life is like a fine wine

Right now….

our house here is being fumigated….for termites…..

{termites are a problem here…}

and we are checked in to the Westin.

{free room thanks to bryan who works with the parent company now….even if it’s poolside}

I didn’t know how much i would miss HDTV and HBO….but i do.

We can act like normal guests here …..

{not that we sneak in here or anything…}

and i ordered a pool side drink….which was really good.

So good in fact that i ordered another.

This Westin has a really nice gym…with a sauna and steam room…which i will be spending at least an hour in tomorrow morning….

{the sauna….not the gym}

maybe the gym….because my butt is just not getting any smaller.

Which reminds me….i was invited {finally…thanks to my surfer friend Jenny} to a bootcamp which is taught

by someone {sort of famous} but i totally admire.

{If i show up on Monday…i’ll tell you all about it}

Bryan is working hard….harder than he worked in Chicago….but a different type of harder….

not the stressed out kind of harder….

but the …..his feet hurt at the end of the day harder…..

and he loves his new Dr. Scholl  inserts.

Our new thing to tell people is…..

we went from white collar…to blue collar … NO collar;-)

As the kids and i were sitting in the hot tub this afternoon {legally today…}

i was chatting with a young family that brought up that they would love to move to Kauai as well….

{i think everyone that vacations here….heads home to think of how they can make it work…}

but when i told them that we live on 1/4 of our old salary…..they got freaked out.

Insert gasp

How does a family do that???

It’s hard….

the mini {van not cooper} has two doors that are not working now…….

but if you’ve never stepped outside your comfort zone….


lived life …

i mean….really lived life…..

experiencing it….feeling it….doing it….

doing something that you can look back on later on in life when all is normal again…

and flawless….

{is there such a thing}

i promise you….you won’t regret it.

okay…you might regret not having two working mini {van not cooper} doors….and not having DVR…which by the way…i really try staying awake to watch Parenthood =best show ever and if you were me…you might regret bringing an extra suitcase full of cute vintage frames……


 instead …

you have beaches full of fabulous driftwood…and sand in your toes….dinner on the beach….kids with blond hair…….friends that don’t care what kind of car you drive………schools where you don’t have to wear shoes….and swim suits that are worn every day….and fine boxed wine….

{life is like a fine wine…..if you savor it…and drink it slowly….you can taste the oakey dokey flavor…but if you drink it too fast….you might start to slur your words…and if it’s red wine…it’ll stain your teeth }

give or take….

however you decide to live your life…..i hope you live it to the fullest.

the end

over and out

check check


  1. nice

  2. jenny weimer says:

    Have you ever gone to You can watch TONS of TV shows on there- no staying up late or missing shows, they are all right there for you. My husband stopped recording one of my new favorite shows but I found it on Hulu so we are still happily married 🙂
    But of course I would take drinking wine on the beach over any shows……maybe

  3. LOVE THIS!!!

    Always an inspiration being here!

    M x

  4. Sweet lemonade! 😉 Parenthood is good tv…love it!

  5. Any chance you guys won’t return to the states to live?
    Any chance of you also getting a job and if so what would it be?
    This isn’t question day :/

  6. So…does this mean this is your new normal? How is the house here with the renter going? Gosh, Lola looks like she already grew up. Glad your spirits are still up and positive and things are happening kinda like you thought. It’s windy here, with all grey around. So enjoy the sunshine.

  7. Every time I read your blog I’m inspired by your story. Just recently we got some huge bills that have been stressing me out, we have a baby on the way and Xmas is around the corner and we are living on only one income so money is tight. I often freak out about it but then I think if u can change your lifestyle habits and enjoy life then so can I. However; I live in cold cold Canada so that doesn’t help.

  8. So much to love about your new life, even with the sacrifices. Maybe it’s BECAUSE of the sacrifices. Oh, and ‘Parenthood’ is the best show on TV!!

  9. Love your life!! You are an inspiration! I love Parenthood too….hugs hot mama!

  10. Love this post friend. We need to catch up! Like tomorrow????

  11. i’m so glad you are on this venture.
    last year buried in snow i know you only dreamed of the life you’re now living.
    yay for ya’ll…even if 2 doors on the mini don’t work

  12. Look at Lola! What a beautiful picture of her…and love that dress! Thanks for continuing to share with us your adventures. I was just thinking yesterday how I missed your house…I always love to see your simple yet thoughtful and beautiful decorations for the holidays and was a little sad to miss that this year. So many bloggers are wowing us with over the top things…and I needed a little Kasey simple and pretty. Though I am sure you miss some of that too…though I imagine it is somewhat of a relief to just live right now…for a season…to focus on your family and not have the same distractions. Holidays…and homes will come and go…but these memories you will have forever. It is inspiring and challenging to see your family in this season!

  13. Kasey, thank you.

  14. Great post!!

  15. I am trying to live on one income now. Since my husband had a stroke last month and I had to quit working. Wish it was on a beach. Would sure make it all easier 🙂 I love your blog

  16. Chris in FL says:

    Amen sister…..AMEN!!!! 🙂

  17. Lovely!

  18. LOVE parenthood!!! Love when she was pissed about the no one wanting to mini golf and she peeled out in her van!! ahahahha

  19. I like your “instead” life – thanks for sharing it with us. Termites and all!

  20. Just think how much money you’ll save by not having to ship your car when you leave. 🙂 Lola is beautiful.

  21. I needed this. I so want to try something like this, but can’t seem to find the courage to make the transition. Thanks!

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