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I was going to dedicate an entire post to this sandwich……

but i thought since i haven’t blogged in over a week…..that wouldn’t be fair….and to just show you this sandwich

which i’ve named the 


would just be plain rude of me….the end.
Honestly though….it’s hard to just eat one of these… instead of making two…i only eat one

every single day.

It’s a roasted beet and chevre sandwich.

I bought a bunch of Beets at the farmers market…..and can you believe i’ve never once….had beets.

I sliced them up….brushed them with evoo and sprinkled them with sea salt. Then i roasted them at 375

for about 25 minutes.

After they cooled …i spread some chevre on some fancy bread…layered the roasted beets and some

spinach….then i grilled the sandwich to perfection.

I introduce you to the best sandwich in all of the land…….

I follow Colbie Caillat on twitter….and knew she was here in town for a bit…..

then i saw she posted that she was kicked out of the Westin for sneaking in their hot tub.

We would totally be best friends.

{i just hope she didn’t go in the hot tub i pee’d in…..that would be awkward}

Mr Buick and i had a nice little date the other night. We were invited to the restaurant he works at

to enjoy the Luau that they put on Tuesday evenings.

If you ever come to Kauai….i would totally suggest this one. 

The Hawaiian show is put on by friends of ours…..their whole family grew up here ….real Hawaiians….

and the daughters all do Hula for the show.

It’s authentic and intimate. Not great for little ones because it’s in a restaurant and they can’t really run around

but if you are looking for a nice evening with Hawaiian culture….i totally recommend it.

It’s at the Mediterranean Gourmet in Haena . {about 10 miles past Hanalei}

I even put on a new dress for the occasion….

There is a reason why i put my phone on silence Saturday mornings when i head out for a little

“just kasey time”…….

I made some mini Kauai lime pies for an evening on the beach…..

i might have eaten two of them….

i don’t remember because i lost count.

it’s okay though……because red wine is supposed to bring down the sugar hight.

I made sure to have a few of those as well.

I love “clean eating”….

it’s so healthy and good for you.

You really should try eating some cake while you sweep the floor…..

because you are burning calories by sweeping.

The girls and i  meet up on Friday evenings for our Friday evening club.

There are children running around…….i swear.

But if we make a circle…..and keep it tight….it seems to ward of children

Lola and i like to snorkel.

Actually we all like to snorkel…..

but Lola likes to stay close to shore….and i like to sit on the beach.

I swear you can still see a lot of fish while floating in 2 feet of water.

Fin just likes to walk around with his mask on……

it makes him feel important.

I skipped my run this morning….and hiked solo instead.

In my new to me trail runners.

Don’t let the name fool you……because there was no trail running by me…..

i just like the name….

trail runners…

they make me feel important.


  1. I was starting to worry about you!!!
    No kasey buick postings in a week, but since I follow you on Instagram, I knew you were alive.
    Hilarious with the Colbie thing;-)

  2. Too funny. I’ve never had a beet either, but that sandwich looks AMAZING.

  3. Please don’t think this is weird but I almost called 411 to see if you were listed, then I was going to call you and leave a message to see if you were okay.
    Just kidding.
    Thanks for keeping it real, i appreciate you and your stories!

  4. You’re so inspiring! We’re moving across the country next month and I’m having major panic attacks just at the thought of going to a new grocery store:( I wish I was as brave as you and could just embrace whatever life throws at me but I’m scared! I wish I had that in me but reading your blog definitely inspires me:)

  5. Your Friday evenings sound absolutely perfect. Wish I could join you!

  6. You are looking mighty good there Kasey. When are you showing us your after photos?

  7. Love it. Everything;-)

  8. Hilarious about Colbie and the hot tub. (wink wink)

  9. Can’t wait to try the sandwich, thanks for the tip. Also, where did you get that fab dress? It looks smashing on you!

  10. You two look so happy together!!!

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