Houston we have a problem

Because i’ve already made it public that i have a goal….

and the only person who can hold me accountable is myself…..and because i write everything down…

here in this diary that goes out to the world wide web…

i need to be frank and open.

Not to be confused with Franks and beans.

Today is Monday {or Tuesday in some places}….and this marks the ‘less than three weeks’ of Gabby’s class left.

{she surprised us and added the last week of April}

I had my friend snap a quick photo of me in class last week….

here i am doing these rope things. I don’t know the correct name for this particular

exercise but it kills your arms but makes them stronger.

{it’s okay to drool while doing rope things……i have to remind myself that…..}

I also need a pedicure and a some new jeans but i’m not complaining because i have to keep reminding

myself that i’m down 19 pounds and that’s what really matters.

19 pounds!!!!

6 more to go.

The problem i’m having right now is my left knee.

{it’s actually below my left knee….not the actual knee}

It’s in EXTREME pain….and only after i run.

There are two things that might be going on at the moment.

Either i have cancer and am going to die


i have a tumor and am going to die.

I probably should not have run Saturday morning…..because my knee was acting up again….

but my knee doesn’t hurt when i run….it only hurts AFTER i run….so i thought…as long as i keep running

then it won’t hurt.




I got home from my run on Saturday…showered….and spent the rest of the day with my left knee elevated

and my wonderful nurse Lola kept the ice bags coming since Bryan was at work all day.

{we also watched “Mary Poppins” and i’m dying for some of that medicine she hands out to the kids

and herself after their walk in the rain. A woman that can carry that bottle around in her purse

is a woman that can be a friend of mine}

check check

After i popped 28 Advil and downed it with some fine boxed wine….my knee started feeling better.

I decided to take Sunday off from running.

{It was also Easter Sunday and we went to sunrise service on the beach….more on that later….}

I then woke up Monday morning and thought…..i could just walk.

I used to walk…..why couldn’t i just walk the 4.5 miles instead of run….

but i only made it about 1/10th of a mile before turning around and telling myself…


who needs to walk when i can go home and catch up on the last hour of “The Today Show”.

{cheers Kathy Lee and Hoda }


The real problem is either

A: My new shoes {but it’s doubtful}


B: The day i tripped and fell on my left knee after trying to take off my rain boots and now with

the running it’s probably some torn ligament


C: It’s a TUMOR.

Either way…..it’s a set back.

But i poured myself some red wine {from a bottle thank you very much Bryan Buick}

because as i was researching how to ease the pain

everything i was reading kept stating how good red wine is.


  1. Oh boo! I hope you get better. Keep up the good work, you look awesome!

  2. Tight “IT” Band possibly? Use a foam roller on the side of your thigh (PS – hurts like hell) – Gabby can probably show you how to do this (or google it). They get extremely tight when you run, and I would have the pain toward the end of my run, or like you, when I stopped. Hopefully that’s it and it’s not a TUMOR!!! ha!

  3. I was thinking along Jenny’s lines. I have the same issue. Good luck! (PS- I went from 5k to a marathon in less than a year– so you CAN DO THIS! IT band and all!!) PPS- I made spring rolls last night- yum!

  4. That first picture is hilarious! OH my gosh. Your doing all you can-you’ll make that goal cause your determined even with a set back. Don’t play with a knee boo boo….maybe rest it. Just don’t eat donuts.

  5. ugh. When I started running I had this fear…that I wouldn’t be able to. I was hooked on the high and the changes in my body and also the fact that I could still enjoy food. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t. I know this guy who does 24 hour runs and his advice is to rest the injury. Just rest it. So I’ll say rest it Kasey! I know you don’t want a set back but a delay is better than doing some real damage:) Thanks for all the inspiration because I have really reached a plateau and need to push myself harder and you are inspiring me to do that!

  6. 19 lbs is amazing – congratulations! That is a fabulous accomplishment. For the knee do you get Voltaren cream in Hawaii? It’s applying advil to the sore instead of taking it which is better for the liver (!!). Take care of it because knee injury’s last for a while. PS – I still have snow in my backyard – hello from Alberta!

  7. Sounds like you got some good medicine! Hope your knee heals fast & well…and praying it’s not a tumor. 😉

  8. hope it heals on its own and the pain goes away! once it does, i would recommend doing a short warmup of running backwards before you get into your run. i used to experience knee pain from running for years until my aunt told me about this tip she learned from her physical therapist. i now run knee-pain free! i usually do about 2.5 minutes (and on the treadmill i started at 2 mph until i got used to it and gradually got to 3 mph). good luck!!

  9. Oh, I hope your knee gets better. You are an wonderful inspiration. It’s funny, you enjoy knowing that over Easter at my relatives’ we had a fun conversation about you, your family, your Hawaiian journey. We were all imagining picking up and doing something fantastical like you. Thank you!

  10. Wow. 19 pounds – how awesome.

  11. You make me laugh—sad for your knee though. Made your summer rolls-Yummy!! Hubby like them too. I work with a woman that spent time on your island this winter. Mentioned the blog–can you believe she didn’t know who you are???? Proceeded to tell her ALL about you. She kept looking at me sideways. Maybe I have too much time on my hands!

  12. You are doing an amazing job! Way to go!

    ps. I did that, slipped, fell & landed on my knee. I waited 3 mos or so b/f I went to the doc to get checked out b/c I was sure it was nothing. Nothing but a completely torn ACL & 2 torn meniscus. 🙁 A few months post-surgery & things are much better now, still not able to run.

  13. Awww…I hope you feel better soon! It could be the shoes. I just bought some brand new running shoes from a really cool store here in OKC where they video your feet while you run on the treadmill. This helps them determine what kind of shoe to fit you in. Well…I bought the recommend shoe that day and started the Couch to 5K running program. Well on day 2 my achilles started hurting. I went to another running store where they examine your feet & they said the shoe I had was the wrong shoe for my feet & causing a strain on my achilles. Another friend of mine had knee pain & went to the same store and found out she had the wrong shoe as well. So…it doesn’t hurt to get them checked out…it could be an easy fix!

    Girl…I weighed in yesterday & I’ve lost 19 lbs too!! I have 11 more to go before my trip to Kenya in July 🙂 Totally doable, I think!

    Keep up the good work…you’re lookin’ good girl!

    • That’s awesome Alecia! So proud of you. We don’t have one of those running stores here that i can get fitted….
      so i have to wait till June when we head home for a little vacation.

  14. I hear your pain.
    I, the work out junkie, have not worked out in over a MONTH.
    Hello body hurting all over.
    Hello muscle relaxers.
    Hello bed rest.
    Hello neck brace.
    Hello doctor.
    Hello scary tests for things like ovarian cancer.

    skip the run for the week.
    neck braces are so not good for sex.

  15. stephanie says:

    I had arthroscopic knee surgery in Jan. to repair a torn meniscus…i hope that is not your problem! The surgery was no big deal nor was the pain. Its just taking way longer than i thought to be 100%. I was back to the gym in just a few weeks, but my knee is still a tender. For instance i can not get on all fours…not that i do often:) but you know…when you need to scrub the floor or something….

  16. Congrats on your weight loss! Sorry to hear about your hurt knee….oh no!!! I’m hoping the wine makes it all better!!!

  17. I wish I could post a picture for you…but it won’t let me! I was just emailed through Obaz (not sure if you’ve heard of it…) but they make a WINE PURSE!!!! With a TAP! So…you carry it around like a purse, but it is stuffed with the inside of the boxed wine! INSTANTLY thought of you! (Super weird and crazy idea…but, for those of us that like our vino…not so bad huh!)
    Anyway…you have got to check it out! Might be perfect for the beach…or the hotel nextdoor…(fill it up and sip free wine in the hot tub until they kick you out!)





  19. Kisses, rest and ice and blessings for your knee. xoxo jody

  20. Right there with you Kasey, I have a bum hip and am in the 3rd week of P90X. I want to continue, but am feeling discouraged. I’m inspired by your weight loss, but more than that, your candor thru it all. Guess all we can do is take Nemo’s advice and “just keep swimming!”

  21. Its not cancer! 🙂 I’ve gotten that same pain before too. Advil, ice, and rest. Make sure you stretch before! That made a huge difference for me. Since I don’t like to run in iffy weather, I usually just do treadmill, but running barefoot also helped my aches and pains.
    Alright, I’ll shut up now.
    Gorgeous photos, as always. Great job on your weight loss!

  22. I love your blog and look forward to checking in with you every day! I’m so impressed with your weight loss since I’m in the same boat and have put on so much weight in just one year. In addition to your exercising, I’m curious to what you have been eating…are you following a specific diet? Please share your eating strategy (in addition to fine boxed wine
    😉 )!!

  23. Congrats on your fabulous weight loss!

  24. Yep, a torn meniscus. The pain is horrible. BUT….at times the pain will go away (kinda like you said). Then other times the pain makes you think you are about 90 years old!! I just had surgery for mine about a month ago and it feels SO much better. Don’t wait too long for the surgery. I waited a year thinking it would get better, and I wish I had just done the surgery immediately! Good luck. Lori L

  25. I cannot run… I tend to leave a trail of urine which in turn causes dogs to follow me. I do Body Pump and Brazil Butt lift. I love it. I also do a 10min mile walk dvd. It is working I am down 23 lbs. No wine for me. I was always a beer girl but not anymore. Sadly I would rather have Diet Coke but have given it up on the advice of well…everyone. Grrr. You crack me up. I am sure you need to keep self-medicating and you will push thru this.Mary Poppins ….you cracked me up. You are looking fantastic!

  26. I am with the last commenter… after four babies… ain’t no running’ going on here though I miss the days of pounding it out on the pavement. I keep telling myself I should just “try” it… and then I sneeze a couple times and reality sets in.

    Have to say, it’s comforting to read someone who has the same relationship as red wine as I do. Sometimes I wonder what people think cause I am constantly mentioning it on my blog… you’re helping me not care! Now, where’s that corkscrew?

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