a sweet day

As you swarm through a sea of Father’s Day posts around the world of blogland today……

i thought it wouldn’t be nice if i didn’t show you mine as well;-)

We arrived back home from a wonderful 2 weeks away……visiting friends and family….but it sure

is wonderful to be back home with Bryan.

{it really is fun to say coming home to Kauai…..}

The kids traveled like champs……and our day home this last Thursday was one of the longest we’ve ever had..

with the 6 hour time difference and the two flights….and a long layover at lax {more on the trip to come}.

We arrived home late Thursday night….and really haven’t seen Bryan Friday or Saturday because those are

the days he works double shifts.

As you can imagine…..Sunday was a treat for us….to be together as a family for the day.

We started off for breakfast at our favorite place…..The Wake Up Cafe.

{i wrote about it in my favorites post HERE}.

The reason we LOVE it so much is that its a hole in the wall that is only open 7-10 am.

Breakfast only…..and there are only like 10 things on the menu…..one of them including the best

mac nut cinny roll you’ve ever had.

Bryan had an omlett …i had the ‘over the falls french toast’…….

Lola and Fin shared the pancakes….and Mason gets his own French toast.

The place is covered in photos of locals and it really is a dive….but that is why we love it.

I just want to pipe in and say for those of you wanting to know how my 

weight is going and what-not……

i am still holding strong!

I’m down 2 more pounds from my last post when i did the shorty shorts post …which brings me to 135.

Right now i’m just trying to maintain my weight…and by doing that i’m still exercising 6 days a week.

Granted….i didn’t do that while away for 2 weeks….but what i did do was exercise when i could.

I took 2 bootcamp classes while in Illinois…and tried a Barre class for the first time.

I ran a few days in Florida but almost died because of the humidity.

The key for me is just to be realistic about the food i’m eating and making sure to exercise.

Running seems to be working for me……and some days it’s 2 miles…some days it’s 4.5.

I’m only mentioning this all to you because when we go out…..as in breakfast yesterday…..

i want to order something good….not just a scrambled egg white;-)

The over the falls french toast means i will be running a little longer today…..and like i’ve always stated…

it’s all about moderation and getting active so that you can enjoy the good stuff.

{i really like the photo below…it’s me with the baby daddy}

We really tried to celebrate this great man…..

who works hard and took the chance to give us a different life for a year.

It rained on and off most of the day but around 5 in the afternoon…..it stopped and i

grilled up some peppers and bread.

{yes…i grill bread}

and made my panzanella salad…..

then we drove north to the end of the road.

I knew it would be nice up there……

and it was.

Ke’e beach is one of our favorites for sunset watching……so we grabbed the picnic blanket…..

and i filled the basket with food for dinner and away we went.

At the end of the day there is usually someone set up and is selling coconuts from the back of their truck

especially for the hikers just coming down off the mountain.

I love coconut water…… the guy handed us one for free…..

and that made our day.

Of course i was prepared with our evening cocktails as well…….

i don’t know if i told you about it yet?

Have i introduced you to the “Hanalei”??



Bryan is reminding me that i talk about it a lot….but i thought since it’s been a few weeks that i would introduce you

to it again.

It’s just freshly squeezed grapefruit juice……some good vodka….and freshly squeezed ginger.


and no need to crash a wedding when you can watch the photography for free beach side.

check check

double check


  1. What a dreamy life. Beautiful post:)

  2. What a beautiful day! And the fresh coconut for free would just be the “cherry on top” for me! I’ve never drank that before.

  3. well you look fan-freaking-tastic and now I want a cocktail and its only 1:25pm.

  4. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Sounds like it was a spectacular day!!! And I agree with mommylisa–you look absolutely stunning!!!

  5. Love the photos and what a wonderful day!

  6. I really hope you decide to stay. I’m loving living in Kauai through you. You look great. Just the skinny pics I needed.

  7. Chris in FL says:

    You guys look great! Yep….moderation and being active is the key.

    I am curious if you are missing the mainland? Did going over to Illinois spark thoughts as to what you guys will be planning in the near future? Looking forward to finding out what you guys are going to do. Kauai seems like such a nice place to be. I know your husband works so much so I guess that’s not fun.


  8. everything looks yummy and fun! nice boots too 😉

  9. Gorgeous – beautiful pics and your husband is a dream boat – swoon! And i love the fact the kids and B are rocking jandals (as Kiwis call thongs/slippers/ flip flops) and you’re in your gummies!!! Go girl – you rock them. And well done on keeping things real – you did well while away as that can be the time the whole healthy living thing goes pear shaped – that’s will power determination and strength. Her’s to you – is 2pm too early for one of those cocktails? Sounds divine!

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