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Day two ……back at the gym.

Up two pounds….and i think i will scream if one more person tells me it’s muscle gain.

Just for the record…i don’t like muscle.

What i like …or maybe what i should say is…what i would love is to live out one of those scenes from

Biggest Loser

where after spending all week at the gym….they step on the scale…and voila….

down 15 pounds.

That is what i want.

But for some reason….that’s not what i’m getting.

My goal was to lose a good 15….in about three weeks.

I know..right?!

Who the heck does she think she is.

My good friend told me yesterday….”if you can’t tone it….tan it”.

So…i made myself an appointment at the tanning booth….and i’ll bring a cupcake with me.

and for the record….i have not eaten one.single.girl.scout.cookie.

Okay….i did have one.

Just one……and let me tell you…it was so good….so i take it back……

maybe i’ll just pour myself a glass of wine instead.

Did you know how good wine is for your heart?

{you can’t argue medical science..}

So good in fact……that i think my doctor recommends at least 3 glasses a night.

The kids though…they each eat full sleeves of cookies….and i okay it.

I like watching them eat the cookies…it makes me feel better.

I say to them…..would you like another sleeve?

I went to Anthro yesterday… exchange the dress that Bryan bought me for valentines day….

only to walk around and not find anything i even wanted to try on.

I even went out of my way to a different Anthro….because i didn’t want anyone thinking i had worn

said dress only to return it……because i don’t do that.

No sirree…….but just to make sure …i headed to a different one.

Then i decided to head over to Whole Foods from there.


Since i don’t have a Whole Foods within 30 minutes of where i live…i’ve survived just fine shopping

at Trader Joe’s for my all organic…all natural grocery list.


sorry….if i lead you down the wrong path.

I don’t shop organic.

I don’t shop all natural.

But i do love the idea of it….and i applaud those of you that do…but my kids would probably freak if

i served anything other then Kraft Mac n Cheese tonight.

Anyhoo…..after wandering around Whole Foods….and having the manager escort me away from the

fresh guacamole station with tortilla chips that were there for the tasting….

but since i hadn’t eaten lunch…and there was plenty of guac for the day…i just thought i’d make myself

a little plate of chips and fresh guac.

Apparently…you are not allowed to do that.

Let me say that again in case you misunderstood…..


They didn’t have a sign or anything stating you could only have ONE CHIP and ONE SCOOP OF GUAC….

so i started piling up my “to go” plate.

So there you have it…’s a NO-NO to do that.

I also did not know that you were not allowed to fill up a soup bowl with soup and eat it

while meandering around with your shopping cart.

I guess soup at Whole Foods is weighed by the pound.

So there.

Now i know the rules…and i will abide by them in all future shopping trips to Whole Foods.

Scouts honor.



check check…123.

Anyone still here?

If you don’t see me around tomorrow…it’s because i have locked myself in my closet.

Someone….i’m not naming any names…decided he is going to turn 6…and i refuse to abide by his demands…

so i will be hiding.

Hope he doesn’t find me.


  1. jessica says:

    You are too funny. I’ve been known to head to Costco just to sample;-)

  2. Ha! I’ve eaten 5 boxes of thin mints, and that was just in one day.

  3. i’ve got GS cookies calling my name from the pantry.

  4. Got a fit of giggles, thanks to you! Now, I’m choking on my GS cookies 😉
    P.S. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine with you when you’re hiding in that closet:)

  5. The muscle weighing more than fat still gets to me!!!! I have been working out 3 days a week and still haven’t lost weight on the scale so I know how that feels but I do feel better after I workout so I keep going!!!! I have been good about the girlscout cookies ,we didn’t buy as many as we usually do so that helps!!!!! LOL!!!!

  6. too too funny. love the tan idea. suppose it shows any existing muscles? ha.

  7. I just ate a donut before I head to work out… And I have been tanning for a month now and yeah…everyone looks better when tan… Happy Thursday


  8. darn that scale. maybe someone hadn’t calibrated it yet? don’t ya think.
    you go girl with your date with the tanning bed!!

  9. Ha! Sometimes I walk around whole foods for an hour, and go back to the same sample plate at least three times…especially when its strawberries or cheese. Mmm!

  10. I’ll I have to say is….LOL!!!

  11. Ha, ha! Love the tan thing! Too bad, I’m a pale-too many to count freckles- sort of girl! I helped my two year old eat her box of Samoas (she might have gotten two)! Couldn’t have her getting a tummy ache right? Your baby is turning six? I feel your pain. My boy turned 15 this year and I informed him that he is not allowed to have anymore birthdays. So.not.fair. You make me laugh! Thanks!

  12. Katie C. says:

    Yeah, I was THE one who was dropping all her samples, all over the floor, from the Whole Foods pastry department in Monterey!

    That place is amazing, but not exactly bargain-basement!

    As for GS cookies, I do the peanut-and-chocolate kind…NO sharing, whatsever, either!

    Happy Birthday to the little guy….he’s a cutie and wil be a heartbreaker down the road! :>)

  13. ha! your stories crack me up! one time i bought two boxes of girl scout cookies, left to go get my hair done, and when i got home, my husband had eaten ONE WHOLE BOX and half of the other….and i’m STILL mad about it! HA! those things are THE BEST! 🙂 hope you have a great day! 🙂

  14. Oh this makes me smile
    my dad and I used to do a funny game with girl scout cookies when I was young
    no one thought it was funny but us:)

  15. That’s a chintzy Whole Foods – ours does not monitor at all – I feed my child lunch there some Saturdays.

  16. love it!

  17. Love your blog today — made me giggle and it sounds like my head. Good luck with the hiding.

  18. You are just so funny! I love your blog, your honesty and witt. Thanks for sharing with us all, that which is always on our own minds. Florence

  19. I say pour the wine!!!! I’ll join you and i’m boohooing too i’ve a birthday girl today!!!

  20. I love me some Whole Foods! I wish that I lived near one. We have a Harris Teeters and it is nice but nothing like WFs. On a side note, I joined the gym today. I have never exercised or been to a gym. I am scared! I go tomorrow for my first appt. for them to show me around. I am also off of sugar & starches. Day 4 and going strong. I want a Biggest Loser moment too:)

  21. I Love this !!! to funny, i just found your blog… i love it

  22. Happy birthday to your someone!!! Have a great weekend. Emma.

  23. Kasey- Funny girl. I am just jealous that you a had a choice of two Anthros.

  24. Oh my gosh…I am new here and LOVE your blog!!!! I can so relate with the work your but* off only to gain weight! So very frustrating! I know for me …I have to cut the starchy carbs but I just love them so!! And yes….i’d always rather pour a nice glass of wine rather than stressing about what i’m eating, etc!!!

  25. melanie thomas says:

    you make me laugh and miss my girlfriends. i always enjoy your honest updates.

  26. for what it’s worth you look amazing but i am with you on the struggle to lose the 5-10-15 pounds. for me it’s a constant struggle. i’m trying to lose the 7 pounds gained from winter hibernating and it’s a struggle because i am the biggest foodie ever. staying away from sweet tea, staying away from chocolate, staying away from soda….drinking lots of water, being mindful of my calorie intake and going to the gym…which i did 5 times last week and has helped me to lose 2 pounds…that’s all.

    have a loveLee weekend!

  27. Really enjoying your blog. I just found it… I don’t remember how… oh yes, through the Nester’s link to your fabulous gallery wall. Anyway, we have eaten so many boxes of GS Cookies… I just can’t say no to those cute little girls when they come round and bought from 3 different ones. Fortunately my one neighbor girl decided she was too old for GS this year and quit or I would’ve bought from 4 girls. I’m also having the same struggle at the gym. It has been a tough winter for exercise. Thanks for making me smile today.

  28. haaaaaa…(once again you make me smile!) I have tried not to have wine during the week ( weekends) for the last few weeks in order to drop a few pounds..only to have gained. I’m going back to the 2 glasses of red a night..It gives me motivation to be good during the day. Plus..when I give it up during the week..I drink even more of it on the weekends.

  29. We have this Friday ritual of going to Whole Foods for lunch. We homeschool so we use it as our lunch break. This move is great because the W.F. is about 7 min. away. We first stop at the bread samples. We check to see if there are pizza and/or sushi samples. Then, we progress to the olive bar and act all interested in trying a “new” type of olive. We move on to the meat counter because they always have delicious barbequed samples there. We skip the fruit samples and the health concoctions, pick up our little container of “natural” flavored gum drops, pick out our lunch and leave. We’ve practically had an entire meal before we go home and eat our entire WF Friday lunch meal!! Yay for samples! You are in good company!

  30. Thanks for the giggles through my Saturday morning coffee…. and “health shake”. Just started a new “health shake” weight loss plan. Your supposed to have two shakes (that replace two meals… YEAH, RIGHT!) and then a well balanced meal. HA! I did that yesterday… a shake for breakfast, then lunch, starving at 3… had an apple/peanut butter combo, made dinner, ate, then ate two donutnuts! (who brought those things in the house anyway!) Thank goodness today is another day. LOVE YOUR BLOG, thanks for the giggles!

  31. *giggle*

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