Trying new things

On Sunday it was my parents last day here….and we all decided to head to the beach….

and check off #428 from our list…which is to try SUP’ing.

SUP is short for~ stand up paddling~…and it’s really popular to actually surf with the stand up paddle boards here.

The stand up paddle surfing crowd and the surfboard surfing crowd can be quite fierce when the swell comes in and they are all competing for the waves.

Not us though….we just wanted to paddle around the bay.

My new friend Jenny is a surf instructor and wants to take me out and teach me to surf…but she said that on one condition….

i would have to wear a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bikini ………

so she will probably be waiting a long time then….because my ass is not quite ready for one of those.

{if you follow me on instagram photos….you can see a photo of how cute she looks in one of those bikini’s}

But for right now…i’m happy wearing my fat girl bikini.

Bryan and my dad headed out Sunday morning to go and get our boards that we had rented for the day….

while my mom and i packed up some lunches and got the kids ready for a day at the beach.

We found a spot and waited for the guys to come down the river and out to the ocean…..

Bryan took turns giving the kids rides on the back….

What i love about the photo below is that Mason had been at his friends house for the night….and they walk down a path with their surfboards….and paddle on them around the point to get over to us.

This is them coming from around that point and meeting up with Bryan who was already out in the ocean.

I hadn’t seen Mason since the day before….but called to let him and his friend know that we were setting up at beach…and to head over.

I’m having a hard time letting my oldest grow up…he’s almost 11…and even though it’s still so young….he’s growing up whether i like it or not.

{let me take a minute and wipe my tears…..sniff sniff}

I let Mason go surfing.

I let Mason go surfing with a friend.

I let Mason go surfing with a friend all by themselves.

Of course i’m always close by….but i know that this year will be forever embedded in his brain.

My dad had a great time as well… helps that he still works out every single day….

{or is it that he was going with the current instead of against it}

i even tried it……

but my arm strength is not that good….

it took me 30 minutes just to get a mere 15 feet.

{if you can’t tone it…tan it….}

As soon as i was in the ocean…. i thought for sure a 9 foot tiger shark was trying to attack me….

Bryan kept telling me it was just the little waves….

but i don’t buy it.

That shark even came at my board…knocking me over and i fell into the water….

luckily it didn’t attack.

My mom watched from the warm sand and kept the cooler of fine boxed wine safe under the umbrella….

love the dog with the safety vest on….

they must have heard about the tiger shark ….

i get to go home with this guy at night…..

It was a great Sunday……and spending it with the entire family was perfection.

My parents have been married almost 42 years…..and still going strong…..

we loved having them here.

This thing called…

lost a job and move somewhere really amazing even though money is really tight….so tight that you sometimes can’t breath at night….but knowing that the memories are so much more important in the long run……

makes this life….worth living.

*except for the whole walk out on your front porch to find your pumpkins rotting ….

didn’t quite know that you can’t carve them till the day of.

It really kind of screws with your whole sense of smell……..


  1. Love your writing and of course your photos. Your parents are adorable! And…”if you can’t tone it, tan it.” I am so gonna start using that one!

  2. Just adore your blog, your outlook on life is inspiring and your children are so lucky that you two are sharing this amazing life experience with them. Your photos are lovely.

  3. Oops…should’ve thrown the pumpkin hint at you…not only do they rot, but we used to have to put a moat around ours…if they didn’t rot, the ants ate them in less than 24 hours. Haha. Holidays in the ‘aina…great memories, for sure! Aloha~

  4. Im do glad to see another post you and your awesome sense of humor I adore you!

  5. Is that hanelei bay?

  6. your parents are so cute. ..the photo of them should inspire us all to grow old together happily.

  7. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy says:

    I LOVE reading your posts! What an amazing adventure you and your family are living…Thanks for sharing. I <3 Kauai…yeah, and we can't do Pumpkins in Florida, either. That smell reeks…….

  8. what a great post, that pic of your parents is so wonderful!!!! looks like you are really enjoying life, and thats whats most important!

  9. the dog is really cute :3

  10. awe…just so happy for you guys. The experiences you’re having…the memories you’re creating…will last a lifetime.
    Every time I read your posts, I always smile.
    Look forward to them every day.

    Have a lovely day.
    Jen xo

  11. Bravo! Keep up all the brave stuff. It is what life is made of … most people miss it, though. Aloha!

  12. babe in batavia says:

    SUPing is all the rage everywhere!! they are even doing yoga on these things!!!

  13. That actually looks like something I could try…as long as I could stay close to shore??! But really, the beach part…when winter’s coming fast around here…sounds like paradise to me 🙂 So, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  14. Loved seeing you do this as I’ve been wanting to try it. Maybe when we visit Hawaii next year.
    Love your blog, keep up the living it to the fullest!

  15. Chris in FL says:

    Making those memories…..that’s what it’s all about!! You will always look back as this being the coolest time in your lives. Enjoy every moment ! Breathe in every scent even the smelly rotting pumpkin…..ha ha!! :0 Your parents look so adorable and your dad looks awesome….wow!!

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