so i bought some shorty shorts today

So….i thought i might warn you that this post is full of fat photos and dimples……

and some cute shorts and a cute bikini.

Today i went and bought my first pair of shorty shorts.

I’m not and never have been a shorty shorts wearer…..because well….

 {some of us over the age of 26…just shouldn’t be wearing them}

but today i felt differently.

I guess it’s because i’ve finally met my goal which was to have lost 25 pounds in 6 months…

tone up

lean up

 be normal up

still drink vodka and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice up

eat lots of quinoa 

buy a juicer

cut back on cheese

still eat cheese because you won’t change what you love

and after all of that and then some

 i decided i’m going to go out and buys some of those damn shorty shorts.

I didn’t even tell Bryan.

{good thing he’s out of town at the moment…}


If you are new to my blog….i’m sorry about the fat photos you are about to see.

If you are a long time reader {i won’t quit you}………

i’m sorry about some of the phat  fat photos you are about to see.

But first…i will show you a thinner photo of me in some shorty shorts

and my new hat….and non pedicured toes.

Good thing i’m not up for an award.

This is the part i warned you about.

I’m about to show you {again} the before photo…

shoot me now because i want to lay down and die a slow death

but it’s real….and i’m real…..and well…..i was 162 pounds back on November 1st.

You wouldn’t have known what i looked like because i was always in skirts and rarely got any photos

of me waste down…..but when we had our family photos done on Thanksgiving…..

even though i was 3 weeks into Gabby’s class and working on my goal….

i still felt like SHEET and hated the way i looked.

It doesn’t help that i looked pregnant

or that i weighed more than my 2 inches taller husband.

Enough was enough.

I was heavier than i was in the delivery room birthing babies

with my narcotic of choice dripping in my arm…..uh huh…

and i realize it was a whole lot of things that had happened to make me want to just

keep on eating and not really put my heart into losing the weight i was slowly gaining.

It didn’t help that before we moved to Hawaii…..we ate pizza every Tuesday night 

while watching Biggest Loser.

It didn’t help that Bryan lost his job.

It didn’t help that i loved layers and was able to hide any weight gain.

What did help was moving to a place where everyone is wearing shorty shorts and bikinis year round.

{and the only moms in tankini’s are the tourists….honest to goodness….even the heavier set moms 

that live here will wear a bikini}

What did help was that everyone i know here is extremely active and health conscious.

The island is all about eating local and supporting the farmers markets.

It helped me tremendously…because if i’m going to be honest…if i was still home in the burbs of

chicago…i might not have made it as heavy as i had gotten….but i wouldn’t have had the motivation

that the warm weather and beach living has done for me.

I only state this because i was still going to the gym up until the day we moved….

and you don’t see a whole lot of moms in bikini’s at the local pool back home.

It’s different.

I’m not putting it down…don’t get me wrong…’s just different.

I needed the change to help me change.

I guess i just wanted to wear a bikini and OWN it….and work really hard so that i could say i did it.

You know the saying….”nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”….

i actually hate that saying. 


because i don’t just want to be skinny 

i want to be fit

i want to be healthy

i want to look healthy

i want to be able to run 4 miles without feeling like i am going to die a slow death

i want hike  and paddleboard.

I want my arms to look great and my thighs to not start a fire when rubbed together.

I want my family to be proud.

I want to keep up with my kids .

I want to kick ASSphalt.

I’ve made my goal.

6 months.

25 pounds lost.

I can run 5 miles. {barely….let’s not get ahead of myself…}

{and no…i have no intention of doing any half marathons….no need to kill myself}

I worked out with Gabby Reece.

I worked out with Bethany Hamilton.

I still eat things i want to eat….like brie and goat cheese and cheeseburgers….

as a matter of fact….last weekend a friend and i met up for breakfast and split a huge

macadamia nut cinny roll and a cheese omelette.

I just work harder when i do.

I also juice.

{spinach or kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, ginger and carrots every single day}

I refused to cut out alcohol.

I don’t want to change who i am and seriously….if i did…i’m sure the weight would have come off

so much faster but i’m good with 25 pounds in 6 months.

I don’t eat before i run in the morning…..and i juice as soon as i get home.

It’s what works for  me….and i eat eggs or oatmeal mid morning.

I really try and do 4-5 small meals throughout the day and i really try not to eat after 7 pm.

It doesn’t always happen….and it’s okay.

I still order Kalua pork nachos at the Common Ground every other week…..

because i love them and i like food.

I just work a little harder that morning so i can.

 I’m not going to lie….

i’m worried that now with no more Gabby classes that i will fail….

slowly fall back into my old habits.

Most of the other girls in class will move on to Crossfit classes or do more yoga…

but for me the fact that Gabby’s classes were Free…..helped me more than you know.

The closest gym is 30 minutes away….and the cost of gas is ridiculous here…..

and my hubby waits tables.

It’s the life we knew we had to accustom ourselves to for the year….

living lean…

but loving it all the way.

I might have to buy some weights…..and run stairs an extra day…..

do some planks and pushups in my living room while watching Kathy Lee and Hoda drink 

fine boxed wine

but i will try.

Anthropologie catalog honor!

I’m still going to work hard… less….and love this new body i have.

I did it…..

and hopefully i’m not quite done yet;-)


  1. You look fab! Congrats on reaching your goal and inspiring others to lead make healthy choices (while still consuming fine boxed wine, of course- priorities here, people!). Way to go!

  2. Sorry, to *make* not to *lead make*


  3. Congratulations – you look great! You are an inspiration!

  4. Rebecca Frame says:

    So flipping proud of your hard work! you look great, you look healthy and you sound happy.
    you did it.
    you rocked it.
    you really motivate me.
    thanks for sharing all of this.


  5. So proud of you!!!! And so inspired by you as well. Been following you on IG for a while and it’s great to see you be consistent and not give up. I’m trying as well and hope to within the next 6 months have some great photos too. Keep it up and like you do have fun doing it:)

  6. Congrats!!! You know what, I’m a chubby girl and one that hates to hear those go on and on about working out. BUT, what I loved about you was that you kept it real! You are staying true to what you like yet just working harder when you enjoy those yummy naughty foods! I feel more inspired by this kind of honesty abd weight loss then those that sorta are in food jail, ha. Anyway, congrats, you look great and I’m sure you feel so proud!! Hugs from Conroe, Texas
    P.S. you made me a little nervous when I read shorty shorts, lol. Glad they weren’t the shorty, shorty, too shrty ones 😉 great job keeping it classy 🙂 As if my opinion matters, lol.


    I am so jealous of you training with gabby (and Bethany) – both of those women ROCK my world. I have been a Gabby fan since the 90s!!

  8. Inspiring! I need to get my booty in gear!!

  9. Hi – I am SO pleased you did this post. Since you did that teaser post a month or so ago I did wonder if you had met your goal. I knew you would…but seeing it here is just so satisfying for you! As they say in England ‘Bloody well done’. You have obviously worked really hard and you look exactly as you describe. FIT, healthy and happy. I love the shorts and I love that you put yourself out there wearing a bikini on your blog. Fabulous and inspiring and shows me again that things like loosing jobs (my husband losyt his too) can be life-changing in the best way. Very poignant for me – today of all days! Lou x

  10. Nice shorts! Think we get a little “shorter.” haha lookin’ great!

  11. HOLY HOTNESS!!! Well done kasey! you look fan-bloody-tastic!
    I am so motivated, i’ve even pulled out my juicer and dusted the cobwebs off 🙂

  12. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! you look fantastic! and have TOTALLY inspired me! because like you, i love my wine and cheese! and don’t want to give it up…but need to loose about 10-15 lbs! i love to see what hard work and dedication will do! congrats to you!!!!! yay yay yay! maybe i should move to hawaii….. 😉

  13. Brenda Owen says:

    More power to you girlfriend – you’re rock’n those shortie shorts!

  14. What a pay-off! Your mind and body is in alignment and it shows. So inspirational…thanks for your openness and putting it all out there.

  15. You look great!!! What an inspiration!!!

    Hugs From My Heart

  16. you look great kasey. you deserve those shorty shorts and that bikini. your abs are amazing!!! so proud of you. i know you will keep it up. you don’t need a gym. invest in a kettle bell. go for long hikes. you live in Hawaii…you have the gorgeous world at your fingertips. you won’t gain it back.

  17. How Fantastic!!! You are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your journey! I can say I’m on the same one. I feel like I”ve been on it forever, but I’m slowly making those changes! You may want to check out They are free at home workouts and I have to say, they kick my booty. I have 4 kids that I homeschool and not a lot of time. Most of their workouts are about 12 min. and you will feel every minute! You will gain tons of definition. I’ve gained muscle and not seen the scale move, but I’m way more defined than I was when I stared. Just waiting for that metabolism to kick in more! Thanks again for sharing!

  18. way to go kasey!
    you look great!!!

  19. brenna says:

    Oh my Kasey…you look fabulous! You can pull off shorty shorts and a bikini hands down. I’m so proud of you and inspired by you. Keep up the good work beautiful girl….love you:)

  20. monica says:

    My dear, you look so great!!! Brava, you did it!!! You really inspires me…and now I want to try as well…Baci baci, MOnica

  21. shabbynee says:

    you look awesome & now you have the perfect little bubble butt.
    & you did it the real & healthy way.
    way to go little mama.

  22. Congrats you look amazing – I need that push as I have slowly accumulated pounds and just beel yuck as well. Seeing your transformation is an inspiration

  23. WOW! Just WOW! You look great and you did it the right way! Thank you for the inspiration … your tummy is sooo tiny! Way to go!

  24. Wow…you did it!! You look amazing, Kasey, and you should be so proud:) Kudos, my friend!

  25. So very proud of you! xo

  26. This is inspirational. Maybe some time soon you could do a post about your fitness routine, without boot camp? Congratulations!

  27. Keri Barrie says:

    You look FabuLoUS!!!!! Congrats on your weight loss! Your blog is so great! I turn to you when I need a laugh!

  28. congrats Kasey! so happy for you! I need to find your motivation~I too live in Chicago and can agree on the lack of motivation you felt there. I need to lose 25 lbs too but its so hard to just start. My sister got married two weeks ago {in LA} and I look back at the pictures now and think I”m forever going to be fat in her wedding photos. It makes me sad, sad because I was (still am) on Weight Watchers since Feb 2011 and I gained weight since enrollment. I just need to start {again}. I know I can do it, I lost 12 lbs in 2009 when I was single. I’ve slowly gained and more it all back when I started dating my BF. But now I have an engagement on the horizon and I want to look back confident in my body. You’re struggles and accomplishment are a great motivator.thanks for sharing your story.


  29. Lemme check…yep. I’m inspired. You look great!

  30. I have a bunch of weight that I need to lose and your posts are so inspiring. I need to look into the juicing to see if it would work for me. I make smoothies right now but that might be too many calories. Anyway…thanks for the inspiration!

  31. You are looking fabulous, Kasey! WAY TO GO!!!

  32. Congrats lady! You look amazing, literally glowing. To say that Hawaii suits you (and the family) is an understatement. I hope I get to see the svelte you in person soon!

  33. Kasey, you look FABULOUS. Congrats to you!!! I’ve been following along and am so impressed with your accomplishment! I know you can keep it up. It feels too good not to! I am also loving your hat and wondering if it’s available on the mainland? Please let me know where you found it if you have a chance. Great job, Kasey! ~ osc

  34. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Killer abs!! You are rocking that bikini. Congratulations!

  35. Kasey, you look great! You are such an inspiration! I gained a lot of weight right after I got married, then six months into the marriage I was pregnant. Needless to say I have some work to do. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to do it. I would love to see some more juicing recipes 🙂

  36. Good for you! You’ve been working so hard to reach your goal and seemed very determined. I have 30 lbs to lose and have for a while now. You’ve just given me the push I’ve needed to start working on it.

    Go get yourself another pair of shorts…they look great!!!


  37. Looking GREAT! I have been working out for over a year and just now reached the 23 pound mark! I realized if I didn’t change my diet, I wasn’t going to get anywhere. It has been quite a struggle and each day it is about making the right choices: workout, eat right. Especially for moms, we wonder if we can ever look great post-babies and you are a proof we can! You are a Rock Star!!

  38. Congrats on reaching your goal! You look fabulous!

  39. lindsay says:

    you look AWESOME! and the best part is that you still enjoy life! you still let yourself take part in the things you love; wine, cheese, and nachos! you’ve done great work and im sure you can keep it up! keep the faith in yourself. youre capable and worthy of being fit, healthy, and happy!


  40. Caroline says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! I’ve been following you since you moved to Hawaii and this such an accomplishment! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  41. Kasey you look fabulous! Great job, your hard work has really paid off! What an amazing inspiration story! Thank you.

  42. Congratulations! You are completely awesome and you look totally hawt! I have been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment (sorry for the delay!) I love your honesty–it is so refreshing. And I’m in awe of what your family has had the courage to do and share together. My husband and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon back in June, and initially I was really excited to find your blog so I could stay connected to the island, but now I keep coming back because I just love hearing about your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Katie G says:

    You look great!!

  44. Girl, I am so impressed by your staying power and your commitment to healthy living. And the before and after pics are fierce! I love that you bought the shorty shorts and are owning your hot Hawaiian bod! CONGRATS!!!

  45. You freaking go girl! Seriously. Major props for making change happen. And I love that you’ve shared this with all your readers. You have no idea how many people you will inspire today! Rock on!

  46. I’m totally grinning for you! What an amazing job you’ve done, and you’ve done it right. You don’t have to change what you eat, you just work your arse off to compensate! This will keep your amazing results because now you’ve learned how to do it.

    You are awesome!!!

  47. lindaa says:

    That’s absolutely wonderful!! You look GREAT!!!!!!!!! And younger!! 🙂 Good for you!!

  48. Cheyenne says:

    wow…you are an inspiration! congrats!

  49. Totally amazing and inspirational and beautiful. You were beautiful before Kasey – but now you see it too. Which is so important. You’ll keep it up…because keeping it up is easier than losing it all again. TRUST ME! I’m trying to lose it all again and it’s hard. Real, Real Hard….but seeing your work pay off is so helpful. Thank you for your honesty.

    PS ~ I adore the shorty shorts and the tiny little bit of a bare midriff!!! Absolutely Fabulous!

  50. You look dynamite!!!!!!

  51. 🙂 GOOD FOR YOU!!! You look like you feel great. It’s fun to see the before and after pics. I started in Jan and have only lost 8 lbs. I took pictures and hid them im my drawer. I hope nobody finds them! 🙁
    You really do look great…so congrats on all your hard work. I know how hard it is…. I think you have just motivated me to keep it up. I work out at home and it’s hard to stay on track….

  52. You look amazing! I am so inspired by you….keep up the great work!!

  53. WOW! You have done brilliantly! You look fantastic, fit, toned and healthy -just as you should.
    I am so impressed with all the work you put it. Keep it going now. You look a million dollars!!!

  54. Saw your shorty short pic on Instagram and had to jump on your blog to see more! Thanks for being so brave and honest on this journey. And the pictures tell it all. Wow. Don’t you feel so amazing? Congrats to u for setting a goal for you and doing it. Even with kids and all of the distractions! I am inspired to get busy and get the few pounds off that are keeping me from feeling healthy and free. Being your best self is an amazing feeling…powerful and strong. Enjoy your new fit self!

  55. mindy t says:

    good for you and you look amazing!! You should be so proud!

  56. Bryan Buick says:

    One hot momma!!!! I love you babe.

  57. I’ve never commented on your blog before but I read (even when you make me gasp!) LOL. I love this. Love, love, love it. I’ve been trying to add in exercise between 3 kids and a full time job. 🙂 It’s not easy but it seems to be working. I’ve gone down 1 size. A long ways to go but hey, it’s something right?

    I love your family’s decision to DO something different and I hope that I’m that brave in mine. You give and get it the best of anyone I know. Thanks for being real!

  58. Good job beautiful one. You’ve always been, but your hard work is so seen. Love your shorts and your hat. So cute!
    Enjoy your new body and I’ll bet that hubs of yours is really loving it too! LOL!

  59. i have been following your blog since the start! you make me smile everytime i read a post! CONGRATULATIONS on the your new stronger healthier body!

  60. Amanda V says:

    Try Completely free, most workouts under 20 minutes. There are quite a few that are body weight only so no need to buy extra equipment. These workouts are intense! Good job on your weight loss and fitness!

  61. way to go Kasey!!! First I have to say that I love that you have shared your story of weight loss…you are one hot momma and a reminder that it is never too late to make yourself a priority! A great future momma role model to me! Second…I appreciate you tying in the stress you have had over the past year. I had a really rough winter this last year and gained some extra pounds that are taking me forever to get off. Your story reminds me that we are all normal and have rough patches in life…but we can get out of them and get ourselves back in shape. And lastly, though you look fantastic, I have to say when I saw your family photo shoot, I thought you looked stunning. With or without those extra pounds, you are beautiful! I know we do this whole weight thing mostly for ourselves…but it reminded me as well to not be so hard on myself.

    I have been thinking lately and wanting to tell you that I appreciate your honesty on your blog. I have felt the pressure sometimes in my own blog to not be as completely honest and I would like to be. And then I remember all your obnoxious anonymous commenters and am reminded some people are just crazy and out to hate. I struggle with being my authentic self sometimes so you are constantly inspiring me to be real whether or not everyone around me likes it or not. Keep being you!


  62. Kristi says:

    You are honest and brave!! This is so inspiring that you bared all. Beyond looking great, which is the obvious, you have an amazing attitude about health and maintaining a balance with food and drink. You did it with hard work and persistence. Once again thanks for sharing you!

  63. every time you give us your weight or post pictures, then you set the rest of us free.

    Thank you.

  64. Juliane says:

    You look amazing! You give me inspiration to lose my 20 extra pounds in order to rock a wedding dress in under a year. I hope that I have the same success that you have had. Cheers sexy Mama!

  65. Holy Hotness Kasey…you look FANTASTIC!!! You’re such an inspiration. I started back in January working out & eating healthier…as of yesterday I’ve reached the 20lb mark…my next goal is 10 more lbs before I go to Kenya in July. I think I can do it…and your progress is so encouraging. So proud of you friend…I have faith that you’ll keep it off…you’ve worked too hard to let it go to waste.

    ps…you totally OWN that bikini…work it girl! 😉

  66. You look great! Good job!

  67. beauty! congrats

  68. I am so proud of you!!!!!! Since last year I lost about 8 lbs and it was a struggle for me!!!!! To most people I was in good shape but there were the little areas that bothered me.You have inspired me to keep working out!!!!! I love Gabby and am so jealous that you met and worked out with her!!!!! Such a great lady to do the class for free. I started juicing again too but not everyday.My goal is to add a juice every day. You look so good in a bikini !!!!!!! Where are your shorts from they are sooooo cute!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  69. You look fabulous. You looked great before – but you really look fit now. Good for you!!

  70. Wow!! You did an amazing job. congratulations on showing your before and after and making it about getting strong, not just losing weight. You can keep it off because you are thinking of it in a different way. You look great in a bikinin – 3 kids – no way!

  71. Great job Kasey! I did a boot camp all last summer and had a handle on this weight- and then life sucked really bad- and it is back. Great motivation for me to get back on it again. You are setting a GREAT example for the kids too. Keep it real – it fits you well.

  72. Michelle says:

    You look amazing! Way to go! I struggle! Trying to get into a rhythm of exercise.. I had a trainer until Monday.. today is my first day on my own and I was just sitting here thinking of reasons not to go, THANK YOU for motivating me to do it on my own!! I have been given the tools and have a gym membership, no excuses! I still need to work on the diet thing.. not my best strong suit. Wear that bikini girl, you look great and deserve it!! Xo Michelle

  73. Congratulations! You are inspiring. Go rock your bikini – you earned it! 🙂

  74. Congrats!!!! You look fantastic!!!!

  75. I just want to jump up and down and squeeze you! Incredible inspiration you are! Wonderful job and I’ve really enjoyed watching your journey. You look terrific.

  76. Emily W says:

    You look GREAT! We have the same body style and my start weight was only 3 pound different than yours was. Like you, I am heavier than the day I delivered my daughter, which is just sickening to me. I have been kinda knocking at losing weight and toning up and have dropped 5 pounds, but your pics REALLY give me motivation to kick it in high gear! THANKS GIRL!

  77. You are beautiful and we love you. Scout’s honour!

  78. Kelly Carothers says:

    Good for you Kasey! You look awesome 🙂 Enjoy those shorty shorts…you earned them!

  79. Omg….you look amazing!!!!! You are living such a healthy life for your kids to look up to!!! Love it!!!!

  80. Jennifer says:


  81. Good for you! I want that for myself as well. . . .

  82. yay for you – you look amazing.

  83. Hi Kasey,
    Wow and again, Wow! You look great and I love the fact that you made photo’s.
    You should be proud of yourself indeed, good for you!
    Keep it up, all the best,
    Maureen x

  84. Holy cow…your butt looks awesome!! Go and rock that bikini tomorrow at the beach and shake it!

  85. INSPIRING!!!
    Thanks for sharing your progress. It’s very encouraging!

  86. Jamie Parker says:

    It took several minutes to scroll down far enough so i could leave a message! You are LOVED! You look amazing and what an inspiration you are!!! I can honestly say as good as you look in these pics, you look even more awesome in person! It’s true…I am the one dressed in all my clothes…wrap skirt and top, at the beach, because I really don’t feel comfortable in my own skin….sad. I have been losing weight since living here, but you are my inspiration to keep going and make it happen!

  87. You look amazing! My 16 year old wants me to tell you, “Mom, tell her that she looks great and that I’m proud of her and that I can’t believe she worked out with Bethany!” (She’s a huge Bethany fan and surfs also). Really girl, you look beautiful and healthy! Rock that bikini! (Personally, I think we need to all have a ceremonial tankini bonfire). Pouring a glass of Pinot and toasting you tonight! Cheers from Virginia Beach!

  88. Chris in FL says:

    You look awesome! I never thought of you as fat before. Wow…..what a change! 🙂 You go girl!

  89. Wow, this is so inspiring! You are so real and I get every single word you wrote here.

    When we lived on our island, I arrived there with 3 tankinis and over the year I threw them all away. I was inspired by the European confidence that women have with their bodies. In the US, we are all sucking in and hiding our bodies. There women were running in the waves and playing with their kids, bending over and having a ball, not worried about who was watching them or seeing their skin. I never saw a tankini and swear I will never wear one again.

    We should be proud of these bodies that serve us so well, that have given life to our amazing kids! Thank you for posting your truth and inspiring us all! I hope you go home to IL and rock that bikini at the neighborhood pool – you look fab!

  90. You look fit and healthy and awesome. Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey but your family’s journey. I love your sense of humor and the descriptions and pictures of your experiences in HI. I lived on Oahu as a single mom years ago. It was a great place for my son to grow up (he’s actually started a family there and my granddaughter is one year old) That time is a wonderful memory for me. Enjoy this time and hope your stay on Kauai lasts years! I look forward to your posts!

  91. You go, Kasey! That is amazing and you must be SO proud. I would be. I couldn’t even wear a pair of shorty shorts when I was born. Ha! I’m in the same position you were in before you started (with a 9 month old!) and I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to get going. But I’m SO unhappy with how I look ~ it’s an awful feeling. So this post has inspired me to try harder. I think I was smiling throughout this entire post. Seriously. I can’t imagine how good it must feel. XOXO, Your long-time reader, Audrey

  92. Nothing is easy… but you did it!!!!! So happy for you…You look fabulous! Congrats!!

  93. Wow you look fabulous!!
    I love seeing how toned you are. Must make you feel strong and healthy!
    Thanks for keeping it real and realistic by letting us know you still like to eat and drink some of the things you did before.
    Life is too short otherwise huh?
    I have been doing the same the past few months, exercising, cutting back portions and certain foods, toning up and really seeing the difference, just in time to turn 40.
    Have fallen off the wagon this past couple of weeks, so back into it!
    It’s keeping that motivation going which can be tricky huh?
    Keep posting about how you are going and btw you look fab in a bikini.

  94. I think you were beautiful in your before.
    But, I am glad you are happier.
    You look incredible.
    I love your outlook.
    I am so fat. I need an intervention.

  95. Work it, Sister. We’re all inspired.

  96. (Let’s try that again, but this time with feeling (and a working link))…

    Work it, Sister. We’re all inspired.

  97. kasey, you look GREAT!! i just found your blog a few weeks ago and am totally sucked in my your story. i love that leap of faith y’all did! and i love this weight loss story. i want to lose like 20, but i’m so naughty about food! really bad and naughty about food…just wondering how tall you are? it makes a big diff in weight and i’m just curious.

    thanks for all the inspiration.


  98. I think it’s so important to keep your “bad habits” around – but in check – when trying to lose weight. It’s so easy to say you’re giving up gluten and dairy and anything that contains sugar or contains the letters S, U, G, A or R but as soon as the weight comes off and you start eating those things again you put it all back on. You’ve created a lifestyle you love and can maintain and you’re only going to feel better and more beautiful with time! Speaking of beautiful… your hat and white top: where did you get them??

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