make it count

I thought i would warn you now….this might be a long post….

or not….

what i know is that 

Thank goodness for vodka insurance.

{we went two months w/o insurance…and it wasn’t pretty}

I once said that i can’t stand running but for some reason it’s all i can think about …..


how do these things happen. You sit here and type it all out…word for word….telling the world that

you hate to run….but damn if you don’t step on that scale and 

ka boom

there are only 4 pounds left on the scale to lose.

I made an appointment with an Orthopedist…..

{or sports medicine…i don’t remember…i live on an island and i can’t be choosy}

but they can’t see me for another week and a half.

Which means for two weeks they have asked me to take it easy.

I took last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off from running…but i did go to Gabby’s class on Tuesday

{knowing there was no class the rest of the week}

and here i had been complaining….wah wah wah about my knee….and you know who shows up to class?

Bethany Hamilton.

With her one arm.

And that put my ass back into perspective that even though here i was complaining about my knee….

this girl had her arm ripped off by a shark…..and she can do push- ups like no one.

I love how things like that happen to me.

That same day i found this video…

{don’t let the girls in the bikinis scare you….it’s a good one…i promise}

and just by watching that video… makes me want to go back to France…{not necessarily Cairo}

and Rome and South Africa…then jump into that water.

{does jumping off my pier count??}

Did you watch it?

Have i mentioned how much i love the Kleenex with the eucalyptus infused in it?


Yes…i realize it’s an ad for Nike’s Fuel brand….but i love the underlying foundation….

because it is that same foundation that i am trying to live.

{wish i had a budget to do something crazy for 10 days….}

Make it count.

Make every day count.

Which is why we up and moved for one year.

Which is why we teach our children that living life to it’s fullest is something to be proud of.

Which is why i set a goal to lose some extra weight and am making it happen.

Which is why i LOVE that Lola is playing basketball for the first time EVER and her two 

coaches are gay {with kids}and we can sit and talk about girlfriends {or boyfriends}

{the live- in kind}

without having to refer back to the show Modern Family as our only point of reference.

Teaching our kids to love everyone…..isn’t it beautiful.

Please tell me how you talk to your kids about these issues…i would love to hear….

We got up early last Sunday morning {Easter} and went to Sunrise service….

on our favorite pier….

at our favorite beach…..

the clouds parted….the sun peeked through….all in time for one beautiful morning on Kauai.

Of course a donut or two helped.

The kids dressed themselves…and i thank the good lord that our Easter finery included casual this year.

Anyhoo…onto the best part of our Sunday.

{might i just mention how much i love just one Cadbury creme egg….}

We spent the afternoon with our friends at the beach….under a pop up tent…in the rain.

We managed to hide a hundred or so filled plastic eggs around the beach and when the kids were done

we were all sitting around and for some reason us girls got on the conversation of births while the boys 

played football on the beach in the rain.

{i don’t know how….and i don’t know why……seriously…how do these conversations happen}

but i brought up that i pretty much asked for my epidural a good three weeks ahead of time

{i swear…i was under the impression that all us girls liked the idea of no pain…

but then i guess that the whole idea of “no pain no gain” is obsolete and void in other areas…

so never mind…..i’m just talking out loud here…..}

and one of my friends…who is as natural as can be….teaches yoga……eats vegan….

used to homeschool……..

you get the idea…..

and she mentions how she birthed all three of her kids at home and in bed.


it didn’t take more than two seconds for Lola to to raise her hand and ask if the reason she didn’t

have her babies in the hospital was because they couldn’t afford it.

good lord above

i wanted to dig a hole in the ground right then and there…

lightening….strike down on me now……

and all i kept thinking of was my old TIME -OUT corner …..

{damn how i miss my little corner… was a great place }

My friend goes on to explain that women know their bodies best….and you don’t really need a hospital.

Lola looked at me…..and i smiled and told her that some women do…..

ya know…

have their babies at home even if they can afford a hospital.

Needless to say……I obviously needed the whole hospital thing…..needles and medication…

{like grapefruit juice is to vodka…….}

nurses and formula….and nurseries where momma can get a little night night before she heads back

home to her other kids.

Here is to diversity….

and wheat-grass…..

and lucky charms.


back to making it count….

i’m on to my last two weeks till i reach that goal….and i finally got around the other day to take 

some of Fin’s 7 year photos {post to come…}.

I wanted to get a photo of Fin and i….so i dug into my closet and pulled out one of my thrifted Anthro

dresses that i bought when i went shopping with the homies in Chicago before we moved here.

I found the dress {size 6} and i couldn’t even get the zipper up then…..but i still bought it.

I bought it because i loved it.

I remember it in Anthro…..but it was meant to be because i bought it at a consignment shop with tags

still on for a whopping $18.

I knew one day i would fit in it….but who knew that day would be on a Thursday evening at 4pm

on the island of Kauai.


p.s. Be careful of geckos on the wall…..that start clicking when they look at you….

it means they are ready to mate.


  1. After a lifetime of playing by the rules, I’ve slowly been leaving my comfort zone this past year…and I’ll NEVER go back. I’m always on the hunt for new adventures…maybe we can put our pennies together and head out on a 10-day tour? I’ve got $53. Greece?

  2. Wow I looooovvveee that video. Amazingly I have been to many of those places as lived overseas for sevearl years. I am missing it like crazy right now and was just thinking I need an adventure – maybe that video was just the push I needed. Thanks for sharing I may share it as well.

  3. Posts like this one is why I love to come here Kasey, thanks for sharing. And woohoo! Almost there with your weight,
    I need to take notice….

  4. Loved this post today. Thank you for being YOU

  5. Seriously, that was a wonderful video even though yes, it was a Nike ad. I can relate.
    You have inspired me, truly, to take on anything. Kudos on the last 4 pounds!!

  6. I love that last photo of you in your dress, it’s beautiful.
    I have to say, it’s been eye opening to read about your life, and how your family
    is adjusting along the way.
    Keep it up;-)

  7. The dress is awesome and 4 lbs to go!! Woot woot! I love that you are living life to the fullest and finding gratefulness in each day. It is what I am trying to do too. Have a good week. Take care of that knee!

  8. Janine Smith says:

    You GO GIRL!! You’re the bomb in so many ways!

  9. I look forward to each and everyone of your posts! Wonderful images, great sense of humor and inspiration! Incredible video, thanks!

  10. Love the dress…congrats…keep up the good work!

    You all have definitely Mad It Count…such a fun adventure…blessings to you all on your many adventures ahead!

  11. Way cool! Keep livin’!

  12. You are so inspiring me to get off my ass a bit more! Look at you!! Two weeks to go- awesome. I think tomorrow may be the day I hit the scale…since all of the Easter chocolate is now gone…..
    Miss you!

  13. Girl, you got this!

  14. Mrs. Buick, I have to say that you are amazing! 🙂
    LOVED the video, and forwarded it to my Sis in law who is living in Spain, and doing as much as she can
    you are such an inspiration!!!

  15. You are such an inspiration!

  16. Wow. Loved it. Especially all the quotes….so true. I think the original Nike slogan of “Just Do It” is my fave of all time.
    So simple. Why dont we all Just Do It. Already.
    Kudos to you girlie 🙂 You look FAB.

  17. Very inspiring post! xxoo

  18. Victoria says:

    Loved that video and your Anthro dress!

    Hope your knee gets better soon! I always hated to run and then I trained and ran a 5K and loved it. About that time my knees started bothering me so I know what you mean when you say it’s all you can think about.

  19. Great post 🙂 I love the new and exciting way you are teaching your kiddos and selfs to live. I also love that you are the change, that is slowly happening with teaching your children that yes there are all kinds of families and we are not just on TV 🙂
    yay to that. Jen

  20. Yes some women need hospitals – like me! Can’t be doing any of that home birth stuff especially as I had 2 seperate babies who didn’t want to come out and were quite happy sitting between my lungs!!!! I have huge admiration for mothers who chose homebirths though. I’m just too much of a coward!! 😉

  21. Loved this post…well, love em all…shamelessly:) I laugh and cry and snicker and nod, when I read them. You speak a truth many of us want spoken and it’s a better day having it all out there….the adventure, adversity, love, frustration, need for vodka and wine and family…thanks for sharing. Glad to know you are as authentic and lovely in person as you are on this blog:) xo

  22. love it all!!! love that you are “loving running”!! i’ve had the same experience…swore that i hated it…there was no point to just running…but now-it is my mental release—it is cheaper then a therapist & it is a great way to tone down a bit. good for you!!! you inspire me 🙂
    thank you for continuing to journal & blog for all of us out there. you are a *superb* writer!!!

  23. best post EVER. you rock, thanks so much……………..totally and completely get where you are coming from on all counts. and yes, we do speak to our kids about all different kinds of love and they get it (i think anyway). keep living to make it count! and thanks for inspiring me to do the same.

  24. Ever since my daughter could understand I told her that what makes a person beautiful & special is their heart. She turns 12 next month and if you ask her “Why are you so beautiful?” she points to her heart. She is one of the most loving, least judgemental people I have ever known.

  25. While living on island, I had a resident gecko in my shower…creeper…

  26. adrienne says:

    loved it! thanks so much for sharing yourself and your family (adventures) with us! you are inspiring. I’m going to a spin class this morning. Pray I don’t fall off the bike!

  27. What a great post! Making it count…that’s what counts:)

  28. BEAUTIFUL post! {it has been a MILLION years since i visited your site. oh my gosh am i so happy to have rediscovered google reader today!} sending you all goodness!
    {i used to be at kellyloveswhales.}

  29. I am always so inspired by your words and your life.
    Keep it up!

  30. We’ve only been home a week since we pulled our boys outta school and went to Africa for four months to volunteer there. This video only makes me want to keep moving…guess I won’t “settle” in as much as people want me to. There’s too much out there. Thanks for your blog…love it like a good boxed wine.

  31. Love this post so much. that video is amazeballs! I am tired of the mundane and ready to make it count! for real this time! So inspired by your weight loss, your attitude, and your balls (figuratively of course) to give up what’s comfy and strive for what’s meaningful!! Love this blog. Write more? Pretty please?

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