IL. love you forever

I think i just have to be short and sweet about this particular post…..

because when you get your best girl-friends together…for another …

{yes….we are really…really good about getting our time away}

girls weekend ….which in fact…is probably our last weekend away together for a long time…

{i’m bawling already…}

because five weeks from today is hit the road time.

Did i say five weeks? Wow….it’s going fast.

We started off Saturday by driving into Chicago and dropping the car off at my friend Elizabeth’s parents condo…

{gotta love when a parent lets us crash at their empty condo}

we grabbed some lunch at Johns Place…which just happened to be next to my most favorite cupcake shop…

Sweet Mandy B’s.

Hello Lemon cupcakes ….you are my favorite.

Then we started hitting the stores. I am on a bit of budget right now….

so hitting the consignment shops are always fun…but right up my alley.

Then we found some shoes…..

and for one quick minute…i had to really think about if i needed some pink toe seperating shoes….

i had to think really….really hard….

but in the end…i decided to pass.

{i hope i don’t regret my hasty decision…}

but i did end up with these cuties…..{$10}…

and Liz ended up with these fabulous finds….{$8.}…..

yeah for wonderful thrifting!

we also hit some home decor shops….

where my wallet stayed in my purse.

and when we were all done shopping for the day….

we headed back to the condo and did what we do best….

drink wine and talk.

We got ready for dinner out….

i really wanted to take the girls to my favorite place….The Girl and the Goat…but there was no way

to get a reservation….it’s weeks and weeks to get in on a saturday night prime time…unless you want to eat at 5…

but since we don’t have kids with us…eating at 5 wasn’t very thrilling.

So we dined at Decerro …..right across the street from g&tg.

Look at those legs…..


I told Liz i’m going to start running again so i can have legs like that…

but then i decided to have a few slices of bacon instead.


I found my dress at H&M…..


and shannon….she looks great….she always find the best things when we all head out thrifting….

see what i mean…..

funny thing is….

the doorman was helping us load all the bags into the car…and none of us had many singles to tip him

but shannon found two dollars…and tried to get me to give it to him…but i acted distracted so she had to tip him.

Anyhoo….after she tried to hand him the TWO DOLLARS….he said…..

no biggie girls.

Which is code word for….

You can keep the two whopping dollars.

Which is fine….because that bought us a latte at our new favorite breakfast place.

ummm…..yeah……that would be my brioche french toast.

Great weekend…great food….great shopping…

and best of all…

great friends.

IL. love you forever.


  1. Kasey what a great weekend! I am so glad you all got together.

    Even if on a budget you can get so many great ideas!

    Adore your shoe find!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  2. Kristine says:

    Your friends are so pretty! What great shoes both you and your friend found, I’m so jealous!!

  3. Laughing at those pink double toe shoe things! What a fun weekend for you, and really? five weeks left???

  4. Shannon Hermann says:

    My cup so so full after having such a WONDERFUL day and night with you and Liz!! I loved every second of it. Trying not to count the days but cherish every moment we have left together!

  5. You’re going to regret not purchasing those pink toe separating shoes! LOVE the H&M dress. SOOO cannot wait until they put one here in Denver!

  6. Damn. I missed it. Glad u had fun. I hope you bought one of those t-shirts!

  7. Oh yum! Love the t shirt.

    If you have a chance, please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

    Happy Monday!

  8. I hate you!!!!!!!!:) You just teased me with Milk and Honey???!! Thanks a lot! They have the BEST pancakes in the whole wide world! oh and there carrot cake will make you CRY!
    I need to know what thrift store you go to in the city! Please? and I have your friend Liz’s black dress…love it so much!

  9. Okay that french toast looks so good! I love your dress! It looks even better with your hair blowing in the wind..:) I wish I could have enjoyed the weekend with you.

  10. Looks like a great weekend was had by all! I have moved so much that I don’t have a group of girlfriends to get together with but I have my bestie that lives 1000 miles away:( Be grateful for your friends and their company. There is nothing like them!

  11. You girls look so cute! Sounds like a wonderful weekend:) Hope you laughed more than you cried 😉

  12. I just love reading about your girl’s get togethers. It proves , with imagination, that one can have a jolly good time regardless of how much we wish to spend. Your keen eyes found some beautiful fashionable and unique, on of a kind items. Your post made us feel the joy, friendship and sheer fun you had with your IL friends. A definite weekend to remember which will be spoken of fondly in the years to come.
    Helen x0

  13. your posts are too familiar to me and they make me cry…
    one year K
    I promise
    in one year you will feel settled
    sounds long, I know
    but it goes soooooooo fast

    I am jealous of your great friends…
    I am hoping that in a few years I will have found girlfriends here
    but even so…
    I am here to remind you
    new adventures, facing the unknown, leaving behind what you love…it is so hard
    I felt so lost and weak
    and now I thank God for all of it
    because in that weakness I grew strong
    I found myself over and over again
    and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but right where I am

    and you look beautiful 🙂
    so there’s that

  14. Sounds like my kind of weekend!!!! Il. Is going to seriously miss you,

  15. I’m so jealous you have lovely friends like that! I wish I could go out shopping with the ‘girls’ or just have girly time out.
    But, nope, no friends to go out with. Oh well.
    I did laugh at the pink shoes though. How aaaaawful!!!

  16. So fun!! And I’m LOVIN’ the hair…I forgot you got it cut…it’s sooo stinkin’ cute! Love the shoes you got…and sorry you passed up the pink toe separating shoes…maybe next time 😉 LOL
    Yay for girlfriends…sounds like they’ll just have to go to Hawaii for the next girls getaway!

  17. Oh, that french toast looks fabulous. It also looks like you had a sweet time with your friends…and I like your new shoes!

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. camel toe shoes? seriously?

  19. Hey Kasey! I don’t usually post comments (yes, that makes me a lurker, or maybe even a blog-stalker, since I check in here every day), but I just used the phrase, “Check, check,” in a blog post and thought of you (sort of, kind of got inspired by your blog to get my own going since we share a sense of both fashion and humor).

    And here’s the part where I shamelessly promote myself: if you wanna check it out. I just posted my first ever giveaway with a little hand-made, Anthropologie-esque wallet from a template (have you checked her out yet? ah-mazing!).

    And now I feel too cheesy for words, so I will quit. Just thought you might want to know your style is rubbing off on people. : )

  20. Don’t you just love Jayson Home and Garden? Oh, and a little birdie told me that if you don’t mind eating at the bar, many nights, that’s the best way to get a meal at TG&G…..

  21. Kasey,
    What great finds you found at the thrift store. Where is the thrift stores at in Chicago? Your hair looks great at that length. I wish you the best on your next adventure!!!


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