happy is as happy does

There really is no rhyme or reason to this post other than to tell you that i’m very behind in 

posting photos and getting everyone caught up on everything…..

it’s summer….

the kids are home all day every day….

{you get the picture}

so i just thought i would pull 3 random photos from my phone and put them on the blog.

I mean 4 photos….

maybe 6….

and you don’t need to email me and let me know that my title to the blog post

sounds like something from the movie Forest Gump.

Just because i had the kids watch that movie with me the other night.

Happiness is being able to eat quesadillas as a side dish with salmon & steak for dinner.

Speaking of happy

in three weeks….


{who’s counting anyway}

which should be a Monday …….

{i had to look at my calendar….}

and i look at my calendar daily…don’t let me try and beat around the bush…..

but school starts here in exactly 3 weeks.

Did i say three weeks from today??

I know what you are thinking…..

because i said something about this out loud the other day and everyone almost sheetered their pants……

but yes……

the kids start school here in Kauai in exactly 3 weeks….

and we still do NOT have a plan yet on where we are headed…or what our plan is.

I promise i will let everyone know as soon as a plan has been made……

but since we don’t even know yet….then i guess we will all just have to go with the flow.

Like Flo Rida

and since i really like the concept of children being in a safe environment……

then i am all for letting them start school…..even if it means it’s still July.

I really should just start homeschooling……

we counted grapes the other day……

on our plate….

at lunch

i felt very productive…..the kids felt intelligent….

which brings us to the next photo….

our new cooler.

I got the cooler for Bryan for his birthday last week…..

he didn’t even ask for it…..

that’s the best part.

I just knew that he wanted it……..

{i’m a good wife}

i heard his thoughts coming through to me as i walked around Costco.

The thoughts kept saying…..

“retro style cooler for beach”

so i did what any good and loving wife would do for their husband on his birthday …..

i bought it.

I  filled it with beer even though a big box of fine wine would look better on it.

I think he was pretty happy….


i just asked him

he said he’s happy…..

see….he’s smiling.

let me ask the kids too…..

kids…are you happy?

the mouse is happy too.

i don’t know what he’s happy about though….

but i’m assuming he’s happy because every time someone holds him he pee’s on their hand.

and last but not least….

being able to walk around the grocery store in floral shorts and a bra 

that’s happy right there i tell you.

I would do the happy dance …….but that’s just me.

One big happy post….

it’s what i like to call a Happy ending.


  1. all sounds very happy to me

    please get me a vintage cooler…would look so very good in my place I believe x

  2. Loving the fashion of the last pic – but surely flip flops would have been the shoes of choice? Or Jesus sandals?!!!!!! And in God’s land – what happened to the golden tan?!!!! Not judging. Just wondering.

  3. When I saw the word Flo Rida I got so excited, I thought you were going to say you’d decided to move to Florida lol. My husband and I just moved here from So Cal a couple of months ago and we love it:)

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide though!

  4. Too funny you are. You see the hilariousness in everydayness.

  5. you are the best! I’ve missed seeing your posts.

  6. Okay, did I miss that you have a mouse?!
    Seriously too cute. Love the floral shorts, they would make me happy too;-)

  7. Domenico says:

    I knew it! I just knew that living in paradise had a price. School in July? What satdist thought of that!?!

  8. What a fun and happy post!! How is the Big Wave?? The beer of course. I like to try different ones and try to at least remember what king I did try he he that the trick.Looks like a fun beer !! Have a beautiful and fun day….Chickie

  9. Allison says:

    Ah, to wear a bra and shorts to the grocery store and not care what anyone thinks….I bet she’s the happiest lady on the block. 🙂

  10. Good luck being in the ‘waiting mode’. It’s hard….my husband is waiting to hear on job position possibility but I already know it’s here in Houston (darn) so I’m not anxious. I feel sorry for him wondering why things don’t move along a bit faster!

  11. Jamie Parker says:

    Only YOU SEE these things happening in action! We all have to wait to see them in your posts! I really do hope there is a book in the works..that would be the greatest….I would read it on a day……like today….when I need some comedy relief. xo

  12. You are hysterical! Love…it!

  13. Haha! That lady is sporting the spirit of Aloha! 😉

  14. You are an awesome wife! I’m glad he was happy. Great picture, especially that last one! 😉

  15. Wow, this site has the most amazing pictures! They are just dazzling!! You have a great blog, keep up the wonderful work and feel free to check out my blog anytime. Thanks!


  16. Chris in FL says:

    Love the cooler!!! I want one! The lady in the red bra sure says “who the heck cares what people think” attitude! Also says “living on an island is freedom!!! ” ha ha! Love it!

    School starts in about three weeks here in Florida. It seems so early and I haven’t even begun to enjoy my summer. sheesh. 🙂

  17. dear Kasey, please go on and simply be our Kasey…and please remember my day will be less good without reading a Kasey’ post!!!Ciao & enjoy, Monica

  18. Cheapdiva says:

    You just know someone will give you a hard time about the “bra” woman . . . but it won’t be me! Why leave the island? It sounds as though you are all happy there. And as one mid-westerner to another, all your Chicago area friends will be happy to visit in winter – please don’t deprive them!

  19. i am so happy i found your lovely place here. it’s so beautiful. and your photography… love!

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