taken in and loved

You might remember a few months back when i mentioned my blog friend Jamie.

She moved here back in January…..stalked me till i said i would meet her for lunch….

then we ended up being photo bombed.

good times 

One of the things we both have in common is hair that hates humidity…..

so she asked my recommendation on what to do about frizzy hair.

I suggested she invest in some good shampoo…..

something like suave ….

and make sure on the bottle it says something like

“adds volume”

i told her the “adds volume” will just seal the hair shaft and help with the humidity.

Needless to say…..she hasn’t called me back in the last few days…..

and my texts to her are going unanswered.


check check


long before i was giving out hair advice….

we were getting to be really good friends.

Over many texts and calls about

“which vodka is the best”

we figured it was time to finally get our families together and meet for a day of fun.

Her husband Magic Mike…..

{not to be confused with the movie}

enjoys playing golf….as does Bryan…..

so on a whim…..we set up a blind date for the husbands to meet and play some golf while us

concubine geisha’s

aka: ladies in waiting

hung out poolside for our men to finish 18 holes of golf.

We met up at Living Foods for breakfast where we all introduced each other….

ordered some breakfast….

{next time i won’t order 3 $7 orange juices and have my husband fall on the sidewalk in convulsions}

let the men fall in like…

and then we caravanned over to the golf course in our mini {vans not coopers}

Before i go any further….i must warn you……

you will want to move here

but lucky for us…..we were invited to join them for the day as guests.

The place is called Kukuiula.

It’s pretty amazing to say the least.

Magic Mike works for Kukuiula….so that is why were were able to enjoy a day here.

Like i might have said once before somewhere…..

but deep down….

i’m really a 5 star girl…..

living a 2 star life

i’m really a 1200 thread count sheet girl….

living with 150 threads….

i’m really a color with the stylist every 8 weeks….

living with grey roots and hoping the husband won’t notice a sneaked in color every 4 months.

I think you get my secret extra dry drift don’t you.

This is why…i tell you….that when my threads are up and my color is back on track….

i would move here.

But since i’m only dreaming right now….i thought i would show you how 

amazing it was when our new friends treated us to a day here at Kukuiula.

Magic Mike and Bryan headed to play golf with Mason and their son Ethan…..

leaving behind us geisha’s

and my littles.

We planted ourselves at the pool…..

when wouldn’t you know it…

out of nowhere comes a server asking what type of drinks we wanted to have.

I *might* have pretended to act like it was tooooo early to have a cocktail…..

but then the other geisha girl said since it was eleven….

and eleven means early afternoon in some countries…..

that we should probably order a drink.

I might have had her “talk me into it”……

but in the end…..i said okay.
after a cocktail….

and some swimming in the pool…..we escorted Lola and Fin up to the clubhouse so

that they could hang out in the kids center.

I swear they thought they were back at my house in the “homeschool room”
but that didn’t last long because they realized that they were in fact 

not homeshooled

but i pleaded with them that i would totally homeschool them if i could have a room like that.

Hell….i might even become a principal if Pottery Barn Kids called me up and said

“listen kasey…..i know it’s your dream to homeschool…so lets make this happen”

but since no one is calling……. i just sat back and let them play in the “kids play room”….

and dream about them starting back at Hanalei elementary in less than 2 weeks.

{seriously….i’m not counting or anything….it’s just in big neon numbers on every wall in the condo}

After the men and boys finished playing golf….

Jamie and Mike wanted to show us “The Farm”.

I’m going to warn you again…..

except this time….i’m not kidding when i say that if you ever see me reported missing….

you might find me at “the farm”

it’s part of Kukuiula.….and the residents that live here have full access to the entire private farm.

They can come up and picnic….

they can come up and pick herbs for their dinner….

they can fish in the stocked pond …..
or pick lettuce for dinner later in the evening…..

{or steal it as someone whom i don’t know is doing below…..}

or camp on the lake that surrounds the farm that i am going to live on one day.

I would totally live in a tent with a sleeping bag and non feather pillows i would….

just give me a chance.

Anyhoo……Bryan Buick and i had a really nice day that day….

we were loving our new friends….

and not just because i snuck a few limes in my purse on the way out….

but because we found some new friends that went out of their way to get to know us

to spend an entire day with us

and our kids

all because of this little blog.

They  invited us back to their house for dinner……

which i secretly was excited for….

because word on the street was that Jamie didn’t have rattan  furniture.

As much as i LOVE it here on Kauai….the one thing that is missing is having “our stuff”.

It’s hard to find friends that “get” you and your love of style …..

but once i stepped foot into Jamie’s beautiful home…i knew i found “that” friend.

We were welcomed in….

kids all over their gorgeous white slip covered furniture…..

and we felt like family.

So much so that they invited us to spend the night so we wouldn’t have to drive the hour plus home.

They put all five of us up for the night…..

blowing up air mattress’ for the kids while Bryan and i slept in a queen bed….like the old St. Charles days

{we sleep in a king here and i swear i never see him…………Bryan who???}

with white sheets and a white duvet.

I was in heaven.

I think Bryan was in heaven too…..even though he won’t admit it aloud that white duvets are magical.

In the morning they made us breakfast and we sat around drinking coffee like we had known each other for years.

We needed that.

We needed that set of friends that “got” us and our love of what we left behind….

we needed them….

and in return we promise that we will let them experience rattan and wicker when they come

to the North shore and visit us.


  1. Love the way you have written about your new found friendship. Its real hard to find a whole family that a whole family gets on well with. great story. Hope she returns your texts real soon ;))

  2. Everyone needs a friend who gets them. Glad you found yours. It still amazes me how many friends I have found through blogging who really are the real deal. I am a stalker…maybe I will come to HI some day. Wicker and bamboo sound pretty awesome. I was a big fan of the Golden Girls. BTW you are looking hot. The vodka is working with the hiking 🙂

  3. The Farm and your friends house are both so beautiful. It sounds like you met just the right person – for you and your family 🙂 So kind and full of hospitality! Qualities like that are becoming rarer and rarer these days. This past year you have had looks just magical – I’m thinking it would be close to impossible to leave.

  4. I haven’t been here in a while. I don’t blog really anymore, but I came here for a moment and smiled. Thank you that everytime I have come here to read, you somehow sprinkle this magical smile over me for sharing your life, your real, your triumphs, just you and your wonderful family. Love it that you found friends that “get you” all. Have a most awesome day and thank you for you.

  5. How lovely.

  6. it’s beyond good to be “got”. totally get it.

  7. Its posts like these that make me smile. I love your way with words. I love the way you can turn a normal day into an incredible one. Thank you for being you;-)

  8. Ohhhh those friends are few and far between aren’t they? The hardest part about moving is starting all over with people who “get” you. It makes me genuinely happy inside that you found some of those people 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed that post. Great photos and looks like you all had a great time.

  10. Kasey,
    I’ve been tuned in to your posts for over a year now, and never commented before, but this post had me in tears.
    I was so feeling the heart felt fun you had with your new friend!!
    Just had to tell you how happy I am for you and your family.
    You are totally living a dream which you will feed off of for many years.
    You have a beautiful family!!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us!!

    PS. Gosh I wish someone would turn your life adventures into a movie…. watching it would be my weekly escape with a great pizza and great wine! 🙂

  11. Fantastic! Gotta Love easy true friends, they are hard to find though~Cheers Kim

  12. love your sense of humor. you had me laughing … during one of those lol moments my daughter looked up at me and gave me a weird look. he, he. blessings.

  13. And now you know the magic of Jamie Girl and why I’m head-overs for her.
    I’m so glad you found each other. 🙂 She’s a one-of-a-kinder.

  14. You had me at the suave………..too funny! xo

  15. hi! i haven’t been by in a looooong while! i’ve missed reading your blog. your posts always has me smiling and laughing : )

  16. I have great friends, long time friends but only one really ‘gets’ me and I’m so thankful to have her in my life…since we were kids! To meet that kind of friend as an adult is rare…so glad you guys found each other. Your new friend’s home is beautiful and I can almost see you salivating as you took it all in. My kinda place! Love your blog, you are hysterical and real!

  17. my name is robelyn and i’m a recovering Suave addict… i’ve stepped it up to the newly packaged Suave. haha!

    i am SOOOOOOOo glad i have FINALLY found your blog – you now have a new stalker! Mike and Jaime might have me as a stalker too. LOL!

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