no fine boxed wine today

I can’t believe that come tomorrow…..we have been here a whole 10 weeks.

It’s flying by quicker then you can say ‘boxed fine wine’. Which also brings me to add… mother would love it if for one entire post that i didn’t mention the the drinking of ‘fine boxed wine’ that we consume…..

so today…..let’s just pretend i checked myself into rehab…and i won’t bring it up again.


The kids are out of school this entire week….they call it Fall Break here….and not only are they out the entire week….but they threw in next Monday as a bonus.

I’m trying to do really fun and different things with the kids this week…besides just going to the beach and surfing.

Yesterday we went to an Organic Dairy Farm…..this is the place where i buy a lot of my things on Saturday mornings at the Hanalei Farmers market.

I’ll be back to show you photos from yesterday…soon.

Today i’m taking the kids into town {that 45 minute drive to the big city where there is a stop light…} to have some blood work done….

I have to have the kids lead levels checked.

Apparently….our house back home might have some lead issues…

{remember…it’s a 100 year old house} and the renters are concerned about the possibility of lead…..{which they should be…since the wife is pregnant} but means some extensive lead testing is going on over there….and it’s costly….but we need to make sure everyone is healthy and that the house is safe.

I just love that photo of Mason above….it’s now on my favorite list.

The kids have adjusted so well…..and it’s interesting to say the least …that even though we are still in the good ole U.S….there are so many different things going on over here.


pretty much everyone says “yah” when they are asking you a question….but they say it at the end of it.

For example: You guys heading to the beach this afternoon….yah?


back home my kids would always call my friends by their first name….but always with a Ms. in front of it.

Like….Ms. Alison……or Ms. Shannon…..or Ms. Sharon.

Over here…..the kids all call adults….Auntie…or Uncle.

Even the custodian at school is called Uncle.

I’m still trying to get used to that one… are the kids.

It’s such a small island….and there is only a two lane road around it….

so this weekend when there was an auto accident…the road was closed for 3 hours in both directions.

Luckily i had my Fine Boxed Wine good book .

We finally have a guests starting to book their visit to see us. My parents come in a few weeks….and hopefully bryan and i can get off island..

{local talk for going to a different island}

for a night. I’m hoping…..actually…i’m begging and crying nightly if we could please go to an island that has a Target….and maybe…just maybe….we could hit Ikea.

Never mind….i just checked….no Ikea here.

Then come Thanksgiving weekend…we have two sets of friends coming with their families.

One of my Chicago besties and her husband are coming the middle of January.

It’s something to look forward to….and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite

wuck {two buck walmart chuck}

Oops….sorry….no wine talking today.

check check

I got a few emails about one of my last posts about the $8 life cereal…and yes….some cereals are that much money…but no one buys it when it’s that much….

at least the locals don’t. Everything is really expensive here….but just like on the mainland….we wait for sales….or use coupons. We never buy anything full price unless it’s at the farmers market or the fish market….because it’s fresh and so so good.

Even though the cereal price drops for sales….it’s still about $3-4 a box when it’s on sale….which means we don’t eat cereal for all three meals anymore.

Actually….we are trying to be better about what we are eating……

one thing we don’t eat anymore is pizza.

I brought a pizza home from Costco last week…but there is no good pizza here…at least up here on the north side of the island.

We’ve had no fried foods….at all.

Not that we ate fried foods all the time….but the closest McDonald’s is 30 minutes away….and i’m not driving there.

No Mcnuggets for us.

And yes…the oops Captain Crunch cereal is healthy….have you seen all the vitamins and minerals listed on the side of the box???

I’m taking Fin in for his first haircut today since we’ve moved here….

as a matter of fact….no one has had a hair cut yet…..

but Fin said he wanted something like a buzz cut.

Trust me….i’ve tried talking him out of it….i’ve cried…i’ve groveled…..

but he is 6.5 and his mind is set.

So…if you don’t see anymore photos of Fin here anymore…..

it’s because he lost his cuteness look of a cockatiel bird.

p.s. i know i need a new blog header…i’m working on it…..


  1. I just love your pictures so dreamy..
    and I can’t believe your son wants to cut his hair. his little shaggy do looks so cute on him 🙂

  2. Your pics are just beautiful and I bet the organic farm was so neat…can’t wait to see pics:) xo

  3. babe in batavia says:

    LOL! Love that little cockatiel. Are the kids missing the bird?

  4. I love reading your post.I can relate to changing locations.I lived in Dixon.Il not to far from where you were in Il. I lived there many yrs.Ok, I am 46 .Well since 11yrs of age who”s counting,right ?? !6000 people and yes only 1 Walmart. My husband grew up in Lombard and had a career as a lawyer for many yrs in Chicago.He relocated his office to Dixon .I didnt meet up with him until he was already there at least 3 yrs.Not to fond of lawyers. Oh… I didnt meet him cause I needed a lawyer ha he .i met him through a mutual friend. Lucky him I had 3 kids and divorced.Ted was single never married and no kids. We both wanted a change something different.We threw many ideas of locations.We chose here in AZ.Ted did close up his law office.He is working for a insurance firm in Snottsdale thats what people call it .Scottsdale which is a half hour from our house. Big melting pot here.Let me just say the people here …Oh… the people have been interesting.I do have one friend that does live out here.about a hr away.We been friends for the past 3 yrs. Its been a yr now for Ted and I. Let me say ..We did get our change.We live it and it has been interesting.We make the best out of it.Thank-you for taking the time to share your stories .It makes my day.i am now sharing your stories with my friend out here,She dont know how to work the computer very well.She absolutely loves you.We act like we have known you like you forever.Our husbands just shake their head.Have a beautiful and sunny day.Today here it is windy as heck.palm are swaying and the wind is blowing crap in our pool.

  5. The photos are just beautiful…so sunny & beachy!! Looks like paradise to me, especially with “ol’ man winter” breathing down our necks;)

  6. i love how white the hair is on your kids. can’t wait to see the dairy farm pics. those sailboats were so pretty. i can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks. holy cow!

  7. Funny as always! Love all of your photos.


  8. Is it wrong that I want my husband to lose his job so that we can follow in your footsteps?!
    I Love how you are living life, and a bit jealous as well.

  9. Rachel H. says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I just love yours.
    That photo of Mason is beautiful and I hope you enjoy rehab;-)

  10. Have you tried Pizza Hanalei with the sesame seed crust? Fabulous pizza! But……it’s thirty bucks a pop. I guess that’s up there with the $8.00 cereal, huh!

  11. years ago my cousins lived on Oahu and when I visited one of their favorite places was a pizza place that served pizza with chinese food on top… it was odd but really good…

  12. I read that as, “Fin is 6’5” and…I have not been drinking boxed wine. I thought you were being ironic.

    : )

    Julie M.

  13. My friend moved to Hawaii when I was about 10. They moved back a couple years later and I remember them saying Yah after everything. It looks like much hasn’t changed over the last 25 years. Love all the pics and I’m glad you’re happy! Good luck with the Lead problem.

  14. Chris in FL says:

    Wow…Mason and Lola look so much alike! You have cute kids! Yeah…I was telling my hubby about the $8.00 cereal….my goodness….that’s is insane. I guess it’s oatmeal then right? Oh and you know you could just make your own pizza….but then again if the cheese is expensive then….maybe not.

    Yep….I know about the Auntie and Uncle thing. My Filipino and Haitian friends’ children call grown ups Auntie and Uncle….must be an Asian/Island thing.

    I think it’s hilarious that you always mention your boxed wine….ha ha ha!

  15. cheapdiva says:

    You are a riot . . . and keep writing about the “fine boxed wine” – we all get that you aren’t in serious trouble with it! I’m probably your mom’s age, since you and my daughter are the same age (58 – 22=36 see, I can still do math, but I drink GOOD wine!). Bless you for picking up and doing something extraordinary.

  16. I’m so happy that you put the pumpkin straws to good use! At least you didn’t shake the sprinkles into that fine wine.

  17. Awwww… blog header 🙂 Those cute surfin kids, the brown boots, and that pretty white boat are such a fabulous combo!!!.. OH, and you better throw a boxed wine on there somewhere ♥

  18. Hold the fort, Kasey! btw Mason looks handsome. pitty he’s too young for my gals:)

  19. I love your blog! It reminds me of when my husband and I lived on Oahu. We only visited Kauai once for a long weekend and absolutely loved it. I have to say, Maui is our favorite island though! We had Boston’s pizza on Oahu that was ono, you’ll have to visit the island and hit up target and get some yummy pizza! I am enjoying your adventures of the islands and it makes me hope we can get back some day!

  20. Love your photos this post — as always, but these are just especially gorgeous. Your kids are just so beautiful. I hope all is ok with the blood work. I have some experience with lead poisoning in children and am curious as to what the blood results say. I have a feeling if their levels were high you would have had some subtle symptoms. All the best and enjoy that fine boxed wine!

  21. Sounds like they talk like Mainers:) yay???? or Canadian folk

  22. My computers been down for days and I decided I better see what goin gon in your world…. WOW.. Your drinking a LOT OF WUCK… Good for you… I think Ill buy a plane ticket and join you…
    Love this photo of Mayson… Kids are getting big.. You better stop feeding them the healthy stuff… 🙂

  23. I LOVE the picture of the sailboat….GORGEOUS!!!

    Kasey…I’m sooo happy to hear you all have adjusted well and you’re having a great time…making the best out of the lemons you were served for sure!!! I pray the Lord continues to bless you & your family.

  24. You should try the “Big Blue” pizza from Pau Hana Pizza/ Kilauea Bakery. It is our very fav. This fabulous creation is a bit unorthodox but after the first bite you will be in love too. The Big Blue has smoked Ono (they smoke their own fish), fresh tomatoes and capers. It is a bit pricey but so yummy for an occasional much needed pizza fix. Our kids LOVE it too!

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