careful who you ask to take your photo

I have a new friend that moved here not too long ago…her name is Jaime.…and she was a blog reader

who reached out to me when she and her family decided to uproot themselves to Kauai.

I love when people do things like that.

 try something different.

They found a place on the South side of the island….and so it’s hard getting together because

it’s a good hour and a half for either of us. This week one of Jamie’s friends was in town visiting….

who’s also a blog reader of mine….so we all decided to meet up for lunch.

We met at The Garden Cafe….at Common Ground. It’s in Kilauea….and if you follow me on Instagram…

you know that i eat here at least every other week.

They have the Kalua pork nachos.

{no words needed}

I’ll be doing a whole post on this place soon….i promise.


Anyhoo…..we were sitting there and i turned around to a group of girls…

high-schoolers i’m sure….

and i asked one of them to take our photo with my phone.

This is the first photo:

She took it and then said she should probably get on the other side of the table because

the photo just didn’t come out very well.

I thought…..good call….she’s probably a budding photographer….

and she knows all about catching the “right” angles.

I almost….and i mean ALMOST….

gave her the “two fingers up” i’ve read the Hunger Games sign…..

but i wasn’t having any wine with my lunch….because they don’t serve wine with lunch….

and because i didn’t have any wine…..i’m kind of glad i didn’t give her the “sign”.

This is the second photo she took:

and before i knew it she took another photo

{still thinking she was a budding photographer while she continued to manipulate my iphone}


the moral of the story is….

don’t ask girls who look like they should be in school at noon on a Friday but are not……

to take your photo.

The end.


  1. Funniest post ever.

  2. Very cute!!!! I actually love all the pics ~ they tell a story! And yours just tops it off….

  3. This is hillarious!!!

  4. Danielle says:

    This is so funny, Loved it!

  5. Hysterical! Hope you had a great time 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    HA HA HA!!! Too funny!

  7. haha thats awesome.

  8. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. :))))))

    Hugs From My Heart

  9. Absolutely hilarious!!! I work at a high school and I’m constantly entertained (most of the time) by things they say and do. Odd Creatures – Teenagers


    those girls are going to grow up to drink fine boxed wine. on the beach. during the day. and crash weddings.

    LOVE IT!

  11. OMG! I just know that my two daughters would have done that also. Sad, but true. Great post. Made me laugh.

  12. This is crackin’ me up! Teen…- ugh….(I have 2 teen girls also so I can easily and with gusto…”Uhg”). I think you need to talk to the management about the no wine at lunch issue. 😉
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ KIM

  13. SO funny! They crashed your photos! Thanks for the morning giggle.

  14. Um…girls just wanna have fun??! 😉 Those photos are priceless!

  15. Just so funny I hope they come across your blog someday.

  16. next thing, she will be crashing weddings!!!!! 🙂

    seriously…that is AWESOME.

    I wish she knew you had a blog….

  17. Haha. That’s funny!

  18. Love it. I’m pretty sure you’d do something like that too 🙂

  19. man, they did NOT know who they were messin’ with!

  20. Ha! They got you good. It’s was pretty cute though…c’mon admit it!

  21. OMG that is truely hilarious!! …funny girls. gotta luv it! one day i’d love to go to hawaii!! xo nancy elizabeth

  22. Missy F. says:

    Photobombing. gateway to wedding crashing.

  23. Tami C. says:

    So funny! Check out the lil blue boo blog she did a post today about photo bombing, even left some fun links.

  24. Hi Kasey! I just wanted to mention that I LOVE that you live life, enjoy eating what you want and work your bum off and look GREAT! I must admit though, I secretly want to move to Hawaii now and live a year Kasey Buick style. 🙂 Thanks for letting me live vicariously though you. Stephanie

  25. Utterly hysterical!!!

    (Although… the ‘evil girl’ in me thinks that you could probably email that to a local high school and bust a couple kids playing hooky *muahahaha*)

  26. Hilarious! Those are some saucy girls! By the way, I’m totally inspired by your weight loss. In fact, I’m starting something today because of it. Thanks for the before and after photos. I know that wasn’t easy to do, but it had impact. xo

  27. Good stuff…

  28. Thank GOD! I was WRONG!
    I thought you were gonna say>>
    she kept moving farther away ,
    until finally,,
    she was out the door..
    and gone with YOUR iphone!!!
    glad you and the friends had a great time otherwise!!

  29. karma. i love it!

  30. Ha Ha HA! : )
    Budding photographer for certain!

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