the do

I did it.

I went thru with it…is what i mean……

you know…

the Brazilian.

Except it wasn’t really a Brazilian….and i know some of you were really concerned about me…

i really appreciate it. Some of you sent me emails…and some of you left me comments warning me of the

dangers of getting a real Brazilian…which apparently has formaldehyde in it.

What i had was called an express Keratin.

I showed up at the salon…..and she washed my hair twice …

and no…

not because it was super dirty…

but because they need it squeaky clean.

Then she blow dried my hair…just enough to get some of the moisture out…then she started applying

the keratin.

After she applied the keratin….she finished blow drying my hair….and then she sealed it in by

straightening my hair with a hair straightener.

I have to say…..

so far so good…..but i also have not washed my hair yet….so i can’t wait to see how much easier it

is when all is said and done.

I guess with the express keratin….it’s supposed to last around 8-10 weeks…which doesn’t really seem like

that long…but for someone like me…who has really thick..wavy..frizzy hair….

and spends 40 minutes blow drying her hair out to get it straight ……i’ll take it.

And since i know some of you will ask how much i paid…

it was $99.

So…between my new MAC make-up and the new do…..i might be back in Time-Out pretty soon.

On the flip side…..i scored that skirt i’m wearing in the photo…along with the cream colored top…

while i was out thrifting last weekend.

The skirt and the top are Anthro…..and i paid $4 for the skirt…and $3 for the top.

Thank you Goodwill!

The striped jacket is also Anthro…but i got it on clearance before my trip to Paris last year.

Now…about those boyfriends you  all went ga-ga about….

some of you wanted to know how you can wear them.

I wore them without  socks….and with this skirt the other day….

the day before it snowed. I’ll be taking them with me next week when i head out of town…

and really…you can wear them with anything….even your jeans and a T.

The boyfriends are Boutique 9….and you can find them online…but i bought mine at Nordstroms….

and squeezed my foot into the last pair they had..which was a 7.5 even though i wear an 8.5.

They do run a tad big….and the 7.5 is a perfect fit. are not going to be wearing socks with them…

tights..yes…and maybe some really thin ruffled ankle socks.

In case you forgot what Lola looked like…

she had to show off as well…..

her blue coat is mini boden…and her hat was a christmas gift.

Fin b. had a new do also…..

bryan took him in saturday morning for a trim….and when he called me and told me he

was getting a serious cut…i almost had a panic attack.

Who gets a hair cut the day they are supposed to have photos done…huh?

I really liked my baby with his mop head….

but Fin requested a faux hawk….and that is what he got.

Apparently…the baby gets whatever he wants…which is really turning into a problem these days…

and even though i am sure…KY Jelly works really well to keep his new do all up and spiked….

i really like hair spray. It was after all…his idea for me to get some.

Hooray for aqua net!

As you can see… kids like to play chess.

{it’s almost like homeschooling….if we play chess outside of school}

Mason is actually part of a chess club….and he’s been teaching Fin how to play.

It’s serious business when there is a game……

you have to get your game face on.
Lola on the other hand sets up house with the players….

the king…the queen….and all the knights…the horses.

{i think i have the players right…sometimes i  get it confused with checkers}

One time…the king…he caught the queen with one of the knights….

and it wasn’t pretty.

Nope…not pretty at all.

We met some friends last night for ice cream…

and because i’ve been sick…

which has led to a 2 pound weight drop….

i decided not to get a a scoop for myself.

But i gained it all back this morning when i took Fin and his girlfriend to Chick Fil A and

ended up eating the left over mini cinnamon rolls that they didn’t eat.

Damn those mini cinnamon rolls.

I have no..absolutely no will power at all…..

so it’s probably a good idea if i do not order any girl scout cookies this year.


  1. LOL! I love Fin’s haircut. It fits his personality. (or his personality as you tell it:) I lost two pounds too but I went and bought an orange poundcake so I don’t think that they will stay gone:(

    Have fun on your trip. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

  2. I love his hair!!! My son had a curly mop on his head and I just about passed out when my husband said he took him to get his hair cut all off…but it looks darling short! Your hair looks great! Oh, and splurge on Girl Scout Cookies….both my girls sale and without buyers there would be no free girlscout camp for them! Have a great day!!!!

  3. K- You need to smile in those pics because your hair is great. Still loving the boyfriends.

  4. If Oberweis is like homeschooling…I am soooo smart! In fact, I may need to take another class this evening. I promise to wait until after dinner.

  5. the hair is fabulous, and worth four times that if it saves you all that time trying to blow dry it straight.

  6. Your hair looks great. This process costs almost $300 bucks here in Seattle so I am jealous. And FIN…Oh my…just wanna kiss that face. His hair fits him sooo well. Good job Brian…

    The shoes are just so cute…I have been wearing mens shoes–love the wing-tips (I love the Euro look) with tights for years. It started when NO ONE -including our beloved Antrho-sold size 11 womens shoes for me that were fashionable…so hello Goodwill and hello $6-9 bucks out the door. So much fun. So much style.

    Let Lola know her coat (and hat) rocks. You would be in a lot more trouble if you had another girl!

  7. Your hair looks fantastic! Also, I love your blog. It ALWAYS makes me smile!

  8. i’ve wanted to get my hair straightened for years.
    always wanted to have jennifer aniston hair…

    i have troll hair instead.

    you know…the dolls you twirl in your hands to make the hair stand up.

    yup. that’s me.

    i’ve decided to go with dreadlocks as my alternative.

    i like it so far.

    but it still a lot of work.

    hope yours goes well!


  9. I had the Keratin blowout back in Oct and loved it – I have poodle curls – seriously – and the blowout so worked for me, but I have about 10, maybe 12 hairs max trying their damndest to cover my ENTIRE head – not good. I loved it, but my hair just looked flat and not like a magazine model – which is what I was going for, of course! I paid $99 for mine too, but ended up washing it out after about a week and now look like a poodle – again! )-:
    I have quit asking my stylist for long STRAIGHT thick hair though and just ask for long thick hair now – ha!

  10. Wow, looks great! I need some Keratin treatment! And kids that can play chess… seriously?!? So smart!

  11. Hey Kasey! Your new DO looks beautiful! …and your bangs are lookin so cute! makes me want to get my bangs cut too!

  12. Man, Fin is cute! I love the fauxhawk. 🙂

    Your hair looks great too. I have never even heard of the hair treatment you’re talking about. I was thinking Brazilian wax. Eek! haha!

  13. You all look adorable:)

  14. Fin looks so different with his new hair cut and he’s just as cute if not cuter!
    I also still adore your shoes (great shot of them!) and am onto searching for them on the net.

  15. Christie McGetrick says:

    Your hair looks good – hope you feel better.

  16. Girlie you are worth every penny you are spending on youself and you look Beautiful!!! I’m loving Fin’s faux hawk, he is such a cutie 🙂

  17. don’t you love it! I will be getting it done for the rest of my life! Melaine

    It did wonders for Savannah too!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am in Southern CA and I had a keratin treatment done a few months ago. After a while I hated it because I felt it left my hair too limp. It cost me $120.00 and it took a few hours and lots of washing and blowing etc…It really changes the texture of the hair for a looonng time (not the new hair but the treated one), I ended up doing a soft perm in order to get my curls back….My poor hair… Good luck with yours.

  19. I love it. YOu look fabulous. I don’t need it done becaUse I have such thin hair but your looks wonderful.
    I also LOVE lola’s coat!!

  20. gorgeous – sleek yet sassy! I will tell you, when you had mentioned “Brazilian” I had a very different procedure in mind…

  21. You’re looking great girlfriend!! And Fin’s hair is fabulous…my youngest wears his hair the same way. Must be a youngest boy thing, huh?


  22. Oh! That kind of Brazilian….I thought you meant the other kind there for a minute… know…..the netherlands!
    Your hair looks fab – so smooth! Loving that your kids play chess! So cute.

  23. You look gorgeous! I love that your kids play chess!

  24. your hair looks great!!! And so does Fin’s…love the pics of the kiddos…they are so cute and Mason’s serious face
    ice cream sounds sooo good right now:)

  25. Fin’s hair is cute. Love it!

  26. you look fabulous my dear!
    i’ve thought about getting one too…we’ll see

    cute pic of all the cuties!

  27. Kim DiNardo Smith says:

    Love the new do! The picture of Lola with her sock monkey hat down is prieless.
    Thanks…need the Starbucks gift card…no sleep even with Ambien,ETC>>>>>>>>>>>and off to the estate sales.

  28. Glad your hair turned out! 🙂

  29. Your hair and outfit look awesome! Lola’s blue coat is so cute! Fin’s hair is adorable! The family is looking good!

  30. oh good grief are you and your family ever supery dupery adorable! I swear it you are the Anthro queen so I must ask as an Anthro queen wannabe and thrifty gal, when scoping out goodwill or any good thrift how can you tell what’s real anthro or not? tips? tricks? a little help? I have yet to score an Anthro thrift and it’s starting to drive me batty!

  31. PS. I had to come back and confess that when you said you were getting a brazilian I was thinking you were getting the whoha kind and my butt cheeks immediately clenched up and I winced a little just thinking about the pain and then you asked if anyone has had a brazilian BLOWOUT experience and I gagged and threw up in my mouth a little cause my disgusting little mind immediately assumed the worst…i know! I know! My mind is seriously disturbing! So yea I’m much more relaxed and unclenched now that I know you were talking about your hair…on your head! and it looks fab!

  32. Love the whole look, hair, outfit and your kids are just too adorable. My “kids” are 30 and 25 years old – I sure miss those days being able to hang out with them and enjoy the laughter in the house.

  33. you had me at chick fil A! LOVE. :hide: I love your hair…I have natural curly hair and am one that never ever straightens it. Mine wouldn’t look like yours. I need to find a good thrift store! JEALOUS! love lola’s hat.:)

  34. do you have a tumblr page? Can I reblog your picture wall on my tumblr page? I notice you have a tumblr link but then you said don’t use your pictures so I was wondering what to do. Love your blog♥

  35. Do you still like your straight hair? I have curly CURLY hair too, and my sister-in-laws both attacked me at once with a CHI iron this weekend. So I was sporting straight hair for the first time. It took them 45 minutes with both of them working on my hair. I cannot imagine doing that everyday. When you first straightened your hair, did you feel this “Oh, WOW! This is what the rest of the world feels like. I can brush my hair OUTSIDE of the shower!” I immediately wanted to paint my nails cotton-candy pink and go shopping.

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