yellow ruffles

I finally broke down and joined the

‘i must have a ruffled camera strap cover’ club…..

and let me tell you….i am in deep down love. I even kept it next to my bed last night…tucked right next

to the boyfriends….and guess what….

Bryan was A-Okay with it.

{probably because he thought camera {plus} bed {plus} ruffles..were going to go somewhere…

but they didn’t thanks to my faithful night time companion….Advil PM}
Anyhoo… i was out and about last week…i popped into H&M when i saw this nice little yellow

ruffled dress in the window….and she was calling my name.

Seriously…when something is calling your name…you better listen…so i tried her on…

and guess what….she fell in love with me…and i with her.

Best part was….yellow ruffled dress only cost me $20!

This is where my ย little heart is going to pop right open and chat with you for a minute.

As you are all aware….i’ve been on the quest to lose a few pounds.

{it’s my blog… i might as well talk about everything ….right…}

I’m not just talking a few pounds…i’m talking more in the line of a good 10 plus.

{some newborn babies weigh as much as 10 pounds….just think about that for a minute}

I’ve been dilegent about hitting the gym at least 5 days a week….and i really do refuse to give

up my nightly glass {or three} of wine….only due to the fact that I do realize that change has

to happen in order to take off what was so easily put on this winter….but i am not going to

sacrifice the some things….and my wine is one of them.

I’ll gladly sit in time out if i have to….but please don’t take away my pinot noir.

I’m a huge snacker….and really….that’s what did me in….

i really believe you can eat what you want as long as you burn the extra calories.

It’s obvious though that i have been eating what i want…and not stepping up to the bat when it comes

to counter acting the eating part. Last week i met some friends for lunch…and these friends are all

serious athletic girls…and guess what…they all ordered salads.


So of course…i ordered a salad…..and even though it was good….i would rather have had a slice of quiche.

It was like a scene out of Julie and Julia…where Julie is at her annual Cobb salad luncheon….

and she’ll have the salad bacon please…or she’ll have the salad…no dressing please.

No wonder my friends are so healthy…..if it was up to me…we all would have had quiche..extra eggs please.

This morning i stepped on the scale…and after three long weeks of not seeing one single pound difference..

i hopped on and was down a whole 2 pounds.

{the clouds parted…the sky opened up…and my cockatiel started to squawk}

I realize that i am NOT overweight…….

i just really want to get back to the body i had last year.

I ย know i am not fat….i know it and i get it….but what i do know is that in the last year i’ve gained 10 plus pounds..

and i don’t like it. If i continue on this cycle of just gaining a few pounds here and there…where does that

leave me next year…or the year after?

It’s a cycle i don’t want to be a part of….and therefore….i have to work at it now.

The best part is….after three weeks of really trying….i am finally seeing some of my hard work pay off…

and that my friends….is a feeling i cannot describe.
As you know….i don’t take life too seriously….i live it day to day….and being the dreamer that i am…

i have to take one step at a time…..

and with that being said…i pinky promise not to chat pounds anymore.

Alrighty….now that i got all that off my chest….let’s get back to the ruffled dress.

Dress from H&M.

Floral belt from J. Crew.

Tights from Kohls

Shoes: Target…circa 2009

Ruffled camera strap from Polka Dot Bungalow


  1. I just joined the gym for the first time ever and I am 43 years old. I have gained about 9 lbs. in the last year and I am like you… overweight but I have to get a handle on it. Low carb diet for me and the gym. I am down some and my jeans are fitting better too.

    I love her camera straps. I couldn’t decide what color to get and now she is on vaca so I won’t be able to get one for a few weeks. I can’t remember where I found her at. I guess I was searching Etsy and ran across her shop. I love it!

  2. yay you oh lovely yellow ruffled skinny minny!!
    love the strap!
    we’ll chat soon

  3. I need that dress and that camera strap!! I am jealous!! I wish we had an H&M here.

  4. Great dress & belt! I’m expecting a baby in June and I can’t wait until I can wear non-maternity clothes again soon! Ruffles sure are hard to come by in maternity clothes. I’m lost without ruffles. Oh, and I too broke down and joined the ruffle camera strap club – a gift from hubby for Christmas. I LOVE it and have since gifted one to my sister-in-law. Can’t have too many ruffles. You picked a cute one!

  5. You look great in yellow!

  6. Oh that ruffled yellow dress is beautiful…you look pretty as a picture in it:) So perfect for spring!

  7. I love the dress on you. It says Easter/Spring/Warm weather. SUPER CUTE. Shoes are also adorable.
    I just saw Julie and Julie and thought about how she felt as a blogger. Wondering who was reading her blog and if she had followers. I decided then and there I was a reader not a blogger.
    PS. You look great. Loosing weight is hard work. It took me a year to loose 19 lbs. I have kept it off but that too is hard work.
    Today I bought my Finn a donut to see if it made him feel better. He could not eat it. Guess who did?

    Super Cute Camera Strap…

  8. Congrats on your two pounds! As someone who has a lot more than the plus 10 pounds to lose, I appreciate your willingness to take it on now. I ignored it and kept having my pinot noir, and my quiche, and my cupcakes instead of paying attention to my too tight waistband. So wish I would have listened to my body earlier…but anyway…congrats!

  9. Two pounds!! That is awesome. That is EIGHT sticks of butter!!!! Nice work. Oh, and great dress!!!

  10. That dress looks FABULOUS on you! It is really flattering – and the belt is perfect. I am so proud of you for being so dedicated to working out – you deserve to look great with all of your hard work.
    Bravo my friend~

  11. I love that to find it for myself;-)

  12. I feel you pain. I love that you state the fact that it takes dedication and you are willing to put forth
    the effort to get your body back.
    I love that strap, love the dress, the shoes…everythig!

  13. You are inspiring me to buy some color today. When I shop. In actual real stores. Without my children. In places where food is not sold.

  14. I swear, my Target never has shoes like you get at yours. BUT, we are coming to Chicago this week, so i will be looking…any good thrifting on the north shore side you can recommend? Teenage girls style….I’d appreciate your advice. Gracias.

  15. You are sooo cute and I love that dress! We don’t have H&M here…:-( P.S….you can totally tell you’ve lost 2 pounds! Great job!

  16. You look so cute in your yellow-ruffly dress! Great job on the two pounds. If only is was as easy to lose the pounds as it is to put them on! I just had baby number three, so will be a while before I can wear cute clothes again. I am breastfeeding like crazy, thought it was supposed to help you lose wait faster? What the heck? Anyway, you look great and I’m sure you will be where you want to be just time for the warm weather! Would you mind sharing that lovely yellow paint color on your wall in the pics? I am looking for a lovely yellow to paint somewhere in my house and that color looks like a creamy yellow that I am looking for. Just haven’t decided 100% where I am going to paint yellow yet! Take care.

  17. Dude…You and I are the same in sooo many ways! I need to lose about 5-10 pounds. I still have tummy from my 2nd baby 20 months ago! ugh. I do not want to give up my wine and it is super hard for me to order that salad! Working full time I have a hard time getting into the gym but I guess on my birthday gift list is a gym membership b/c lets face it without working out I will never lose any weight!
    Love the dress! I want to do some spring shopping but trying to hold off until I lose a few pounds.

  18. Sooooo cute…ALL OF IT!!!! Way to go…Keep up the good work…you can do it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You look great by the way…you may have lost 2 lbs but you’re also toning up and looking even better…you can’t beat that!

  19. Congrats on losing the two pounds! I am totally in the same boat as you, I’ve been working out like crazy for the past month at the gym, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, you name it, and haven’t seen any improvements when I step on the scale. I was laughing at your previous post when you mentioned you didn’t want to hear one more person say that you are gaining muscle! That is exactly what they are telling me! But I don’t buy it…I’m sure I’m just eating more snacks thinking I’m hungry from all the working out, so I am just leveling myself out. Hopefully your breakthrough will be contagious and mean I’ll finally see the working out pay off too!

  20. oh that dress is perfect on you!!! Love IT and that belt! and that camera strap…just need a better camera for myself for a pretty camera strap…you look fantastic btw ~ great job on keepin’ on:)

  21. Sandra K says:

    Hi Kasey!
    Really? No more talk about the pounds and weight loss efforts? I’m kind of bummed! I actually find those posts (wrapped up in your other funny & interesting info) very motivating. I am about your age and in the same predicament, so it’s nice to read along with someone else who is fatting the same battle of the too-tight clothes. Great job sticking to your goals by the way – keep it up!

  22. Sandra K says:

    Ha! In my comment instead of “fighting the same battle” I wrote “fatting the same battle”…whoops!

  23. Hey there lady! Great job on the 2 lbs. I can lose the 2 lbs. really easy. Trouble is, I gain it back even easier. I’ve been fighting the same 20 lbs since my last one was born. Lose 10, gain it back. Lose it again. Gain it again. AAAARGH!! So let me tell you. Even if you’re not fat…and I know I’m not either…the struggle to get where you feel like you look good is real…and if you want to talk about it here on the old blog…then talk about it. “nuff said. ( and the dress is pretty cute, too!)


  24. Yay! Heart everything. And that PDB strap is to die for…and I am so tickled we have the same one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Adding a flower belt on my shopping list!

  25. congrats on the weight! that is great…since i have been trying to loose 10 lbs also…and know that it is HARD! and like you…i love my wine…although in 2 weeks i have only allowed myself to drink ONCE! talk about a grouchy mama! ๐Ÿ˜‰ love love love your dress! lucky you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Great ruffles, dress and strap, and congrats on the 2 pounds! (I know what you mean, not being overweight, but
    still wanting to loose the pounds).

  27. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing! Adorable camera strap, however their shop has “0” stock available!?!?!?

  28. Ahh… congrats and the dress and shoes are to die for. I know this feeling, i know it well. It’s a constant roller coaster. You are right, you are nOT overweight but maybe just not where you like to fit. I really like your ruffles!!! Perfect. – Suzi

  29. CONGRATS ON THE TWO LBS.!!! two lbs make a huge difference in our attitude – in reality, though, you look mahvelous!
    Your yellow frock is stunning on you –
    Cheers and here’s to a third glass of wine!

  30. I love those blue shoes.

    sandy toe

  31. Loving the ruffles Kasey both on the dress and the strap! What a great deal you found.

  32. It is a gorgeous strap! And I just adore that canary yellow dress! So cute.

  33. I know exactly how you feel.
    I’m in the same boat. Not fat, not overweight, but I need to loose 5kgs to feel comfortable in my skin. Until then, every time I look in the mirror, I see those extra 5kgs and I won’t be totally happy until they. are. gone!
    I don’t know if you guys have bootcamp classes around where you are, but that’s what I signed up for and I may well be starting to see the difference.

  34. Rock that yellow dress girl. And those shoes….you go!!

  35. Oh, that yellow ruffle dress is too cute for words. Love it!

    My third baby did my body in. I had her in July. I still have the belly. Seriously. It’s killin’ me. I don’t know what to do. I like to eat too much and I consider changing diapers exercise. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! What’s a girl to do for bathing suit season???

  36. Oh, and congratulations on the 2 pounds. Awesome.

    And I love H&M.

    And I love, love, love your shoes. The whole outfit is pretty much perfect. Don’t know if I could pull it off.

    : )

  37. Super cute dress and I love the shoes! I get the little bit of extra weight thing. I’m working on around 15 myself. I’ve knocked 4 off already! Good to see some progress! We are waiting for sun in MI too! Dreary, dreary!

  38. That’s too cute. Please don’t make me start shopping at H&M, I can’t afford to add another store to the list!

  39. Lovely dress, great pictures. Have a fab weekend!
    Love, Maaike

  40. so this is the part where i pout and stamp and want one too

    No fair

  41. well i wouldnt look like that in that dress however many pounds i lost

  42. does this mean we all here



    Get fashion friday back??!!


    Have been waiting for like ever

  43. can you believe aus doesnt do h & m?

    I mean dark ages

  44. oh I will visit H&M and I totally love the ruffled camera strap. I will try to make it on my own (their store is closed and I cant wait so long!;-))
    have a great weekend, you look awesome!

  45. *so are we getting Fashion Friday this week

    * or are you being secretive

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