Rotisserie chicken and feta summer rolls

I’m not talking about vodka or fine boxed wine today….

nope…..not at all.

Today i’m talking again about food.

I love food and food loves me.

If you loved those brie and fig jam bites.… will love these summer rolls.

Okay….maybe you didn’t like those brie bites…..but trust me on this one…..

these summer rolls are the bomb.

I did some research and i found out the difference between Spring rolls and Summer Rolls….

because at first i was calling these Spring rolls….but here is the difference.

Spring rolls are FRIED and Summer rolls are FRESH.

Now….i’ve never been one to turn something fried away…especially those fried artichoke hearts

with garlic aioli that they serve at the Hanalei Gourmet…..but since i save those for special occasions….

i wanted to make sure you got the correct terminology.

These are an ode to my chicago home-girl Alison …..because we had 

ordered the heck out them at the hotel that they were staying at and she went home and texted me

saying she was going to try making them.

She gave me the idea to add rotisserie chicken to the rolls…..

….but i have a secret ingredient that makes takes them from original to 


I make these and take them to the beach with us because they travel easy and easy is good in my opinion.

I make mine with rotisserie chicken and feta cheese {my secret ingredient and will knock your socks off}

but these can be VEGAN

if you omit those two ingredients…and these are totally GLUTEN FREE.

So i say “HOOYAW” to healthy food that tastes like real food. 

Here is what you are going to need:

*1 package of Spring Roll Wrappers {found in the Asian section of your market}

*1 package of Mung Bean Threads {also found in the Asian section of your market}

If you can’t find mung bean threads which are really just thin rice noodles, then you can use

bean sprouts. I don’t care for sprouts which is why i use the mung bean threads.

*An avocado-sliced and diced.

* 1/2 cup of chopped and diced up carrots {i throw mine in my mini Cuisinart to chop}

**1/2 cup of cucumber chopped and diced up {i also throw it in the Cuisinart}

*Fresh mint {easy to throw in with the cucumber when chopping}

*1 cup diced rotisserie chicken {optional}

*1/2 cup of feta cheese {optional}

*Peanut sauce {found in the Asian section of the market}

Like i said….the mung bean thread is really just very thin rice noodles that you need to soak in

warm water for about 3-5 minutes to soften up before starting.
The Spring roll wrappers are the same way…..they come hard and are made with rice flour…

but they only need to soak for less than a minute.

You soak them as you make each one.

I use a round cake pan and fill it with warm water because they fit in easily.

You will notice after a minute {or less} of soaking one that it’s pretty pliable…..

then just lay it out on your working station {i use a cutting board} and have all your ingredients 

ready to go and set up in an easy station to spoon each thing onto the wrapper.

I add the rice noodles first…..then layer about a spoonful of each of the veggies …

then add your chicken and sprinkle a spoonful of the secret ingredient……. feta!

I wrap them like i would a little burrito.

I bring the bottom up and tuck it under……

then the left side over….

then the right side over…..

and then i take the bottom and roll it one time toward the top…..

and bring the top down and seal it.

The wrappers are soft and pliable so they seal perfectly.

When i put them over on a plate….i put the sealed part face down.

This peanut sauce is good and it’s gluten free for those of you that can’t have gluten…but i’ve also

been buying a Peanut sauce that is spicy. See what your market has…..and make the decision yourself.

And there you have it….

Summer rolls!

They end up being around 3.5 inches in length….so these are easy to make and have

as appi’s at a party….or like we do….they are our dinner.

Except we eat like 5 of them.


Bryan likes a lot of chicken in his…..i like more feta and avo in mine.

Take them to the beach…or on a picnic.

And because i said i wasn’t going to mention Vodka or Fine boxed wine in this post…..

these sure go well with a good margarita.

Damn that skinny girl……it was empty within 30 minutes.


  1. You had me at Feta!
    These look so yummy, thank you for sharing.

  2. I just love you blog!! Such a happy place:) and I love me some skinny girl and some wine….:)

  3. Making these for Easter!!!!

  4. Wow, these sound and look delicious Kasey!!! I’m making them tomorrow!! Thanks for the recipe!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and a very Happy aster!

  5. These look great Kasey! Will definitely try these! I love that your recipes that are healthy also are delicious! You are a girl who loves good food…so I trust your healthy stuff! No BSing! 😉

  6. These are right up my alley… YUM!!!

  7. They look a hell of a lot nicer than mine!!

  8. thanks for the yummy recipe!

  9. I made these last night! LOVED THEM

  10. Looks yummy!!!! I love Skinny Girl margarita!!!!!!! Tastes great!!!!! The extra plus is that it is low calorie!!!!!

  11. These look & sound AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to try them…I will be making them soon…very soon…with some Brie & fig bites!

  12. I will be making these! Thanks for the recipe….yummolicious!

  13. Those sure look interesting and delicious. And…you look great too! Way to go you fit lady!

  14. Hi Kasey, was wondering how many rolls the recipe makes? Going to attempt to create for Easter appetizers tomorrow and needing to serve about 10 adults.

  15. I’m making these! Yum! Thanks fo sharing!

  16. Yum. Im going to try these. Im wild about the skinny girl margarita. Tried it twice 🙁
    Hey waht kind of running shoe do you have and do you like them? I think your weight at 144 is great. How tall are you. Im hitting both post here. Looks like your hike was beautiful. Sorry to hear about the lady swept out to sea. How sad..
    Never been to Hawaii but it sure seems to suit you guys.

    • They are Reeboks, and I’m 5’7

      • I could ‘nt find the wrappers for these so we ate them in a big lettuce leaf. YUMMMMMMM!!! I love the peanute sauce on them and although Im not a fetta cheese fan it was so good in this. Thanks for the insperation to eat something healthy! now to find those reebok shoes .

  17. This looks fantastic….although I am very sad that you don’t have a Peeps post this year. I always get a good laugh out of them. 🙂

  18. heathy. food. and here I was looking for your green juice recipe. Just to be clear – your blog is where I go to get food inspiration. Did you hear me? I need to go lay down…

  19. I was wondering what brand spring roll wrappers you used. I made these last night and the wrappers I used looked nothing like yours. It said spring roll wrappers but when I put mine in water they turned to mush. Thanks.

  20. Aloha Kasey!
    I just came across your blog via Kimberly Taylor Images and I am so wowed with everything!
    I was born and raised on Kauai. It is so refreshing to see your posts about the Garden Isle.
    Hanalei is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m on the island 🙂 It’s so great that your children get to experience the island life that Kauai has to offer 🙂
    I’m totally making these spring rolls (vegan style)! Such a great and ono idea!
    I love that you bring your meals outdoors, like in the photo above of Hanalei Bay.

    Honolulu, HI

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