a little hiking

I woke up yesterday morning and stepped on the scale.

144 pounds.

Actually 144.7 {bryan wanted me to round up…..but i’m rounding down damn it}


Which means i have 7 more pounds to lose and my original goal to lose the entire 25 pounds 

is fast approaching.

Three weeks to be exact.

My post on 3.9 in which i showed you my before and midway photos was only a little over 3.5

weeks ago but the photo was taken 4 weeks ago.

Even though i’m losing almost a pound a week i feel a little stressed in trying to lose the 

last 7 pounds in the next 3 weeks.

That would mean 2 pounds a week for the next 3 weeks.


That would mean 25 pounds lost in 23 weeks {5.5 months}.

That was my goal though wasn’t it? 

I’ll be realistic….i don’t think i can do it.

My class is Gabby is ending in less then 3 weeks….and in these next 3 weeks….class is very sporadic…

as in 1-2 classes a week instead of our normal 3.

Trust me…..

I will be crying big snotty snobby snots all over her on our last day.

{it’ll give her something to remember me by}

I’ve been running 3-5 miles on the days i don’t have class….but still i want to be my normal self…

which means i’m not going to go all extreme just to try and meet my goal.

I have to be realistic…..and still be me.

Or do i?


Anyone there?

Anyhoo….yesterday i woke up and dragged my tired husband out of bed to hike with me.

We hiked the Hanakapiai trail which is at the end of the road …..

and the entire trail is a total of 11 miles long

and is known as the Kalalau trail. It’s quite trechorous after about mile 6….but people do it…and camp 

all along the way.

{it’s a secret goal to be able to do that…but i don’t think carrying 3 boxes of wine is smart}

We hiked 2 miles in and 2 miles out.

My next hike is going to be 4 miles in and 4 miles out.

{don’t worry….i can bring one box of wine for this one…}

I was proud to make it a whole half mile…..

The entire 2 mile trail in runs along the coastline….

and i suggest if you come and hike it…to get there early..

{we drop kids off at school by 730 and head straight to the trail head}

so that you can be there before 8 am.

If you get there any later then the parking is hard and the trail gets really crowded.

It took us an hour in….and an hour out.

{Bryan is a hiking virgin…..so i had to go slow….}

Two hours total and let me tell you the first half mile is pretty tough.

When you get the 2 miles in…you end up at Hanakapiai river and right past the river is a secluded

beach in which you CAN NOT SWIM IN.

But you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

{even pack a picnic…..stay a few hours and enjoy the view}

Last month a tourist tried crossing the river during that big rain storm we were having

and she was washed out to sea.

It’s important to follow the rules ….and that means…..

1. don’t hike when it’s raining 

2. don’t cross any rivers when the signs all tell you not to when it’s raining hard

3. be smart and use common sense.

We had a great time and followed all the rules.

We even said hello to everyone on their way up as we were heading back down….

a total of 43 hello’s.

Which means…by 9am…the trail was packed with people heading in.

We never tripped….fell….or broke an ankle….so that was good news.

That was my workout for today.

It was better than running.

So much better than running.

Wine is better than running and hiking.

Vodka and grapefruit juice is better than wine.

So let’s have some Vodka and grapefruit juice!


  1. Brenda Owen says:

    Hi, I don’t usually comment but you are looking fan-bloody-tastic girl – well done, you’re nearly there 😉

  2. You look fabulous!!! Congrats on getting even closer to your goal!!!!!

  3. Trailwarrior says:

    That view…WOW! You look great too, keep up the hard work!

  4. So close to your goal! Yay! I say don’t beat yourself if you can’t lose two lbs each week, especially given the circumstances. You didn’t push yourself before so you don’t have to start now. In my experience losing the last few pounds is hardest so don’t feel down if it takes longer than the other weight. The slow and steady weight loss will be more likely to stay off since you have made lifestyle changes! Plus it might feel good to lose the weight on your own without gabby! Because we all know you can! 😉 Cheers to you as you finish your goal! Making your fig and brie for Easter and very excited to try it!

  5. So jealous…if I had that view I may actually want to work out & I HATE working out! You look so great…good luck on meeting your goal!

  6. Gosh I haven’t commented in awhile. Trying to get up and blogging again. Anyway, you are looking fantastic Kasey! I think that I enjoy reading your blog even more since you guys have taken your chance and tried something new! I can say that I’ve been there and done that. I know that it is not the easiest of times, but you seem to be making the most of everyday! What a beautiful example for your children! Looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you next. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  7. marilyn says:

    you do look fabulous! congratulations on your success! and i am sure you know that the longer it takes to lose the weight the slower it is to gain it back, so don’t push yourself too hard. i know that trail & hiked it 32 years ago when there were no rules. we only went the first mile in to the beach where we met a man hiking out – he had been stung by a man of war jellyfish – very dangerous! not realizing we were going on a little hike i wore sandals, we all went in the water but quickly got out after the first couple of waves knocked us all down and just about sucked us out to sea! by the way, thanks to you, my husband and i are planning to find a house to rent on the big island for a year. thank you for your inspiring blog!

  8. Kasey you looks GREAT!! Total inspiration!! And what gorgeous scenery to take in while hiking…..amazing!

    Lou Cinda

  9. You are doing it the right way girl! I’ve known peeps who lose 2-4 pounds a week for the first month and then they all end
    up gaining most of it back.
    Slow and steady will keep it off.
    I am beyond thrilled for you. Keep it up!

  10. You look fantastic and to think that 5 months, a whole lot of hard work, juicing, and loving life that you look so happy and wonderful!

  11. You look fantastic! I wouldn’t stress about losing the extra 7 lbs., it’ll come off in time just from being so active. I was always under 120, even after having 3 kids. Then I met my husband (2nd marriage and he’s 15 year younger than I am) and I went up to 163 in the space of a few years, it was horrible…I was lumpy and miserable despite my husband constantly telling me he thought I was perfect..awwwww. I was so depressed I didn’t even enjoy getting dressed anymore. It was my goal to get back to under 120 (I’m 43) but I stopped at 130 and have maintained it for over a year now. To my surprise, much of the time I’m under that and get down to 125 without even trying. My husband lost his drinking buddy for a while but, once I lost the weight and felt I could maintain it, I went back to drinking only on weekends. I just lose control after a few glasses of wine and eat everything in sight! I splurge food wise on the weekends also but I do feel so much better without all that extra weight on me!

    Anyway, I think you look absolutely gorgeous:)

  12. That place looks amazing! Way to go…I have faith you’ll reach your goal even if it’s after the set date you were looking to…have grace for yourself…you’ve done an amazing job already!!

  13. I like the humor of this blog, but can I take it serious for a second? Every time you post before/during pictures and talk about your weight, like the actual numbers, you set the rest of the female race free. Thank you for being so awesome about this. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I pinned your brie bites and I think it got the most repins of anything that I’ve ever done. Holla!

    IF I had to vote, extreme or normal to get to your weight loss, I would suggest the sweet spot in the middle. Maybe 3 days of hard workout with a fourth moderate day? Like fine boxed wine weight lifts or something…

  14. You are definitely an inspiration. I am in awe of your hike, hopefully once I drop some poundage I’ll be hiking too. Gorgeous photos.

  15. Lindsey says:

    Congrats, you’re almost there!! And dont look at it as “I’ll still be me” but rather that this is a newer fit (and ever so funny) you.
    Ps – where did you get those cute running shoes?

  16. Ditch the dairy, go raw. It will come off in less than 3 weeks.

  17. so love your blog… so love you.

    hugs from my heart

  18. Oh yeah… going to try the brie/vodka,grapefruit this weekend. 🙂

  19. Mona Wiley says:

    Kasey, no wonder I didn’t hear from you yesterday. We actually were at that trailhead on Tues., so I know exactly where you hiked. Keep up the good work. Only can get email where I am, so if you can contact me today, we’re staying in cuz of rain.
    Love your blog — thanks to Traci for putting me on to it!

  20. So, I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago so I can wake up way before the butt crack of dawn to go to the GYM, but you have completely sucked me in and I couldn’t stop reading! SO….I really have to get up in 5 1/2 hours so I’m pulling myself away! BUT….I want to know where this trail is so I can kill myself trying to climb it while we are visiting there, and you asked previously about your last few pounds you wanna kick in the next few weeks. Intervals!! I read a great article about it and I tried it the last couple weeks and it seems to be working! 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Any exercise. Go super hard for 30 seconds, then 1-2 minutes slower…back hard again, then repeat. I imagine myself in the biggest loser and how HARD I would push myself to win (during those 30 seconds) then I die during the slow down trying to gain the energy needed to go hard again. IT”S GREAT!

  21. Chris in FL says:

    Absolutely love the view…..glorious! You are doing awesome….you go girl! I am jogging daily and have lost over 10 pounds in about two months. It feels so good to get back into shape.

    I haven’t been on your blog to much lately but was wondering if you posted anything about your plans….are you guys going to stay another year in paradise?

    • Chris in FL says:

      I read the “eight months” post and got my answer. Sounds like an awesome plan….go with the flow. Seriously! I like you Kasey! You are so hilarious and yeah….I would pee in the hot tub too. ha ha ha!! :0

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