very first time

The very firsts are exciting…..

like your first kiss…

I was 15…..late bloomer…..totally awkward.

First time getting your very own place and paying your very own rent…

I was 20.

First time getting a cell phone….

I was 22….

i had just gone off the road in a snowstorm {living in Vail}…following the car in front of me…

and sat there in my snow banked car for 4 hours till a tow truck came and pulled me out. I even pee’d in a coffee cup for the first time when i had to pee so bad….and that is also a very memorable first. The very next day i drove down to Denver and bought a cell phone. This was back in the day when cell phones really were used for emergency purposes only.

First time getting drunk and going home with a guy…..

{for legal purposes….i was over the age of 21..and i said went home…so don’t let your minds wander to much…this is a PG 13 rated blog}

luckily it was Bryan and we’ve been together ever since.

{must have been some night}

First time getting married….and i might add….the only time…..

i was 23.

First time having a baby…..

i was 25.

Then having more babies…which is just as exciting as the first.

The very first time driving solo after getting your drivers license. ….

i was 16 ….

and happened to have an accident as well..

{put first accident… age 16..on this list }

Who puts their 16 year old daughter into a Chevy full size {not mini} van to drive around town? How is one supposed to drive a full size van over to her friends house {immediately after getting drivers license} Β …pick her up….and back out of her driveway without hitting a car that is parked in the street?

Then have to pull back into friends driveway….let her out…then get out myself…and walk in and tell friends dad that i hit his car with my full size chevy van.

Where am i going with this…..

nowhere….really……it’s just exciting having firsts….and they are embeddedΒ in your mind forever. Even if the firsts aren’t exciting…or are mistakes…they are there.


I had my first girls night out…..this last Friday….

two really good friends that i have met….Kari and Andrea.

We went into Hanalei and hit the Tahiti Nui {as local as you can get}.

We squeezed into the crowded bar….

and i wore jeans for the first time in 4 months.

They were my fat girl jeans…the jeans i wear when i can’t fit into any other pair of jeans.

It wasn’t pretty.

It means i’m drinking to much fine boxed wine on the beach.

Friday was a great first.

We laughed….we drank real wine from a bottle…..and when we couldn’t talk anymore because the lights went down at 10 and the live music got really loud….

we took our shirts off and started dancing on the tables

we walked across the street to the Hanalei Gourmet and sat at their bar for one more drink.

First girls night out with new friends in Kauai….

age 36.

We also had our very first bonfire a few weeks ago…..and i love that i captured bryan drinking the fine boxed wine out of a plastic cup.

This is our life right now….and i wouldn’t change it for anything.

{okay….well maybe a Target close by…that wouldn’t be too much to ask would it…

oh…and to not have to squeeze into fat girl jeans…but hey….}

First time hosting a dinner party…..we had one Sunday evening.

We invited two couples that had kids the same age as ours…to make the night fun for the kids as well.

Normally we never used to have kids at our dinner parties…..we would all get sitters and that way it was relaxed.

For some reason….most peeps here don’t have sitters….or if they do….they don’t use them to go to friends homes for dinner.

Which is a-okay….so this was a first for us….living in a condo.

It ended up being 5 adults total….because one of the girls couldn’t get off of work…and five kids total.

The adults sat outside….on the lanai….and i set the kids up inside….in the dining room.

I made roasted salmon with white nectarine salsa….panzanella salad….and we had Kauai lime pie for dessert.

I also realized as i was setting the table…that i miss all of my little things i used to have for a cute table setting.

No mis-matched plates and glasses….i didn’t even have a wood cheese plate….but all in all….these peeps don’t know the old me….and matching plates and regular glasses with paper napkins…worked out just fine.

And because i didn’t even have some candles for the table….i stuck some herbs that i had left over into a vase and that was our centerpiece.

It was a great first night of having friends over for dinner…..the middle of October….sitting outside on the lanai.

We have a lot more firsts to come….it’s part of life changing experiences.

These are just my firsts… kids have their own lists going…..all jotted down in notebooks that they have…..and one day…they will look back…just like i do.


  1. oh i love that ya’ll each have journals that you are keeping during this most awesome year!
    sounds like a perfectly wonderful first night with friends.
    & i must say, bryan is looking fine drinking his wine out of a plastic cup. the big island has been great to you!

  2. Nice. That is what making memories is all about. Enjoy them all.

  3. What a fun evening…I love the marshmallow pic…the marshmallow is ALMOST as big as Mason’s face πŸ™‚
    Happy First Dinner Party With Friends in a Condo in Hawaii! Your menu sounds DELISH…I hope you post some pics of the food with the recipes πŸ™‚

  4. The joy of firsts! Island life is being good to your family!!! Wishing you many more firsts and lots of repeats….of the good firsts!

  5. good gawd I love your blog!

  6. Alright. Loved the view of your “pre-fab” life;-) Glad you are making friends and getting out!

  7. Lisa VanDyke says:

    Was there a first “driving your friends around in the big Chevy van and stopping in the middle of a windy road for no reason” that you were planning on putting on the list, but forgot? Or did that happen too often to remember? : )

  8. Holy Cow that’s a big Marshmallow!!!!!

  9. Lindsay Lee says:

    Oh Kasey, how I LOVE you πŸ™‚

  10. Of friend! I’m proud of you πŸ™‚ Isn’t it strange to have first with people who don’t know “the old” us when the old is what we constantly carry even while we are pursuing the new?! I just relived all my firsts with you πŸ™‚ (I TOO got married at 23 and had my first baby at 25!) Lots of love & aloha!

  11. I love the notebook of memories idea! Sounds like a great first couples evening – even if you had to make do with what you had. A good reminder, as I currently avoid having people over due to all the projects going on around the house!


  12. look at you hosting a dinner party with FRIENDS! you go girl. i would probably feel more at home with the simple tablescape anyway. i’m sure they loved every second.

  13. Can we get that pumpkin (with blueberries) bread recipe please!!

  14. Love popping in and seeing that you posted. So happy you are meeting peeps and having little get togethers.
    Yes to the recipe please!

  15. Oh dear, such a great history! I do love your writing….happy for you, love, Monica

  16. Isabella L. says:

    Loved this one!

  17. I really love this post. My family is about to make a big life-chaging move in a couple of weeks and reading your perspective keeps me excited and optimistic about my upcoming transition. Thank you so much for sharing!!! All the best to you and your beautiful family <3

  18. Some firsts are good, some firsts are not-so-good; but, you’re right, they are all memorable! Great post:)

  19. It’s so funny seeing you all in swimsuits in Oct., when I’m reading this in my thick sweatshirt, long underwear and winter Croc’s. You go girl!!!

  20. How is it that you can make boxed wine seem “SEXY?” Or is that Brian doing that…. πŸ™‚
    Im so happy your having fun and this photo of the beach party makes me long for the sun and sand… I have a feeling envy is going to be ongoing over here now that winter is on it’s way…. ENJOY!!!!

  21. I loved this post as well. So funny!

  22. Chris in FL says:

    Mismatched plates and cups….I love that too! Great Firsts btw. Bonfire looks like such a great time and I knew you would be doing some sort of “dinner party” sooner or later…that’s how you roll girl! Right? πŸ˜‰

  23. Your post today made me tear up. I love all of your first ~ and especially that your kiddos are keeping track of their firsts too. It’s so wonderful that you’ve taken your family so far away from ‘normal’ and that you’re making what might be considered everyday stuff back here, something new, first and special there. Good For YOU! And thank you for pointing out to me that I can make everyday stuff special too. Thanks Kasey πŸ™‚

  24. recipes please! i remember the first time I made your potato gratin . . . just devine . . . my waist line remembers too!!

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