fun facts friday

I don’t have a clever enough title for the post today….so it’s labeled fun facts Friday.

This post is filled with all sorts of fun facts.

Like this one:

Fact: Lice here in Hawaii are called UKU’s.

Not to be confused with playing the UKUlele.

Fact: Don’t yell at a kid and say “go grab the UKU”. They will be confused and might possibly scream.

Fact: I realized i do not like running at all.

I say that everytime i get up and head out….

but i made it a whole 5 miles last week though.

And then i ran another five miles again.

Fact: My knees hurt and i’m too old to be running.

People pass me by all the time…..but slow and steady finally makes it to the end.

*I made Kale chips for the first and last time ever. I realize most of you love them…

so i thought i would give it a go.

Fact: I didn’t realize they wouldn’t taste like cheetos.

We even seasoned them with sea salt and evoo.

They sat on my counter for two whole days and we all just sort of looked at them the entire time.

I’m the only one that tried them.

We fed them to the wild chickens……and even the wild chickens just looked at them.

*I found some tea that i though bryan could drink ….but apparently he’s more 

interested in the deli meat.

Fact: i’m going to give him the tea to drink this morning and see what happens.

*I said shoot me if i mentioned running again…..

Fact: i’m down 3 more pounds since my Strong is the new skinny post.

Fact: I hate running and won’t bore you with anymore running stories.

I won’t even tell you about the day i though i could text a quick message while running and tripped.

Don’t run and text.

If you can get past the early mid 90’s look of high wasted belted jeans on me….

and oversized plaid shirt paired with olive green cords on Bryan…..

you’ll get to see us standing with Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks {and Rita’s sister Lily}

at my aunts house when we lived in Vail.

{living in the mountains must explain the look}

I only show you this photo because…

1. Bryan found it the other day stashed in his folder


2. well…..we are standing with Tom and Rita.

Because we had only met them once….we thought it would be fun to invite them to our wedding.

Fact: They didn’t come.

It’s ok….no hard feelings….but look at how my arm is entwined with Rita’s…..

and how Lily’s head is resting on Bryan’s shoulder.  I think they liked us.

p.s. If you tune in tonight on NBC you’ll get to see Rita and Lily on an episode of “who do you think you are”.

My girlfriend Jill  from Oregon is visiting with her family this week….

and i was lucky enough to get together with her yesterday and

we had drinks poolside.

Fact: 2 of them.

Fact: Ginger lemonades.

Honest to goodness fact: Vodka sure is good in lemonade.


  1. Let me know how that Goat Weed is! Too funny.
    BTW: you are looking amazing, those arms are gorgeous!

  2. Stacey Weber says:

    Tom and Rita are the one couple (famous) that I would love to be able to meet. So fun and lucky for you and Bryan to have gotten to meet them back then.
    Black turtlenecks were so great with belted jeans weren’t they;-)

  3. Loved the fun facts post, you are hilarious. Looking mighty good girl, looking mighty good!

  4. Oh my gosh…I’m so jealous…how in the WORLD did you get to meet Tom, Rita & Lily?!?! I love, love, LOVE Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson…more so Tom Hanks b/c he’s soooo stinkin’ attractive & funny!!! You lucky dogs…I almost missed them though b/c of your outfits…thanks for the warning! 😉

  5. Love it!

  6. You met Tom & Rita?! You must share more. I demand another post on this…

  7. Lily Reeves says:

    Kasey- What a cute pic. Thanks for the promo for tonights show. Do you remember coming to my house in Reseda when you were little?

  8. Ugh, kale chips suck! The entire world raves about them, but I really, REALLY haven’t found a use for them, especially since cooking them stinks the house up.

  9. I was going to leave you a comment on your last post, but you closed the comments. I was able to read through some of the comments though and because I know you personally, I know what an amazing adventure you and your family are on.
    I can’t wait to see you in June when you come for a visit.
    p.s. Never thought of making Kale chips. Interesting. You look fabulous by the way!

  10. I don’t blog but I only read a handful of them and your is on my top list. I love seeing on FB when you say the iconic words: i blogged…
    Anyway, I’ve never tried the Kale chips, thank you very much.
    I don’t run but good for you and the last 3 pounds so far.
    Rita and Tom, no words needed;-)

  11. kasey, you are looking so fit and beautiful!!

    Just got back from a run while in FL visiting family. The 1.5 mile loop I usually take can get boring, so I brought my 9 y.o. son along for some entertainment. I highly suggest it as it takes one’s mind off of the tedious run, especially if the both of you argue the whole time….. It may not be zen like exercise, but before I knew it, the run was over and we had some quality time together….. sigh….

    I have done The Clean Program twice (Alejandro Junger) and it has worked well for me. Lost 8 and 10 lbs. However, a few lbs have creeped back. On vacation this week, so too bad. I’m having my pina coladas anyway!!!


  12. Yeah on your progress!!
    Wine always gets in the way of my progress….and that’s even with running alot:)

    Kale chips…never tried em….but I am thinking of trying eggplant chips!! I’m sure not as good as cheetos!!

  13. I agree with Heather…a post about how you met Tom and Rita would be SO COOL!

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