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Last wednesday afternoon Lola invited 6 of her closest friends to help in celebrating her 10th birthday

with her. Even though Lola’s actual birthday isn’t till Thursday…..two of her friends are heading out of

town for the month of July… we had to get our game plan on….and figure out what kind of 

party we were going to have.

This year Lola is turning 10.

Dear God…….help me.

One of the things i hate hearing from other moms….{or i see photos on Facebook or other blogs…..}

about their daughter turning 10 or 11 {or whatever}

“she’s 10 going on 18”

and i think…..EEEEK…..really…….

please……..not my girl…..

Lola is 9…..going on 10.

She acts her age………


she even acts younger….sheesh……

but i thank God that she acts just like she’s supposed to….

9…..going on 10.

Lola does not have a cell phone……..

and it bugs me to the end of the earth because one of her friends back home has her own and 

i kid you not…..

that friend constantly is sending texts to Lola on my phone 




{not to mention that we are 6 hours earlier here }

I realize lots of kids have their own phones these days….but the longer i can hold off…the better for us.

As you might be aware……in my former life i was a party planner lover……

{it’s still there….deep…down there….}

there wasn’t a theme i didn’t like….nor one that i couldn’t pull off.

{this was Lola’s 8th birthday party…..Wonderland theme.….damn that was a fun party}

Last year we didn’t really do a party because we were moving….and second….if my kids do a party….

then the alternating year we don’t. It keeps the cost down and let’s them know that they don’t get a party

every single year. We will let a friend spend the night or something simple like that…but to us…

parties end up being so damn expensive….that the every other year has been a life saver of sorts….

and they also don’t have the expectation that they get a party every single year.

It’s always worked for us.

Anyhoo…..this year because of our economical situation….

{cough cough…hack hack}

Bryan handed me a $100 bill and said “go to town”.

Luckily for me….only 6 kids can fit in my Mini {van not cooper}……

so it really worked out well when one of the girls that was going to make it to the party couldn’t….

otherwise she would have been sitting on my lap helping me drive.

Lola had a friend over last week….

so we sat around discussing what we could do for a party….and how we could

do it with our budget.

Can i just say that there are NOT many choices around here for a birthday party…..

but luckily for us….the beach is always free .

So this is what we did……

We headed to the beach first ……

{always a great option…..}

with a camera….

some smiles….

beautiful girls….

with great big hearts and wonderful personalities.

and we did a photoshoot.

I wanted to capture Lola with the wonderful friends she has made this year.

Nothing staged….no arms on the her hip type  portraits….

just crazy girls having fun running around on the beach.

girls doing what girls do best

i then pocketed the $100 and told the girls they could go home now……

but i guess no one was ready to go home yet…….


because $100 can go a long way these days…..

so we packed ourselves up from the beach and headed to the movies….

where we went to see the movie “Brave” for the bargain matinee price.

Best movie EVER to take a bunch of girls too….

i almost dropped them off and said i’ll pick you up out front in 2 hours…..

{but i’m a good mom….and i would never do something like that….

….. just don’t bring up the Trader Joe’s incident from 2009…..}

let me tell you….i was bawling at the end….

{proof that i was at the movie with the girls}

The girls loved it…..and we left the theater and just talked about our favorite parts and scenes.

All the girls got to get a drink and candy….don’t let them try and tell you they got hosed…..

because Lola even showed the girls how they should order their soda without ice….so there is more in the cup.

{she must learn these things from her dad….}

After the movie and the sugar overload……

we had just enough money left to stop for pizza at Brick Oven in Wailua.

{we ordered the 2 medium PuPu’s…..which are appetizer pizza’s}

and it was just enough to feed all of us without going over our budget.



so i had to chip in some of my own money because i needed a glass of fine non boxed wine.

{or two}

We went over our budget one more time because on the way home we had to stop for ice cream.

I don’t understand where my kids came from because none of them are really cake or cupcake lovers as much

as i am…..

they would much rather have ice cream……

and Lola could eat a whole pint of Kona Coffee if i let her.

We ended back at our place around 7:30 at night and finished the evening off with swimming

at our pool till it was dark and the stars were out.

All the girls headed home by 8:30…..

full of sugar.

They laughed all day long…..

and i loved being along for the ride.



i gave the rides didn’t i?!


  1. What beautiful pictures!
    sandy toe

  2. Happy Birthday to Lola!!

  3. sounds wonderful. oh to be 10 again.

    we waited a long time with the cell phone thing. eventually it happened because we had an extra phone and it was convenient to leave with her if we left to run errands. we don’t have a home phone. next thing you know it became her phone. and it’s worked out. she doesn’t abuse it. loves instagram and has her nose into it looking at pictures a lot, but that’s okay i do too;)

  4. Happy Birthday Lola!! LOVE these pics…so sweet. Ten is a great age….enjoy it! 🙂

  5. That is a beautiful day none of them will forget! great pics …Happy 10th birthday Lola!!!

  6. That sounds like a fabulous birthday!!! Lucky little girls!!!! I was looking back at your Wonderland theme party (which is gorgeous by the way) and realized that I ordered a BUNCH of beautiful letters from the same etsy shop! I had a party and had her make B A R (just so everyone knew where to go to get a cocktail!!!) and I had her make me sayings for each holiday! It was a simple, inexpensive way to jazz up my dining room with a little glitz! Loved the wonderland! Cheers!

  7. Beautiful photos Kasey and exactly how a ten year old in Hawaii should spend it! Such sweet memories Lola will have of this beautiful time in Hawaii! All that blonde hair is killing me! Adorable girls!

  8. sounds like the perfect party Happy Birthday Lola!!!

  9. I know what you mean about little girls staying little girls. I know one and it stands out in a special way.
    She is so innocent and I love it.
    I feel sorry for y’all having to move back here and am wondering…if maybe you won’t? You haven’t commented on
    what Bryan has up his sleeve.

  10. becky up a hill says:

    I always disliked people saying that wait till they are two, or wait till they are teens crap. The truth is women/moms are the worse for that. Enjoy your babies, preteens and if anyone wants to say otherwise, they need to jump in a lake or something.
    Loved hearing about Lola’s day..and btw, I have two boys..who are 26 and 30 and they had kids party one year and family party the next. My youngest turned out great (and my oldest), despite the fact that back in the 90’s every kid in his high school had a cell phone..every kid. Well that is what he said. 🙂 Oh..and well, I still drive the mini-van that I drove them (and various others) to and from high school!

  11. What a perfectly fun birthday! You’re such a fun mom. 🙂 Saw “Brave” with my boys yesterday. I couldn’t believe I was crying at the end. Geez – can’t even watch a kids movie these days without crying!

  12. Great pics. They will be so lovely to look back on in a few years time – the girls looks so healthy and tanned and really enjoying themselves. Happy Birthday Lola! Sounds like you had a great day.

  13. Gorgeous photos. Great memories for Lola

    lg xx

  14. Perfect, perfect way for a Miss 10 to celebrate her big day!
    My oldest of four turned 10 this year and I am also so pleased that she is still her age. (loves fairies still and still has that innocence about her.)
    I only do the party thing every second year too and I think it makes them appreciate it more and gives us Mums time to catch our breath before the next one.
    What a fun Mum you are to take them all out.
    Gorgeous pics too for her to always remember her 10th b’day! 🙂

  15. I love that age….when girls can still run like the wind down the beach without worrying about their hair, or their makeup or if they look skinny or not. The older I get (50-something) the more I remember that glorious feeling, to be a little girl again.

  16. What a fun idea! I’m currently trying to plan Rose’s birthday party…it’s number 12. YA. I said TWELVE.

  17. I’ve been following you some time now, and I look back at the link you provided for Lola’s previous birthday (beautiful as it may be!), and Hawaii just suits your family. You all look so happy and carefree there— honestly… DONT…EVER…LEAVE!

  18. Frog….that’s all I’m sayin’.

  19. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a birthday!

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