Fig and Fauna

I realize in my last post… i popped in to say i’ll be right back….

and here we are…another week later and i still have not gotten you caught up on life with the Buicks.

We spent a full week in Illinois….then last Thursday we flew down to Florida so the kids could

spend some time with the grandparents.

Honest….real photos to come about our two weeks on the Mainland.

But first…because i just know you will love this as much as i have…..

{and it doesn’t have anything to do with vodka or hiking…}

but i just had to introduce you to my friend Megan and her farm.

I don’t remember how i came to know Megan…..but i found her site a few months ago

….and  i saw this little video….

and then we became facebook friends….

and now we text each other and talk about how we should be sister wives.

Megan even wants to homeschool so i would benefit greatly.

I would be the wife that juices the fresh grapefruits and keeps the vodka chilled…..

and Megan would run the farm and homeschool.

{i haven’t cleared it with homeland security yet….but i’ll let you know if i get the green light}

I finally met Megan in person…

only because i kept asking her if i could come over to her house….

{…i might have seemed part stalkerish……but i promised her that i would be on my best behavior}

i also kept telling her that i have a thing for goat cheese….

and farms and chickens.

I really tried to not let her know that the chickens i was talking about are the wild kind that run

all over Kauai like rodents.

Somehow…..through our facebook messages and texts…..she gave me her address and told me to 

swing by the farm around 4:30 on a Tuesday.

luckily i didn’t have my suitcase with me…..

because i would have moved right in with her and her husband Michael…and their daughter Dane.

Fig & Fauna Farm is a 3.5 acre homestead, located in South Florida….and lucky for me…

it’s a short drive from my In-Laws house.

They currently share their land with  chickens, cows, dairy goats, rabbits, two pigs, and farm dogs…..

lots of farm dogs….

since they also have a very successful dog boarding and grooming business in the heart of Palm Beach….

but have expanded it’s services of dog boarding on the farm as well.

They came into this lifestyle in 2011… after selling their suburban home and venturing into small farming.

As soon as i pulled up….little Dane comes running out to the car and asks me if there are kids that came with….

and i felt so bad that i had to leave them behind. 

We had actually been at the water park all day….and i was able to sneak out a little early so i could rush home

shower and change so that i could make it over to the farm in time….so i was a bit sad that i couldn’t bring lola

with me…..i just know she would have loved it as much as i did.
The funny thing about this blog world is you don’t know what people are going to be like 

when you actually meet them in person.

What i knew about Megan was that she had a farm….started a food blog…..

lived near my in-laws….and had an old farmhouse that they were in the middle of restoring.

check check

I loved the idea of starting a farm…..

and her blog and site are gorgeous…..

the chickens and the eggs were beautiful….

the goats were darling…..

the bees were cool….only because i’ve never actually seen this up close before…..

and in the middle of the tomatoes….there was a little nest with some eggs.

{the momma bird was sitting close by watching us…}
We fed the chickens….

errr…..i mean

Megan fed the chickens….i just tried to grab as many of the eggs as i could and hide them in my jacket

pocket before she would notice.
but as great as their farm is….

and as wonderful as their story is….

{which i truly love because we both talked about how life is about living….and we are the  grabbers….

the let’s try something new….

the let’s try something different ……

we are those type of people}

nothing was as amazing as the minute she invited me into her house.

This is where i must warn you …..

because i seriously almost left and drove back to the in-laws to get my suitcase….

call Bryan in Kauai and tell him i’m not coming back…..

and then told Megan’s husband that i was moving in…..

only before my jaw hit their farm table and i was secretly hoping they had a clawfoot bathtub so i could sneak 

into it and take a mid day tub.

Their home is that wonderful.

{you might want to take this time to grab a napkin and have it handy to catch the drool….. can thank me later}
I loved that the dogs have full access to the furniture…..

and even though Megan said she would love to have this little settee re-done….

i think it’s perfect just the way it is.

We sat around and ate farm fresh watermelon….

but the whole time i kept thinking to myself…..

how am i going to ask if i can move in.

I even called Bryan last night and told him i think i need some bird tattoos on my arm.

He hung up on me.

Then i called him back and told him i’m going to start playing the guitar…..
he hung up on me again.

So i stopped calling him.

After we had our watermelon ….Dane invited me up to her room so that she could

put on a little play and tell stories.

then we all took turns swinging in the bed that Michael made her….

an Anthropologie inspired swinging bed.

{don’t forget to wipe the drool from your chin now…..}

I told Dane if things don’t work out…..

she needs to call me because i think this bed would fit me just right.


i really wanted to inroduce you to my friend Megan….and her gorgeous site

Fig & Fauna

but you can’t move in.

I already claimed the spare room….and the swinging bed…

and the goats.

{not necessarily in that order}


  1. ADORE it all…

    Bet she was super sweet too…& would have packed you off home with the swinging bed, goat and eggs galore if she could!

    The eggs themselves look pretty flipping gorgeous!

    Lucky you….

    Melissa 🙂

  2. Happy new farm friend! My sleepy self read…”I finally met Megan in prison.”


    : )

    Julie M.

  3. I know the feeling Kasey!!
    when I’ve actually met my bloggy friends..
    they are nothing like what I’d imagined..
    and what’s even better than that?
    I will be seeing them even more often.
    when my move to Florida is finalized!!
    yay!! only a couple of hours apart!
    I’ll be on the panhandle,,
    you can swing by and visit any time you want!
    but ya gotta like felines!

  4. Wow! You are so right, her home is gorgeous! I didn’t know that Florida has these farmhouses too.
    Thanks for these inspiring photo’s (love the way you angle them) and thanks for the link to her,
    enjoy your stay on the mainland.
    Maureen x

  5. You just go right on back to Hawaii honey. Do you think she needs more friends? I will be her new friend, I live here in Florida so I can just drop by and visit. It’s only about 2 1/2 hours but I really don’t mind at all….
    How did I not know her?!!! I’m off to visit her blog and become her Florida friend!!

  6. Their home is amazing! So beautiful and so is her family.
    Thank you for sharing, now off to read her blog!

  7. Gah! I love her house!
    I bet you miss your home seeing all this Anthro inspired goodness;-)

  8. I fell in love with her farm and blog when I stumbled on that video on a different blog. Swoony! But had no idea she also had a gorgeous home. That swing bed is so cool and her animals even cooler. And the whole family has such style – I would want to move in also!

  9. And your photos of the farm, the home, and her are AMAZING!

  10. Well, sheet. Does it get any better?

  11. The photos are outstanding …….. your captured the beauty of the farm. SHETT !!!!!!!

  12. Oh My!!!!! Heaven on Earth………I want to move in with them too 🙂

  13. ugh love, love, love. Great pictures! So jealous!

  14. she is beyond gorgeous & her home is divine!
    can’t stop looking at the images…simply gorgeous

  15. I just discovered Fig & Fauna, oh probably a little over an hour ago and I am completely OBSESSED. What a beautiful way to live a life, don’t you think? Thank you for your post – beautiful pictures and beautiful subjects!! Those eggs — oh those eggs!!

  16. Girl you totally ROCK !! I love your stories. They brighten me more than the Arizona sun here !! Have beautiful day…..Chickie

  17. Beautiful home / farm. Megan is very lucky to have you as a friend and vica versa I’m sure 🙂 Loved the post; very funny as always! 🙂 – Veronika

  18. sister friend. this is the nicest gift you have ever given us. the introduction to this delightful woman. and now I need to go get another tattoo…so freaking beautiful…all of it. THANKS!

  19. Oh my…complete loveliness!

  20. I’m thinking that maybe I could come and be a sister wife too. I have a fondness for food and photography blogs, so I was pretty much in love at page one.

  21. I am about two hours away! Love the bed and your pictures from there are great.

  22. Chris in FL says:

    What simplicity in her decor…love it! It seems like such a nice life on a farm nestled right in Palm Beach….no way!. Picture perfect family!

  23. Stunning, all of it! I would love to see a better image of her tattoo. Super jealous too by the way that you got to visit. This may just push me into beekeeping.


    Love her.

    Love her family. (her sweet daughter is ADORABLE)

    Love her life.

    Love that you shared it with us.

    Hugs From My Heart

  25. Great pictures, Love home and farmer.
    Thanks ;-))

  26. Absolutely gorgeous post – found a link to your site via the Fig and Fauna website. Glad I followed it! Beautifully written and just as beautifully photographed.

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