he turned 7

 There is nothing….not one single thing i would change about the last seven years….

about the way i parent or the way i raise my kids.

I’m a pretty open parent….and very relaxed.

I don’t always feel like i make the best decisions…..but i try.

Granted…..at times i have doubt that i made a right decision…..

like saying No to Lola having a sleepover at a “boy” friends house.

She’s only 9 and has lots of “boy” friends….but i wasn’t comfortable with the situation.

I had to listen to my instincts…..and it was hard seeing her in tears.

I also had to say No to Mason having a sleepover at a friends house where there were

going to be around 14 kids….some of them being girls….and it was a little heartbreaking…

because this group is sort of the “popular” group at school….but overall….

the decisions we as parents have to make are the hardest….and the older the kids get….

the harder it is to feel like we are making the best decisions for them.

Don’t get me started on truth or dare.

Anyhoo….back to the subject on hand.

My baby boy turned 7 on March 4. {yes…that was almost 6 weeks ago…}

He was born on a lucky day. 3.4.05

at 4:56.

{okay…totally kidding about the 4:56…it was to good to pass up}

Fin was almost named Atticus…..i really loved the name Atticus……

from the book “To kill a mockingbird”….but Bryan really loved the name Fin.

not Phin

not Finn

it’s not short for Finnigan

it’s just Fin.

{like a shark Fin}

One N not two.

{and one of these days i’m going to run into Julia Roberts and introduce our Fin’s ..her’s is Phinn…

and our boys will be best buddies and build sand castles together}

Bryan grew up by the ocean…..so we finally concurred on the name Fin.

Fin Hudson

He loves to snuggle and it kills me that he doesn’t come in in the mornings much anymore….

he has grey blue eyes…..

hair so blond it almost looks white….

and smiles every single day….

and now he is seven.

{almost 8 …since it’s taken me this long to actually take and post some photos…}

I’ve been a lucky mom this year to be able to help in his class on Tuesday mornings….

taking turns reading with him and the other kids.

The other night……middle of the night……i heard a baby crying….

and really crying.

Living here in Hawaii…..our windows are open most of the time…..and since we live

in a condo complex…..you hear a lot of things.

{be creative …..}

Our unit is more of a duplex with just us and our neighbors who don’t have kids yet….so it’s

pretty quiet except for when they bust out their jazz tunes at dinnertime. I love listening to

Jazz…because it’s not something we would normally listen to….and it’s always around dinner time

which is fun.  Mason always asks me if i can ask them to turn it down….but i tell him…

they listen to me yell at you kids all day….it’s their way of unwinding.

Anyhoo…..our bedroom faces a condo unit that is a vacation rental….and that’s where i heard 

this baby crying and crying late into the night.

It might have been a night i took a tylenol pm or two so i was in a good deep sleep when i heard

the crying. I woke up slightly hazed and started pushing bryan’s shoulders….

and said

“it’s your turn to go and feed the baby”

Bryan sat up in bed….groaning…..and it took a minute for both of us to realize that

we don’t in fact have a baby…..

and it wasn’t ours.

That feeling of knowing we don’t have to get up was comforting…..

{my babies never really slept through the night…..they always woke up for one thing or another….}

but we still had to listen to it cry for the next hour.

Quick tip: Don’t start the Ferber method while on vacation.

Anyhoo……I had some photos of my baby boy that i wanted to show off……

and i’m proud to say he is signed up for his very first surf competition in a little over a week.


  1. It is always such a pleasure to read you! Your Fin is wonderful and your family too!!! Baci, Monica
    ps your previous post…fantastic!

  2. Brenda Owen says:

    You have one handsomely gorgeous boy there Mum!!! Funny about the crying baby. My babies are grown but whenever I hear a baby cry I get an almost uncontrolable urge to rush over and pick the sweet thing up for a cuddle. You know your boy could be an Aussie he’s so damned handsome!!!

  3. adrienne says:

    He is such a doll! Even with no KY in his hair! ha!

  4. Marisa Pereira says:

    He is so handsome Kasey, and looks like a fine boy. Congratulations. They grow up so fast….

  5. Such an adorable little man – and I love your dress! Hope you enjoy a great day!

  6. All three of your kids have the most gorgeous blonde hair!! Happy late birthday to Fin (very cool name, BTW) Most kids don’t like their names but I bet he’s not one of them!!

  7. Happy late birthday Fin!!!!! My daughter’s birthday is on March 3(although this year she turned 21)!!!! Time flies ,doesn’t it? Your photos are gorgeous!!!!!! I am hoping we can get back to Hawaii soon.It has been two years now and that’s too long!!!!! What a brave boy to enter a surf competition and a brave mamma!!!!! Good luck!!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  8. So cute! Love him! Good for you in being a tough but loving momma!

  9. Go Fin! and Happy Belated Birthday!

  10. That’s one gorgeous boy. Your kids are all like that, but even more, they look sweet and kind.

  11. Sharilyn says:

    Cute pictures of your baby boy! It’s funny- I had s similar baby crying situation. We live in s condo & our neighbors have a new
    baby- one night I heard the baby crying & found myself in our kitchen looking for a bottle- that’s when I woke up & realized it wasn’t ours ! I happily/ sadly went back to bed- happy cause I wasn’t doing a 3 am feeding yet totally sad that no babies live in our
    house any more! Just a couple of crazy kids!

  12. Fin is so adorable! So funny about you waking up to hear the crying baby, thinking it was yours! xxoo

  13. Jamie Parker says:

    love this post…you will hear that a lot;) Warms my heart, causes me to reflect on memories of my kids and always provides some comedy relief on a day I really need it. Thank you. U are a blessing.

  14. He is a doll!! My sons nick name is fin.. He is a toe head too and I miss the days I volunteered in school.
    Happy B Day to Fin.

  15. He is sooooo handsome!!! Good luck Fin in your first surfing contest.

  16. I loved this post Kasey, truly lovely! Thanks for sharing it,
    Maureen x

  17. Fin is so handsome!! What a lady killer he will be someday.

  18. I rarely comment but LOVE to read your posts! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Fin! He is such a great kid! Hope you had a great celebration!


  19. Lindsay Lee says:

    THIS is the sweetest post Kasey!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  20. He is the cutest! I still wonder how you got all those toe heads……. Target manager??? HMMMMMMMM.


  21. Oh how quickly our babies grow up! Your Fin is becoming such a handsome guy…can I still call him adorable even though he’s “almost” eight?! 😉 A beautiful post, Kasey. And a belated Happy Birthday Fin:)

  22. Chris in FL says:

    He is so very, very adorable. Sent up a prayer for you this morning on my morning jog. 🙂 I live in florida around a beautiful nature park and there is this section on my jogging trail that always reminds me of you in Hawaii….I really don’t know why but it does. Anyhoo….thought of you and thought maybe I needed to pray for you guys this morning.

    Hope all is well…. I am sure it is! 🙂


  23. What a darling – such gorgeous pics and a lovely post. Yep – it’s hard to say no but when you have a gut instinct – you just know you have to do it. And then dodge the fallout!!!!!! When they finally have kids themselves they’ll understand – in the meantime – boxed wine is the answer … for you not them … eases up through the big decisions of the day!

    Happy birthday Fin – J xxxx

  24. He’s adorable Kasey…and looking so much like Lola as he ages. You are a wonderful mom and I have learned a lot from you over the years. You look great in the pic btw:)

  25. that boy is beautiful. they all are.

  26. Missy F. says:

    my son is 18. I always thought I’d have girls. He has been the most unexpected pleasure in my life. Never have I felt so much pure love (I have a 12 year old daughter, too, and she hates everyone right now) than from my little boy. Your son is breathtaking and the way you look at each other…such a treasure.

  27. I couldn’t do the boy/girl sleepovers either. Is that asking for trouble or what??

  28. what a ham! let him know the kids said happy bday!

  29. They grow up so, so quickly. I wish there was a way to stop time! He’s so handsome – he’s definitely going to be a charmer some day.

  30. Ok Kasey, as you can tell, I’m catching up on a bunch of posts all at once. And I have to say that I’m laughing my ass off (can I say ass on your comments?). Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you that I also wanted to name my son (that I didn’t have ~ I have two girls) Atticus and my husband just refused. Wouldn’t even let me have the discussion. So I now have a GORGEOUS blue boy parakeet named Atticus. Take that, Hubbie. Take that! (I also have a divine Golden Retriever named Hubbell ~ from The Way We Were). And these photos of Fin are RIDICULOUS. I don’t even know how you can stand all of that cuteness day in and day out. He’s too, too, too adorable. (Love the baby crying story ~ too funny!)

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