a big buick weekend

I’m a bit on the exhausted side today.

I got up again yesterday morning and hiked AGAIN….but this time with a friend. We did the two miles in 

and two miles out.

Here is a decent photo of the hike today…….i thought some of you would appreciate a shirtless hiker in

toe shoes.

Go forth and lick the screen if you need to…..

i won’t tell.

{just don’t tell me you licked those shoes…..

because there is something weird to me about a man in toed shoes}

It’s like that saying……

“wow those are the most beautiful pair of CROC shoes……SAID NO ONE EVER”

But more on that in a bit….first i’m excited to tell you that today is the boys surf competition.

It’s going to be a really fun day as they get to compete with all of the friends ….

and what is also great is that this is strictly a Grom competition which means…it’s for ages 

12 and under.

There will be no kids competing if they are sponsored by a major company….and that means

it’s just a lot of fun with good prizes and goodies.

It’s put on by the Irons Brothers…..you may or may not know of Andy Irons…he was a big deal surfer

but sadly passed away a year and a half ago.

{this is Bryan’s favorite tribute to him and his ashes were spread in Hanalei bay}.

Anyhoo….Andy’s brother Bruce and their family have continued on with this local competition….

and we will all be at Hanalei bay tomorrow watching our boys compete in a fun filled day.

{there are some pretty awesome & unique names around here…just read through the list…}

We spent all afternoon at the beach while the kids practiced….

it’s so fun seeing all these kids out there.

{what do you think they would all do when a wave comes??}

Unfortunately ….Lola will not be in the contest.

She sold her surfboard a few weeks ago so she could buy a hamster and all of the equipment.

I called the only pet store on the entire island yesterday only to find out that Hamsters are


in the state of Hawaii.


like i mentioned earlier…..i hiked again yesterday morning…..but then after my hike i went

to my very last class with Gabby.

I thought i might cry….but i held it all together.

This last class…..which i’ve been taking for an entire 6 months happened to end on our 

9 month anniversary here on Kauai.

That tells me two things:

1. Time is flying by faster than you can say “grapefruit juice and vodka please”.

2. I survived 6 whole months of slight torture in which i have a body that kinda likes me again.

I sort of fell in love with Gabby……because i mean…..who the hell does classes for FREE

unless you do it from your heart…..and have the kind of life that you can do that.

I’ll drink to that.

I apologize for the sweaty belly photos of me….but it’s just proof that i sweat.

{or maybe i spilled my vodka that i had slipped in my water bottle by mistake….}

I also got to finally get up the courage and get a photo with Bethany Hamilton.

She will on occasion come and take the class with us…..so you can imagine  what in the world

was i was going to say to her.

So of course i asked her if she remembers surfing with Bryan back in September.

She just smiled at me…..and did not ask me to lunch like i had thought she might.

No biggie.

I would just like to state once again……for the record….and all legal purposes….

that i am indeed…..


I’m 5’7″ and a half.

5′ 8″ if i had my peep toe’s with heels on….but since it’s been a while since i’ve worn those….

just know i’m 5’7″.


  1. Wow, your body looks amazing. What type of classes were you taking? Love your blog, you are so honest, in a funny kind of way and I never get tired of your beach pics…Good luck to the kiddo’s this weekend.

  2. Good luck to the boys today! What a wonderful opportunity and memory for them to be in a surf competition!!! And I would say this post goes to show what a wonderful and meaningful time of life you are in! Soak it up bc we are all jealous! 🙂

  3. How exciting for your boys. You know they have the coolest names on the beach, right? I hope you guys decide to stay there…it seems to fit your family well.

  4. Wow you look fabulous! It’s time to see the before and after photos;-)
    Good luck to the boys, it will be so fun for them

  5. It sure would be hard to leave that lifestyle! You have 3 mths to go or have you decided to stay a lil longer? Bethany is darling and yes you do look short by these ladies. Lol! Nice to feel good about yourself (body) when in Hawaii you are wearing less clothes to hide any imperfections.Good motivation for fitness. Maybe I should move there. You look great~Cheers Kim

  6. Chris in FL says:

    Wow…those are some tall girls. I am 5’1 so I would be up to their waist most likely….ha ha! :0

  7. You have to start hanging around with some short people!! 😉

  8. “Grapefruit juice and vodka please”… I’ll toast to that. We have a genorous ruby red grapefruit tree in our backyard…future cheers. It was great to finally meet you Kasey 🙂

  9. Lookin’ good girl and whoever that is in the first picture…Yes Please!!! He’s delish 😉

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