordering the same thing…..




It’s a bad habit…..so shoot me.

{or let me move in to this place….and i would be willing to try something else}

My kids had the crepes with Nutella…..

{see how well they are behaved…..maybe i should homeschool them…}

yes…i see that they had coke again…..

{you don’t have to point it out….}

 and maybe …..

quite possibly…..

i helped lick their plate clean when they were done.


  1. We are coming to Kauai the end of September. Spending one week there and one week on the big island. Thank you for your recommendations!

  2. Seriously, that is my sort of place as well. Love the look and feel. So happy you have a new spot to go to;-)

  3. Beautiful! I want the quiche

  4. Let’s come up with that quiche recipe…can you swim with the cook or something?

  5. Luv the feel of this place. Definitely on my *to do* list when we next visit! Yum!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love that old camera hanging pendant light!

  7. Thank you Kasey, I laugh out loud when I read your posts! especially when you joke about home-school, it’s a mad thing to do right?! My sons been at home for a year, fingers crossed he will go back in september……oh yeah they will just sit quiet for an hour and read!! in my dreams…..!! Heather x

  8. I’m with Phyllis!!!

  9. Love that place. Love Quiche too.

  10. You look great darling, I love that restaurant and the pics as usual! Baci, Monica

  11. I discovered your blog today from The Nester. I think tonight I might grab a glass of wine and hunker down to read your story…

  12. Ohhhh…I soooo wanna go there!!!

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