may contain yellow dye


i thought i would take some photos of what i’ve been eating this week…..

because normally….i’m not a breakfast girl…

{and i’m not chatting pounds today…i promise}

but since i’ve been hitting the gym every morning…i really need to eat something before hand.

It doesn’t hurt that i like pretty things to eat on;-)

This is in no way… i normally eat…honest…but this week i went throughย my cabinets…

got rid of my old plates…and decided that we are all going to start eating on pretty plates.

{which meant i HAD to go into Anthro}

That was till Fin dropped his bowl yesterday on the way to the sink.

One down.

This morning Lola threw her bowl into the sink….cracking it.

Two down.

And Mason wants nothing….and i mean nothing to do with eating on pretty plates.

It’s too bad he doesn’t get a vote…and if he does not want to eat….then he starves.

Three down.

Bryan is not allowed to comment….i think he knows better now.

{I forgot to mention that one of my friends gets home from Vegas today….and she took a pole dancing lesson

while there….which means…i’ll be getting a lesson from her….which means…Bryan might have a good weekend}


the good news is…..we went to my home away from home this morning {Target}……

{you know it’s sad when they greet you by name}

and PEEPS are out and ready for their debut back in the Buick household.

And so is Candy grass.

{candy grass contains: starch, aspartame, yellow 5, blue 2, sugar, phenylalanine, wheat…artificial flavor}

so probably not good for you….but my kids eat it…so i’ll let you know if they keel over and get

sick by eating such garbage.

{okay…so maybe i eat it also….just don’t tell anyone}

{and yes…i realize i have dark circles under my eyes…you would too if you lived where you don’t ever see the sun}

{oh…and no…i have not showered this morning…so don’t even ask}

Sorry…….back to the conversation…

if you were around last year…you might remember me making these for Lola’s girl scout project…

so this weekend we will be making more of our Peep Houses….

I’ll do another step by step tutorial for you all….since you know how much i love to craft.

{almost like homeschooling math because i have the kids count out crackers}


  1. Your breakfasts look so good, and I love Greek yogurt!
    I can’t wait for your tutorial, thank you in advance;-)

  2. Seriously? Peep homes?!?!
    Love it!

  3. Wow. I would love to eat breakfast on those pretty plates at your house! So fun. And those peep houses are unbelievably cute! Love them. I have never seen candy grass. Also fun. And I pretty much average about 2 showers a week. True story. Sad, but true. : )

    I always love your blog. Always.

  4. i was just pricing the grass fed beef at my grocery store today….
    now i’m looking at my grass fed chicago bestie.
    i sense a theme here


  5. Kasey!
    Your personality is beyond adorable!
    Thank you for the entertainment!
    That’s the prettiest~most loveliest bowl of Lucky Charms I have ever seen!
    Only YOU would find that edible Easter grass!
    You are too CUTE!
    Happy Week Sweet~pea!

  6. Now I’m hungry and craving all things bad for me… ummm hello lucky charms.

  7. You come up with the cutest ideas honey!!! Those pictures are not only adorable, but look delicious as well. I’m having a new giveaway to celebrate Spring! Enter if you haven’t already! Kori xoxo

  8. Love the dishes and the pics of breakfast…nicely done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m thinking edible grass is new as I have never seen it.
    And, for the record, the lucky charms was my favorite picture…
    (not to mention my breakfast of choice, if I bought it that is…)

  10. the peep houses are freakin’ awesome! what a fun thing!

  11. Those peep houses are so stinkin’ cute, now watch this idea show up on the Today Show too! ~Lii

  12. I LOVE the Peeps house!!! It is so cute. Our girls used to call their privates their “peeps”. I hate the things. :::gag::: So I never got them for their Easter baskets. My mom, however, made them baskets one year and included the little creatures. The girls thought they were so cute. My mom said, “Okay. Now eat your Peeps.” You can just imagine the looks my mom got.

  13. I love pretty dishes too. I bought a bunch of small missmatched vintage plates with flowers on them from a thrift shop. I use them on my cupcake days. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love my new anthro bowls with greek yogurt and granola with rasins, It really is the simple pleasures that make my day. That and your cute blog with a cup a Jo.
    I just got lemon curd from trader joes on Sat and I LOVE it… Where do you buy yours?

  14. Your different breakfasts look so pretty on your dishes. What FB action are you using on your pictures? They are so pretty and dreamy…..just like you;-)

    I didn’t know that you had your nose still pierced! I thought that you had to take it out. I think it looks cute.

  15. I love Anthropologie so much! I was there yesterday in a driving rainstorm, looking for inspiration and some new drinking glasses that don’t hold 20 ounces at a time. Glasses have gotten ridiculously huge. Anthropologie has lots of perfectly-sized answers to my quest for new glassware.

  16. I. LOVE. YOU. KASEY.

  17. The Lucky Charms look the yummiest of all these tempting breakfast foods! I bet breakfast’s a boat load of fun at the Buick’s! I just got rid of most of my kids ugly cups and replaced them with cute glasses…. so far, so good. Replaced our ugly glasses…. one down after just one day! Yay! Peeps are back in town!

  18. Your breakfasts look amazing. I agree…anything eaten on a pretty plate always is better. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sounds like thats going to have to be a personal goal since the kids aren’t buyin it. On a side note, if you get the “Mom’s Best” marshmallow toasties in the health food section of your grocery you get the taste of LC without the guilt. They’re every bit as good….

  19. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Peeps. Love ’em!

  20. I love love chobani. Yum.

  21. Heeeeey Lucky Charms!! I used to eat that when I lived in LA :)) You can’t get them around here :((

  22. thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning. I giggled make that a laugh/snort…when I saw your picture of you eating the candy grass. You are so freakin funny! you need your own reality show

  23. I saw your peep houses featured on DIY tip junkie blog page! Thanks for sharing!

  24. thanks for helping me meet my morning giggle quota

  25. You inspire me!! Thanks for making the everyday look elegant!!

  26. Oh your breakfast foods look so yummy! And the plates are pretty yummy, too…too bad Mason doesn’t think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Hi Kasey,

    I don’t know this candy grass, first time I’ve seen it…probably something my girls will like too..
    Have a good weekend,

    (I just send you an email)

  28. You are the best!

  29. Link is up, thanks again! Maureen

  30. Kasey….you are sooooooo funny! I tried to e-m you, it bounced back- e- m me,
    I’ll share my diet secret with you. (seriously ). xo m

  31. you know, Target makes some really pretty plates in PLASTIC
    when we lost a latte bowl from Anthro, I lost a part of myself
    never again

  32. Kasey, you make me smile almost each and every day. Thank you. Those birdhouses are my idea of the PERFECT craft. Though the idea of peeps sticking around long enough to actually reside in them is a little far fetched! Have a great weekend! Kate

  33. Hi Kasey! Finding you via my sweet friend Maureen actually made my day!! The more I read you, the more I adore your blog.
    Love from Italy!

  34. can we have some more ky posts pls

  35. and can u do a blog tip post for me? Will pay in ruffles or jelly?

  36. oK stuff the blog post how about you feel really sorry for my anthro h & m less state and just send me something nice?? I am worth it

  37. I found you via Daydream Living. So nice to ‘meet’ you here in your lovely blog! I LOVE Lucky Charms and Greek yogurt – I could eat them together or not. Such goodness. Have a beautiful weekend XOL

  38. Calling by from Italy via Daydream Living at Maureen’s recommendation to have a browse around your blog. Great breakfast shots, you write very humorously, good to meet you.

  39. how yummy all your breakfast pics look…I have lemon curd I have been wanting to use so thank you very much for the idea now…also it would be great for Hayley’s party next weekend…thank you, thank you! your pictures are always so pretty

  40. I guess that’s a no then?

  41. Gitl, you make my day, love, love reading your blog…

  42. misspell…Girl….jajaj time to go to bed or better yet, take this stupid acrylics out, spend more time hitting the back buttom that writing, jajaajaj or maybe I need my bi-focals…..

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