14 years

14 years ago we were married in Beaver Creek, Colorado. 

15 years ago we got engaged on the island of Molokai….so it’s funny how 15 year later….here we are….

back in Hawaii.

We met in a bar in Vail…..

i was 19….

he was 23.

As the story goes….because obviously….i might have had a fake id back then and was passing myself

off as a citizen from Sweden right along with my au pair friends.

I was with my friend at the time….her name was Kaisa Hjelm and she was Swedish.

Kaisa spoke decent english and i didn’t speak a word of Swede….but i introduced her to

tuna fish sandwiches and clam chowder.

She introduced me to ketchup on mac n cheese….

and how to take a photocoppied passport and rig it up.

My Swedish name was Anna Eriksson.

Anyhoo…..we were sitting in our favorite bar at the time….


when a boy and his friends sat down next to us.

I *might* have said i was a volleyball player  from UCLA…..

*the details are hazy*

he might have said it was his first night in town.

We dated….

he moved away…..

then moved back.

He’s from West Palm Beach Florida

I’m from Newhall {now it’s called Santa Clarita?} California


San Francisco 


St. Charles


14 years….

3 kids….

a mouse ….

a goldfish  {though i think we were duped and the thing is actually a Koi because it’s the size of a baby cat}

and a mini {van not cooper} that has rusted doors and the occasional cockroach.

{okay…maybe there might be a whole cockroach family involved…but who’s counting right}

We go to bed angry when we fight……

we’ve been known to bounce a few checks ……

vodka is our marriage counselor….

 we have 3 beautiful kids

we laugh

we enjoy hanging out with each other

{most of the time….let’s not get ahead of ourselves..}

Bryan is the realist…

and i am the dreamer.

It’s not a glamorous life…..

but it’s a great one.


  1. LOVE the photo.
    Happy anniversary, I love following along on your amazing adventure in life.

  2. Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple! Life is crazy huh!

  3. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more!!!!

  4. Congratulations! Life is crazy and you just never know what your going to get delt. Enjoy! Sounds like a good life as long as you all are healthy and together~Cheers Kim

  5. I like this post! Happy Anniversary to two cool kids!

    Also, goldfish/koi scare the bejebus out of me.

  6. Congratulations lovers!
    I’m the realist and my husband is the dreamer. We follow the path less travelled…isn’t it fab?

  7. Laura R. says:

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple! Great blog! Great inspirations! Blessings to your family from a reader in Santa Clarita!

  8. Chelsea says:

    Congratulations on 14 years! Also, congratulations on your rockin’ bod. Good times, girl.

  9. Thanks for sharing your real, so sweet and honest love story!! My hubby and I have gone to bed angry, I have a rusty mini-van, (not cooper) and wine is our counselor sometimes too 😉 3 boys later and our 15th is in August. I live in Crystal Lake, IL and I adore your blog!! I have been following since you lived in St. Charles….so so super sweet! Congrats!

  10. happy anniversary to you 2! we just celebrated our 14th too. keep on kissing. it keeps the peace. best wishes for your next coming year in whatever you decide.

  11. Happy Anniversary 🙂 What a love story….keep livin’ and lovin’ the dream my dear!!

  12. Love this Kasey. This is quite a beautiful recipe for a happy marriage. I love it.

    I love that you always try to keep it real on your blog and it is no secret that I am sure your relationship with Bryan is the same way. And I think that simple rule can make life so much more fun!

    My husband is also the realist and I am the dreamer. It is a lovely balance of pushing him further while he reigns me back. 🙂

    Happy anniversary! xo

  13. This is one of the best post I have read in the blogging world. I love your honesty about your marriage. No bulls….When I read, we go to bed mad, etc., I laughed out loud and could totally relate. I love your humor. Thanks for sharing…Happy Anniversary and can’t wait to read about your next adventure.

  14. Happy Anniversary! I so enjoy following your Hawaiian adventures. And your blog makes me laugh out loud (and want to drink wine and eat yummy cheeses). Hope you two had a terrific day!

  15. Happy Anniversary to you both. I’ve had the best time following your posts/pics about the amazing journey you and your family have been on in paradise. Wow, your happiness shows in all you’ve shared with us. Wishing you many more years of joy.

  16. Loved this post. Happy anniversary Kasey. Life is a wild ride. It’s so nice to do it with someone you love. Our 20th is in a few weeks. Geesh!

  17. Happy anniversary!!!!! Our 13th is coming up,wish we could spend it in Hawaii!!!! It has been two years since we were in Maui. Love the photo. Blessings,Sara

  18. Love this!!!! Happy anniversary! That might be the best pic ever!

  19. Happy anniversary! Great post. Love your blog.

  20. Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy Anniversary to you both Kasey ~ isn’t it nice that you still like each other too!! Cheers to many more.

  22. Sandra K says:

    Perfect picture, perfect post! Love it! Congratulations!

  23. jerri C. - TN says:

    I adore you because you keep it real…. Happy Anniversary to you & your sweet hubby.
    PS. Girl, you are rockin’ that yellow bikini………….

  24. I have awarded you my Leibster blog award from Ireland go to my blog http://chicncheerfull.blogspot.ie/ to check it out. Congrats and thanks for making me laugh.

  25. Laura who used to blog at piece of cake says:

    I hate glamorous lives… Because there’s no such thing.
    I do love your story.
    It’s wonderful and real.
    Congrats to you boxed wine drinking love birds!!!

  26. Sweden is right next to us (Finland) and Anna Eriksson is a Finnish pop (whatever) singer 🙂 When I was au pairing my fake id was from the Netherlands 😀
    Congrats!! Love your stories!

  27. Cathy S says:

    LOVE this picture and CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

  28. congratulations!!!! that picture is fantastic!!!

  29. Happy Anniversary!! I hope it’s a wonderful day!! I love how you sum it all up! Sounds perfect. 9 days and it’ll be my 11th anniversary.

  30. Hope you & Mr. B had a wonderful & happy anniversary!!

  31. Chris in FL says:

    Happy Anniversary! And I cracked up when you mentioned the roach family that lives in your van…. ha ha! We have one too! 😉

  32. Can you say Beach Blanket Bingo, or am I dating myself. Awesome pic, and you look fabulous in a bikini, a great payoff of all of your hard work.

  33. happy belated anniversary!

  34. Happy Anniversary! What a great story…How the heck did you end up in Vail?? That is so random! Wow, timing is everything in life and how awesome that it happens that way! Congrats on 14 years, that is something to be very proud of!

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