jump start my engine

Fun fact: Kauai which is one of the counties of Hawaii…and is it’s own island….has a population of around 59,000…..for the entire island.

Oahu…which is a county as well as it’s own island…is the most inhabited. In Honolulu alone….which is a city on Oahu….has a population of around…ONE MILLION….in this city alone.

This is where we went.


Our trip:

*Dropped kids at school….drove to airport….and parked the mini {van not cooper} in the empty front row….at the only parking lot….which is….try not to freak out…..$7  for a 12 hour period…

*spent the next 30 hours away with Bryan….

*we drove straight from the airport once we landed… to Target….

*even though it’s only been 3 months….it’s felt like 3 years….

*spent 2 hours walking every single aisle…

*spent one more hour re-walking them just in case….

*smelled all the Mossimo….

*tried on cute heels even though i couldn’t fit my fat feet in them…

*walked around Target in the heels anyway…

*developed blisters on back of heels…..

* still kept walking around in the heels while blood dripped everywhere….

*also tried on coats and scarves….

*walked around Target in those as well…..

*even though it was 84 degrees outside……

*tried walking outside with heels and coat with scarf but the sirens started blaring….

{word: Security at that Target employs a shmale person by the name of Pat……

 don’t comment on how great her/his hair is…………….

just don’t………trust me.

*had to tell the security officer that i really wasn’t stealing everything….i just wanted to see if i got hot in the coat with cute scarf and if my feet would bloat up anymore because they were stuffed like sausages inside cute heels my feet had not seen in more than three months….

* i just wanted to stand outside for a minute……but apparently….you can’t do that in the big city….

*decided it was probably time to leave Target….

*cried just a little as i left….

*checked into the local ymca…..

*just kidding….

*even though the Y looked a whole lot hipper then the hotel we stayed at….and we stayed at a Sheraton right across from Waikiki beach..….

{have you ever been to Waikiki….if so…tell me what you thought….}

*didn’t sit at the pool….

*didn’t hang out on the beach….

*went to a movie that starred George Clooney….

{and i didn’t even ask to see it…..how lucky is that…}

*found Ala Muana shopping center and thought i found the mothership….

*felt the pull of Nordstroms telling me to abandon everything and join their cult….

*walked away with only asking for a few perfume samples….but not before trying on some yellow Hunter boots in a size 8. {mom..are you reading??}

*had yummy Thai for dinner….

*but next time we will plan trip around Friday nights “eat the street”….when all the food trucks come out and it’s one big local food truck gathering….

*woke up before 8 the next morning……

*in a bed bug free hotel….

*walked over two blocks and ate at a Denny’s…..

*two eggs…two bacon…two sausage please…..

*with a side of black coffee and a heart attack……

*checked out of hotel only using their bed for the night……..

{it was a good bed though….wink wink}

*probably should have stayed at the Ymca ……but the photo does it justice….and yes…i only took two photos….

*which might have bed bugs….so really….what do you choose…

*the place which is all business in the front and party in the back or vice versa?

*Yelp’d the best thrift shop…..

*brought a whole suitcase full of goodies home…..

*held hands with my lover…….

*phone rang and it was Mason calling from school informing me that he was NOT in trouble…..but…

*drove to airport……got on plane…..24 minute flight back to population 59,000………


*My engine needed a jump start….and i’m not talking my 2005 mini {van not cooper}…..but my engine that sits inside MY body.  Being around people….where the pace is elevated…..is just what i needed.

If we didn’t take advantage of having my parents stay with the kids overnight….it wouldn’t have happened….

so i’m glad we got away…..for one night.

It’s just what my engine needed.

honk honk


  1. I went to Oahu last september and I was less than impressed. I actually loved north shore way more. The beaches were better and so was the food. Also all I can say is that I miss leonard’s bakery and their delicious, live changing malasadas… a lot. If you ever make it back… you have to go try them.

  2. i’m sure that was much needed. dreamed about you last night. can’t remember now what it was about. strange.

  3. What a great 30 hours.

  4. I’ve been to Oahu twice and Maui once…. I liked the beach but it was pretty busy at Waikiki…climbed diamond head, did Pearl Harbor and pretty much stuck to all things tourist. Glad we went.. not sure if we’d return. It sounds like you had a great time! I’m glad you didn’t lick anything at Target 🙂

  5. I’ve been to Oahu & the Big Island…I enjoyed Oahu probably b/c I was a little college student who had never been before…we spent a LOT of time on the beach, went para-sailing, did the Pearl Harbor thing, went to a Luau one night…I really liked Duke’s they’re food was amazing…I shopped at one of the local t-shirt stores (Only b/c it was the site of where The Real World cast worked…haha…made a stop at Tiffany’s b/c it was gorgeous and I had some extra money and wanted to buy SOMETHING from Tiffany’s…so I bought a hundred dollar bottle of perfume that I only wore on special occasions and when I got clumsy it dropped on the tile floor and I lost an almost completely full bottle of perfume…the bathroom smelled great for a while though…anyway…I had fun but to be honest…I liked the Big Island better…it was less commercialized. If I were to go back…I’d either go to Maui or visit my friend (aka…you) in Kauai! 🙂

  6. glad you got your visit into Target, I would have a panic attack not being able to go weekly! I’m not a huge fan of Oahu, but the North Shore of the island is beautiful but again too far from a Target and the mall 🙂
    Maui is also beautiful so be sure to check that island out as well if you haven’t already. Oahu has too many people and is like being in L.A. with a beach thrown in!

  7. Good for you for getting away! Yay for getting in your Target fix. Have a fabulous {warm} weekend!


  8. Honk Honk! That is just what MY engine needed to read! You are a crack up. I too am experiencing life with out a Target in town. Makes life so so different.

  9. Always such a fun read here. You are adjusting super fantastic! So many people who have “left” the country have the same feelings about Target. So funny how ingrained we are in our habits and culture. We’ve been away for two weeks. My kids and I always get some gum drops at Whole Foods on fridays. Now mind you, we ate ourselves silly over the past two weeks between London and Ireland. Today, we were savoring our gum drops as if we have been so deprived!!

  10. I know just how you fee,l I too need a tuneup here and there.It does wonders! Eat the street now that’s my kind of Party~Cheers Kim

  11. Oops! feel, u get it.

  12. So what does it mean if I need the same but I actually live in one of the biggest most populated states in the country??

    Wonderfully written story, you should send it in to a magazine for publication!

  13. my get away was not as long, but we did get out to dinner last night, and well, I hear ya sister! SO glad you got this time.
    It is important. And crucial to the sanity that we are barely holding onto.

  14. Did you stay at the Sheraton Waikiki or the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani? I think you’d have remembered staying at Kaiulani because they have the best free entertainment there at night and a killer buffet…then you can just stagger on up to your room. I’m glad you guys were able to hop away. It’s been a grand adventure flying by the seat of your pants the past few months, you definitely must’ve needed some time to reboot.

  15. Hi! I am so glad you had a fun and stimulating getaway with your husband. Fun post. when I shop at target now I always think of you, might I add anthropologies w eekly emails too! Xoxoxo jody

  16. I don’t favor Waikiki. The last time I was there for one night I walked the lovely streets of Hawaii with my suitcase and finally realized there were prostitutes (college age and normal looking)approaching male tourists. I thought to myself- this is Hawaii! Why are there prostitutes!!? Why is Dog the bounty hunter not making this a priority to clean this up. Waikiki just doesn’t feel like Hawaii…

  17. Chris in FL says:

    How exciting is that to get to go to “another” part of your world! And with a Target…..Cool!

  18. Been to Oahu twice – would only use it as a stopping off point to get to Kauai, Maui or the Big Island. Waikiki felt like any other big Amercian city – with a beach. Too dirty, too noisy and too crowded.
    Less than 60,000 for a whole island sounds about right!

  19. Lived on O’ahu for 6 years…wish I lived on Kaua’i for 6 years….hahaha. SO many wonderful places on O’ahu, but I wouldn’t put Waikiki on that list. Glad you had a chance to get away! My husband and I did a “staycation” here in San Diego this weekend, as well!

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  21. sounds like you had a blast on your mini vacay! sooo what did you get at Target???

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