I think it’s really safe to say that i put my heart into Lola’s wonderland party.

You see…this girl has a July birthday….and for the last three or four years her parties consisted of

being at the pool.

This year she said she wanted a backyard party with just a few friends.

I told her….sure….let’s grill some hot dogs and  get you a cake from Walmart.


that did not go over so well….so i told her to sit on it and think about it.

So…while she was in Florida…Fin and I bought the Alice in Wonderland movie…

and then my mind started going…..the wheels were turning.

I called Lola and said…..forget the roasted wienies…let’s have fun.

she agreed.

I pretty much used what i had from my house.

The wallpaper is left over from when i had a shop….so i used it as the backdrop.

The Wonderland letters i got from {here}…

and the mix matched table and chairs are all from my house.

Last summer when i was in New Mexico visiting my mom…we hit a yard sale and i found

the chandelier for $10. My mom shipped it to me…but it broke in transit….so i spray painted it

and used it to hang over the table…all topsy turby.

The Mad Hatter would have been proud.

I bought the paper butterflies and flowers from Whimsy when i was down there last weekend…

then had my neighbor sew them all together to make a banner and to hang on the chandie.


I had a candy station for the goodie bags….

and used these sweet goodie bags with Wonderland characters on them.

I had so much fun styling her party. My brain had been turning for the last month as i was

trying to piece it all together. I wanted to incorporate a vintage whimsy feel into just an

ordinary tea party. The best part was…i did it on a budget…because i had so many of the

pieces to put it all together. My girlfriend made the cupcakes……even though we did end

up buying a small cake anyways.

{that was all me…because i wanted to have a cake in the vintage birdcage}

I used all my own tea cups and tea pots…even though i did purchase one

of the tea pots from goodwill.

{great place to find things…}

After the tea party was over….the girls came inside and we watched the movie.

Lola had a ball….her eyes were just bulging the entire time.

I was so happy to be able to make her party so special to her and to be able to put some of

my old creative talent to use.





  1. This is beautiful! I can’t wait to have a little girl, I’ll make every birthday Alice themed 😀

  2. Can I just say that you have COMPLETELY inspired me! I am SO excited about this because now I have a jumping off point for my 9-year-old’s birthday party! Thank you, thank you!

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