keeping you abreast of the situation

As most you of probably have noticed {or commented}… beloved Mason decided to cut his hair

about a month ago.

This is the kid that said he LOVED his long{ish} hair…..

but then as we inched closer to our trip back home to Illinois….he had started asking about

being able to get his hair cut.

At first we were like….




but as the days went on…..Mason was adamant that he just wanted it cut.

I hated to say yes…..Bryan hated to say yes…..

but Bryan and i just thought that he was a grown boy….and should be able to make his own decisions about

his hair. We also had a feeling that it was partly due to the fact that we were heading back home and i think

he didn’t want to be the kid with long hair.


i just wanted to keep you all UP to date with what was going on with certain things….

like hair.

By the way……Mason wanted me to tell you that when you fly…..the best lollipops are the ones with the

tootsie roll in the middle.


  1. This is why I love you Kasey, you can swing in with something like this between your beautiful “live life” photos!!!
    Thank you Mason for your lollipop recomendation!

  2. That is really big news, indeed. I understand why you let him get his haircut, you didn’t want to come across as big boobs.

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Thank you Mason;-) I needed the laugh tonight!!

  4. Victoria says:

    Wow. LOL! They say a picture says a thousand words. This picture speaks volumes!

  5. What is it with the percent of the population that thinks that moving through airports and traveling is the perfect opportunity to either dress “slutty” or “nightclubby”. You must have been having a field day getting this shot!!

  6. We are now abreast of the situation.
    Mason might need more support back in Hanalei.

  7. just so you know I LMAO when I saw you post this on facebook!!!!

  8. abreast?
    holy crap. you’re good, girl. you’re good.

  9. LOL! You are cracking me up!! I can’t stop laughing. Aren’t airlines supposed to kick certain people off of their planes??

    • Meaning what Kim? Women with too much boobage or overweight people?

      While Ok to have a chuckle if you were on that plane, posting pictures of other people without their consent is wrong. Especially when the tone is an invitation to make mean spirited comments.

  10. Jennifer says:


  11. wow…..just….wow.

  12. LMAO…and that’s all I can do OMG!!!!

  13. Cheapdiva says:

    Uhhhhhhh . . I’m at a loss for words.

  14. !!!!! hahaha !!!!!

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  16. Huh?? What?? OH – Mason IS in that photo. I didn’t notice him at first. Wow.

  17. looks like she was 1/2 an inch from a wardrobe malfunction.

  18. LOL – you just got my morning off on the right foot….I can’t stop laughing….you’re the best!

  19. Holy Boobs!

  20. lucinda says:

    Too funny!

  21. Lawdy…that’s awful. You crack me up so bad!

  22. Rebecca Frame says:

    Dying. And I have scrolled up 3 times to look at it again.


  23. Tootsie rolls for sure! Too funny!

  24. Crystal from Way Up North WI says:

    OH.MY.STARS. … i got absolutely nothin’!!

  25. them be some marvelous boobies!

  26. Barbara N says:

    That is so wrong, the best lolly’s are with gum in the center a blow pop.

    and miss thing is she cradling them like a baby!

  27. πŸ˜€

  28. OMG!!!! The comments are almost as funny as the post!!! I haven’t stopped laughing!!!

  29. Hi Kasey,
    Your mother-in-law and I have been friends since college days. We worked next to each other at Cedar Point. She’s in FL and I’m in GA and I never to get to see her but we communicate via email, thankfully. She had told me about your blog and I’ve been reading it for a few months now. You’re going to have a difficult time topping the “abreast” one. Geez Louise……
    It’s fun keeping up with your family. The children are precious and I can see Tracy in the eyes of the boys, especially Fin. Good luck in your decision as to whether to stay in Hawaii or return to IL.

  30. I don’t even know you…
    but I think we could be breast friends forever.

  31. What is wrong with you people? You, especially, the writer. And all the commenters that seem to think it is okay to take unflattering photos of people unbeknownst to them, and then post it for the world to see. I find this shameful. And to think you are all adults makes me very, very sad indeed. What kind of example are you providing for your children, I ask you? I feel sorry for those children if their own mother posts photos like this to poke fun at others. Shame on you.

  32. Claudia says:

    Did this woman know you were taking a photo of her? Did she have any idea that the photo was about to be posted on the internet for all to see? This is really disgusting. Making fun of someone is never nice, but doing it without their knowledge is a truly despicable thing to do.

    I won’t even go into what kind of example this sets.

    And none of your readers except for one has objected?

    It’s as if we’re all back in high school, watching mean girls make fun of those who don’t measure up to their standards. I didn’t like it back then, but the girls were young and insecure.

    I wonder what your excuse is.

    • The woman had on something completely inappropriate……no one is making fun of her…..we all just are in the same boat because this woman should not have boarded a plane with her Breasts in full view for oogling.

  33. Yes, you are making fun of her. What do you think all the comment imply? And to have your child in the same photo is beyond me.

    • The shame of the photo is that a young child has to sit that close to someone dressed so inappropriately. One might see someone dressed like that in a bar but shouldn’t have to see someone dressed like that on a public airplane, especially where children are expected to be! Pure trash as far as I’m concerned!

  34. This post made me LAUGH so hard, late last night when i read it. Remember…this woman boarded the plane like this. {And Mason was ASSIGNED to sit near her} Do you really think that she cares if people are oogling at her…..much less taking her picture? I would think not. People dress this way for a reason {or wrong reasons}
    I didn’t read a single word that “made fun” of this woman…..she needed no help from the editor…..she’s written her own story. Kasey just happens to be a talented writer/blogger who knows how to capitalize on an opportune photo op that just happened to get in the way of taking a picture of her son!
    What i don’t get, is WHY do you people read Kasey’s blog if you don’t get her humor? There’s hundred’s of blogs out there for everyone to choose for their OWN entertainment. {which by the way, Brenda i clicked on your link and it seems to be spam, you may want to check into that}
    I was waiting for the nay-sayers to appear Kasey, as i’m sure you were too.
    signed also “YBreastFF”

  35. For those of you who have written critical comments about the fact that Kasey published a photo of a female with her breasts almost totally revealed, I have a few things to say about that photo and that “lady”. Anybody who would go out in public looking like that is displaying lewd and crude behavior!! Where is her modesty? Missing, apparently. Women should be proud of their breasts but displaying them as she was doing out in public, especially where one knows children are going to be nearby, is unacceptable behavior. Kasey made no reference to that person nor her attire despite the fact that the person was dressed inappropriately and in extremely poor taste.

  36. I am laughing SO HARD OUT LOUD all by my lonesome…what a picture! Hehehehe….aloha.

  37. Oh TEEHEE!! (or is it TA-TA?) Anyone with the audacity to dress like that in public deserves to be laughed at. What was she thinking???? Oh my…. Yea, it’s a free world. You’re free to dress like a ____ and I’m free to laugh at you.

  38. love this!!!!!!!!! i think she has a great idea…..I am no longer paying for extra luggage…I will shove it in my dress. Problem solved! πŸ™‚

  39. I should have known by the title, but you still caught me by surprise! How in the world did they let her on the plane in the first place? I guess that was probably a good “teaching” moment for your family! Love Mason’s hair πŸ™‚ Laughing …

  40. Margaux says:

    If the woman sleeping woke up would you have acknowledged that you were in fact taking her picture? Or would you have used your son as your way out? I think you made a mistake. It happens. I believe if you cannot do it outright, then maybe it shouldn’t be done.

  41. what hair?
    holy crap, there’s almost a nipple {wait two} on the loose. i mean really, how hard is it to keep your boobs in
    your dress?
    i think the flight attendant should have thrown a blanket over her !!!

  42. Melissa says:

    Hahahaha! Wow, people. Live a little! All in good fun! Come on now. She’s just celebrating summer with those melons!

    • Melissa,
      You need therapy!

    • Cheapdiva says:

      M –

      A lot of us will need therapy with you. No, wait, I think if you believe you are appropriately dressed for public in an outfit that shows nearly every inch of yor breast, you are called an “exhibitionist” and probably really need therapy. Just my opinion. To those of you who think this photo is tacky, I find the “woman” in this photo to be the tacky one.

  43. As usual, Kasey shows her tackier side posting a photo of some poor unsuspecting person.
    For those of you who condone this? Shame on you and this is so sad what our society is coming to.
    Oddly, I haven’t checked on this blog for months but the one time I decide to and see what’s going on?
    Well, there you have it………..horrible as always.

  44. I found your blog via another blog and hopped over for a visit. I was originally inspired by your journey from IL to the island, but after reading this post I’m at a loss. It’s not so much the post, but the trail of comments left in the wake. It’s so sad to see that daggers were offered instead of compassion. Words are powerful, intentions show our hearts. If we aren’t lifting others up, then it means we’re tearing them down…even if we aren’t speaking those specific words, possibly just posting a photo, the essence is there. We don’t know this woman’s story. Her look…lacking modesty? Yes, but we’ve all had inappropriate moments whether they be in dress, behavior or attitude. I wish blessings and success for you and your family and hope all goes well with your stay on the island.

  45. Chris in FL says:

    πŸ™‚ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I just think this is so typical of what happens in your life…seriously πŸ™‚ Your son just happened to be sitting in front of a woman who is obviously way to big for her dress. πŸ™‚ This is just so funny!!! ha ha! πŸ™‚ You need to post this on Failblog. (Not that your blog is a failure.) People post or share pictures on there that are ridiculously funny! This could make it for sure.

    I don’t understand why people come on your site knowing your sense of humor? Why come on if you are going to get offended. I love coming to your blog. It makes me laugh….all the time! No matter how seriously sweet and nice the post is…there is always some funny remark in there somewhere. πŸ™‚

  46. This is the perfect opportunity for me to use my new alternative to LOL. PML… “peed myself laughing”.
    Love your blog!

    ~ Jeannine

  47. I’m a nerd. I had to scroll back up to see what everyone was talking about. I never even noticed the woman—I was looking at Mason’s hair!!!

  48. I laughed so loud & I’m on my own too, I loved your comments so funny I keep scrolling back up to see if it’s still as funny as the first time, it is. Laughter is good for the world great story, & good luck

  49. Chelsea says:

    Ive looked at this probably close to a hundred times and it gets me every time! I love your wit as well as your sense of humor. You have the right outlook on life lady! Haha

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